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Must Read: The Diary… Part 25


A Story written by Slickest…

Fear, confusion, hope and choice were all I had to bargain with and fast because  every split nanosecond counted, I looked back at Mama Sunday who walked with assurance that my days are over, she dragged her self towards me leaving a conspicuous bloody trail on the white tiled passage, I looked at the opened toilet where Eugene was waiting, the moment I stared at Eugene, the aggrandizement of fear left me no choice but to cry at the top of my voice for help. Mama Sunday maintained her pace as she got closer and I was left with no option but to join Eugene in the toilet, I closed the door and passed Eugene to stand on the slippery closet, I didn’t stop calling for help as Eugene also didn’t stop staring at me with a patient look, just then I realised Eugene wasn’t after me…he only wanted something from me.

Mama Sunday’s creeping sound stopped at the door and the next thing I expected was she walking through, I took a deep breath to get ready for my death when suddenly the door barged opened and a lady in a skimpy white dress was standing looking at me awkwardly, “what’s the meaning of all these sir…u stained the whole tiles with your blood and you stood here calling for help, can you please get off the closet and follow me…” A lady who appeared to be a nurse said, quickly I jumped to the ground and walked towards her, Eugene was gone and Mama Sunday was no where to be found, I quickly preceded her leaving her to close the door, the blood trail by Mama Sunday was very visible which began to scare me, I looked back and saw the nurse cat walking behind me, the blinking fluorescent made me see Mama Sunday standing at the end of the passage with so much anger as usual, I hastily faced straight and walked on back to the ward.

The nurse looked at me like I was mentally deranged without altering a word, she ordered the cleaners to clean the stained tiles while she checked my bandages and plasters to see where I bled from, she had a confused look on her face but she believed it wasn’t obvious, the situation just left her in a world of mystery leaving no visible clues. She left rolling her eyeballs and also believing  in maybes, I sat up looking at the passage door where the cleaners were still their cleaning, I hoped and prayed they seeing the dead’s blood is not a bad sign. “Its a bad sign kid…when the living sees the tracks and left overs of ghosts it means there’s a big problem, it means the ghosts are angry and they want to be visible to all, the angrier they get the more people die, why don’t you just give it up so this doesn’t get any worse…you’ll still die anyway…” The blind man said, “…see, you’re getting on my nerves oo!!…did I ask for your opinion or advice?..or can’t I have privacy of my own thoughts?…” I replied swiftly acting like I never needed his help but deep inside I was beginning to understand what was going on, ” glad I could help…” He said again, I remained silent and watched the cleaners walk out of the ward, I stationed my eyes on the door leading to the horrific passage thinking about what next to do because the attempt on my life gets closer on every attack and to think of it, its just Mama Sunday that’s on my tail, what if others join?…

No unexpected movements, so attacks, the last six hours has been peaceful and I didn’t believe I could interact well with the blind man who later told me his name was Sam, he said he was blinded by those he prophesied to, he said he warned them not to send their first son to the university for that would be his doom, he said many cursed him and others gave listening ears, it wasn’t up to a week when the news came home that their son was dead, out of annoyance the whole residents attacked him like he was responsible for the unfortunate incident that befell the poor family, in the process someone out of many stuck a stick in his two eyes which got him blind believing that would put an end to his vision of misfortunes, I felt sorry for him and gave him my cue on the matter, I blamed for always revealing his visions, I told him its not everyone that wants to know what the future holds, he defended himself by saying he had saved more lives than those that have crucified him. Other patients who really didn’t understand english spoke their native language and Sam replied even if they really didn’t understand what the conversation was all about, the voices of other patients made the ward a little lively burying my fear but leaving the head out in the open, the nurses came to give each patient their medication not excluding me too, some were injected to go to bed early while others were taken for a walk to stretch their muscles.

Its going to be a long night, I can’t request for that syringe that knocks patients to sleep so I don’t encounter any attack, I might just be killed while I sleep too because the main reason for hustle is to live,so  that definitely is  not really a good idea… eyes wide open till only God knows when, its dark already and their mode of operation electrically here has been briefly explained at about 7:00pm when a nurse came with a rechargeable lamp, she dropped it at the centre of the ward on a stool with its bright lights facing the ceiling so everybody can enjoy the little brisk it distributes, I couldn’t just take my eyes off the door leading to the passage, the little opening on the top of the door has a transparent glass that makes one see through, I could see a little of the passage through the glass and it was dark as the path to the throat, since there is no electricity the blinking fluorescent has no effect, it is definitely going to be one scary night. Some new faces dressed as nurses came in earlier this evening talking about how they’ll need to sleep over night,it was obvious they are on the night shift, they both talked about how hectic their day was, all I could learn from them was that there won’t be anyone to call on for help when it all boils down. I still did not take my eyes off the door keeping tab of any sudden movement, I stylishly ate my dinner which happened to b fufu and one piece of meat with my eyes fixed on the door like that’s the only place a ghost could appear or come out from.

10th Jan 2009
Another day and am still breathing, another night passed and am still here to update my diary, last night was the most scary night of my life, for every night that passes by it leaves memories that’ll linger all my life,i I ate my dinner like I was supposed to but with all concentration on the door, it was getting late and all other patients were asleep except I and Sam, he narrated his escapades as a first timer in Lagos but my attention for him was very minimal, he knew I wasn’t paying attention but he didn’t stop, suddenly his tone changed “I feel forces….angry forces… Not one …not two…I have never felt such intense hatred and anger in my life…they’re coming for you…they are…”, he gave me no room to ask him any any question before one of the nurses came in to give him his medication, they finalised it with a sedative that put him to sleep because I called his name after the nurse left but he never answered, I knew I was downfall but what to do was far fetched in all my ideas, suddenly my phone rang, I was so confident it was my mum because the doctor said she was already on her way, to my surprise it wasn’t my mother…the name on the screen indicated Onome, I was so scared I dropped the phone on the bed, I looked around the ward and every patient was asleep, I was alone with my fate. I stared at my phone as it didn’t stop ringing, suddenly it stopped and a text message got delivered, I picked it to read but the sender was Onome, it read ” PICK THE CALL….YOUR BABY WANTS TO SAY HELLO!!!”, immediately, the phone began to ring again, I summoned courage to pick it and placed it on my ear, all I could hear was a screeching noise and a baby crying in the background, suddenly a fierce whisper followed ” you will join ussss….” and the phone beeped call ended..

To Be Continued…

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