Must Read: The Diary… Part 24


A Story written by Slickest…

I struggled to get out of bed but my legs couldn’t move,it looked sedated the way it rested lifeless on the bed, I shook my head feeling sorry for myself, I looked up at the entrance where Eugene was standing then looked around to see if other patients could see him,it appeared no one did the way they all turned their heads on their beds. “…He’s begging you to please bury him…he’s begging you to save his mother the pain of hope and expectation…he says he’s in pain…” a man said laying on his bed, I endeavoured to see who it was but the best explanation was he being a man, he had a bandage wrapped around his eyes with blood dots on the outer layer of the bandage positioned on the eye, I wondered how he could see with both his eyes covered, “….am blind….now…” He said, I swallowed spit and leaned forward, “…but I never asked you anything….”I muttered with a straight face, he laughed and said “…I can hear your thoughts…”, ” …you are a very bad man John…and your doom is near…I sense it…”, I felt bad at his utterances but I hid it in my reply,”…you don’t me….and I don’t know you…so keep your fake spiritual sight to yourself…” I said in a cold and disrespectful tone, he laughed again and said,”…the worst thing a man can do to himself is to waste his own time and deceive himself…you’re bathing with your own saliva and telling us its clean water”, I knew perfectly well what he was talking about and I thought the best thing I could do was to open up to him and see if he could help out. “…I see it already so you don’t need to open up to me….your only way out is either you die or open up to the relatives of the deceased then die…look John, a session was performed on the nurse and she won’t stop until your dead…the girl at the bukkah died wishing she bore you a kid…her sister is even more fierce than the nurse…son, you should have just been a politician…not even God can save you from this…” He explained with a smile on his face.

I picked my pen and diary I placed under the pillow without replying anything the blind man said, jumpy reactions occurred in my internal setting, my heart kicked at what the mind reader disclosed, he served me the future right on a bloody tray, no wonder my father used to say “let’s just live…leave the what is come…”. I didn’t know what to do or say but to record my certain end I just heard from a blind man.

Uche strolled in to the hospital ward with a pathetic look on his face, I could feel he was sorry for me as he approached my bed, I adjusted myself leaning perfectly on the pillow and making sure my diary was properly hidden under it. Uche sat on the vacant bed beside mine as he condoled me, I smiled and wished he could just leave at once before his mouth starts dancing without beats, I pretended like I wanted to be alone which he noticed and took his leave, I appreciated his caring attitude and told him I’ll see him when am discharged. “What kind of brotherly could someone who’s not your brother have for you…the love burning in that boy’s heart is greater than the one you’ll have for your son…” the blind man intervened after Uche left, “shut your mouth you cursed being, what’s your business with mine…how come your eyes were plucked out if truly you could read minds…your tongue should have been the missing one…” I replied with annoyance, he laughed and remained silent for minutes, “you see, they thought I saw things with my eyes but they were wrong, they said I only see misfortunes and bad happenings, its not my fault I sense them….I never understood when I was young, I thought it was just me being good at guessing but I realised it was a gift I couldn’t reject when my father died in an accident…it was my mother’s birthday and my dad was on his way to work, I stood on my 11 year old feet to go say happy birthday to my one year older mother, just then I appeared on a highway, I saw a bus approaching with my father sitting by the window, one of the front tire disengaged causing the bus to tumble, the bus caught fire which made me scream aloud, my mother held me and asked what the problem was, my dad was standing by the door looking at the both of us, I said it straight that my father was going to die today, my mother slapped me and told me to shut my mouth, she left me in the room as she walked away with my dad, my father didn’t alter a word to me, all he did was whisper with my mum as they went back to the sitting room, I heard a loud voice of my father while whispered to my mum ” I wonder where this woman got this cursed child….” I wondered how he did it without saying it with his mouth, just then I realised it was his thoughts speaking. My heart pounded because I was a hundred and one percent sure he was going to die, I had seen similar things but I kept it to myself because I thought it was normal, like when my aunt died while giving birth, when my grandpa fell and died while tapping palm wine, when nigeria lost in a nations cup campaign, all what I saw came to pass and my father’s won’t be an exception. I came out of my room and begged him not to go but my angry mum shut me up once more, my father picked up his briefcase and kissed my mum goodbye…

I knew that was going to be the last kiss on my mother’s cheek from my father, I was hurt that they never gave me the benefit of the doubt, well that’s if nothing happened after he stayed at home, there would still be blame that I brought up dirty thoughts in my head. It took three hours before the racket crowd approached our door, my mum who was a house wife was already fast asleep, she got up and rushed to the door but to her utmost surprise, her husband was laid at the door step, he was partially burnt and most of his bones broken which was obvious from the outside…” The blind man narrated, I put a halt to his story because I really wasn’t interested, I had so many beans on my tray to pick and I do not know where to start from. I felt pressed and also felt my sedated limb, I could move it easily, I didn’t waste much time as I stood up wearing my trousers, it still had dots of blood but I couldn’t walk to the toilet half Unclad, I put on my stained shirt also which was well folded on the ground beside me, I picked my phone and stuffed it in my pocket, I still felt pains all over my body but it was something I could bear. I adjusted my trouser and picked my diary under my pillow, I stuffed it together with my biro in to my back pocket and proceeded to the entrance, the passage was a little dark with sunlight finding it difficult to penetrate, the only source of light was the blinking fluorescents.

I limped as I walked past different wards stationed opposite each other, murmurs from patients and groan escaped from the doors, I saw the inscription on a door indicating the toilet for males at the extreme end of the long passage, in time I was right in front of the door, I opened it and limped inside, the toilet wasn’t so spacious but it was okay for one at a time, there was a wash hand basin with a mirror on the wall, the closet was wide opened but clean, I unzipped my trouser to empty my bladder,  then some sounds became very audible, I sounded like there was someone else in the toilet with me, the whisper was loud enough for me not to doubt my self, I paid attention to know where the strange sound was coming from but in no time it was clear and obvious, it came from inside the closet, quickly I brought out my thing and urinated in fear in to the closet, the whisper got louder as bubbles came from inside the closet, I had already watered my hands and trousers with my urine out of fear, I hurried to the basin and open the tap, picked the bar soap to wash my hands, I raised my head to look at the mirror and Eugene was standing right behind me in the mirror, my heart skipped but I couldn’t move a muscle, my hands were still soapy as I turned around slowly, we both stared at each other, blood rolled down his grey iris as he made sounds like he was finding it hard to breathe, I slowly sneaked out of the toilet as he turned his head to watch me run, I wasn’t fast enough but I just had to get away from him.

I ran in the direction of my ward with my heart beating furiously, Eugene wasn’t after me but human reflex was what I obeyed. I reached my ward door and opened it but….mama Sunday was standing beside my bed backing me, she turned around slowly with two syringes in both hands, the look on her looked fiercer than the last time I saw it, her both iris were black in colour as it was obvious she was looking straight in to my eyes. She approached me slowly as she dragged her feet on the ground, she held the syringes tightly and opened her mouth wide, blood poured out like she regurgitated it, I moved some steps backward but honestly didn’t know where to run. “Run john…run…” Said the blind man on his bed, I turned around and ran on the straight passage, I looked back and Mama Sunday was confidently following me leaving traces of blood every step she took, as I proceeded back to the toilet where I left Eugene I realised the passage was a dead end, the passage doesn’t lead to any exit…I got to the toilet and opened the door….Eugene was still standing in the toilet looking straight at me, I looked back and Mama Sunday approached me slowly…..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 3, 2016 — 11:57 am

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