Must Read: The Diary… Part 26


A Story written by Slickest…

Thoughts ran through my head with a leading bass heart beat, I wondered how the dead could operate a phone, immediately I decided to delete the message so it doesn’t serve as an evidence against in the future, I got to the delete option to finally erase the message from my phone,  I pushed the required button and waited as it displayed on the screen indicating it was going through the deletion process, suddenly it halted the process and beeped back a message saying “operation failed”, I was surprised at the error prompt it brought back, I tried the process over and over again but the same beep subsequently returned, I went back to my list of contacts to delete Onome’s number which was the contact that sent the message, the same operation failed prevailed my efforts, I was stunned at the new development on my own nokia model, with fear still very much in me I decided to view her number to see why it couldn’t be deleted, to my utmost surprise a different combination made the contact that just reached me, her telephone number read “%^|¤@±”….
I pushed the red button reacting to the shock, but on the home my network indicated an SOS, my network provider wasn’t indicated as it usually does, then my phone rang again…quickly I dropped the phone on the bed and looked at it like someone was going to come out of it, it kept ringing and suddenly stopped, it made a sound like the call had been picked, I listened attentively as silence followed the halted ring, “I know you can hear me John…we’re coming…coming for you…you….you…” Whispers from different voices came out of the phone that automatically put itself on speaker, I could hear heavy breathing from the phone like someone was doing it intentionally, the breathing continued which made my phone emit soldering smoke, a hissing sound came from my phone and there was dead silence again. I tried picking up my phone but it was so hot it burnt my finger, I wrapped the phone with the bed sheet to aid me in holding it, the phone was turned off and all my efforts to turn on was to no avail…my phone was spoilt….

Reality set in when I realised I was alone in this because every other patient sharing my ward was asleep, sounds came from the passage leading to the toilet, I heard the knocks of heels echoing out the passage as if someone was approaching, I stood up and started walking backwards with my eyes on the door, the knocks didn’t stop but instead it got louder meaning it got closer, my heart pounded harder like it was going to burst, then I started hearing echoing voices, different voices from different people, it all echoed out of the passage accompanied by the drags an knocks of their feet, “Joooooohn…..Joooooooohn…..Johhhhnnnnnnn….” Was all they whispered as they got closer to the door….

I approached the other door leading to the reception, praying I don’t get attacked from behind, all of a sudden the door behind me opened and there was no movement nor sound, I was too scared to look behind me, I knew this night would definitely be the last, I slowly turned my neck around and there stood the nurse on duty, she held the door looking straight at me with so much anger written all over her face, “what is wrong with you this man…can’t you just stay on your bed?…what are you looking for now?…psshw..please return to your bed…” She said angrily,  I still had my eyes stationed on the door as the sounds from the passage still did not stop, “its like something or someone is in there…” I replied in a shaky voice raising my shaking hand to point at the passage door.

I wore a surprise look when I saw her looking at the door with so much attention and concentration, she acted like she could hear it too, “who’s john?..” She said looking at me and back at the door as she walked towards the door like she knew who was behind it, ” I don’t know…” I replied her question giving way for her to walk, I told her to be careful but she ignored and walked on. She got to the door and pushed it open as she walked majestically in to the passage with the door shutting behind her, “who is in here?…” I heard her say but there was no reply to her inquiry, I stood at the closest exit entrance should in case there’s need for an emergency take off, I kept my eyes on the door waiting for the nurse to return.

Silence ruled for minutes that the nurse had been gone, there were no longer sounds nor movements from the passage, I waited for minutes which I was sure amounted to an hour but since I no longer have a phone to keep tab on the time, all I could do was feel based on the passing moments. I became impatient and had no choice but to call out to her, I slowly walked towards the door and whispered to her, since I didn’t know her name so I addressed her by calling her “Nurse…Nurse…”, there was no response and it got me worried, I decided to peep through the glass so I could see from where I stood but the darkness in the passage prevented me from seeing a thing, I made up my mind not to go in there because I was sure those ghosts calling out for me will utilise their slim opportunity.

I looked through the glass again but all I saw was the same darkness, I called out to the nurse again then suddenly…there was a slap on the glass by a hand soaked in blood, quickly I moved back to see who it was, the door gradually opened an the nurse dragged herself out of the passage, her tongue was cut off as she had syringes all over her neck and one of her eye, her body also occupied syringes of different types which made her so weak she couldn’t stand, her white skimpy dress was soaked in her own blood and it  still dripped since the silk material couldn’t hold any more of it. She struggled to raise her to look at me with her one eye, she couldn’t even call for help since her tongue had been cut off. I couldn’t go close to her because she was still at the door, she had a sympathetic look on her face and I could see the fear of not wanting to die, she got past the door and approached me dragging her self on the ground, she grew weaker until she no longer had any energy left due to her heavy blood loss, all I did was stood and watched her struggle, I was too scared to make a move, she stopped moving all of a sudden which quickly registered in my brain that she was dead. I was confused on what next to do, I got so tired of my existence and started bombarding myself with hopeless questions, “why me?…why must people keep dying?…when will it stop…”, at that moment my fate wasn’t clear even to me, it was so sure I would be the first suspect if the nurse is found dead or missing. I stood contemplating on my next line of action before anyone barges in, I decided to drag her to the toilet so I could be a little save of being accused, suddenly one of the patients in the ward from his bed shouted with his tiny voice, “you …you….you don kill awa nurse?” He stammered as he sat up to get a closer and better view, I tried explaining to him but he kept repeating the same statement that I was a murderer….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 4, 2016 — 1:55 pm

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  1. U gonna kill d preson soon……horror story

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