Must Read: The Diary… Part 27


A Story written by Slickest…

The dolt patient was beginning to break the silence with his broken record accusation, I was scared he could wake other patients with his utterance which will definitely put me in a deeper mess, I just got questioned not up to 24 hours and am already standing beside another dead nurse, a fool is also accusing me of  being a murderer which I know I am but not of the dead nurse. I tried explaining to him and begged him to at least stop vociferating before other patients wakes up and also join him in believing what is not, he acted like he was deaf as he pitched his voice, he picked up a metal spoon from the floor and began hitting it hard on his metal bed, I got really angry at him and still continued to beg him, my annoyance got fuelled when he started shaking his rickety bed which made a very rusty noise, he still didn’t stop hitting the bed and also his shouting “killer don enter hosipitul ooo…him go killi us ooo…”, I was so green like the hulk, I bent down beside the nurse to take one of her heeled shoe off, I held it by the fore exposing the heel, I approached the noisy patient who didn’t even know what I was doing, he was already submerged with his noise making job, I got to his bed side but he acted like I wasn’t there… With so much force in my right hand I smashed the heel on his head which penetrated immediately inside, blood pumped out of his head like a just discovered borehole, I quickly stepped back  so I don’t get stained.

The silence was present again as the noisy patient had been silenced by the nurse’s shoe, I was beginning to regret my action but I had no choice, suddenly there were footsteps of someone coming from the reception, I looked back at the glass on the door leading to the reception where I saw a groping ray of light from a torch approaching, it was obvious someone was coming, quickly I ran to my bed and jumped on it to pretend like I was asleep, the door barged open and doctor Eugene walked in holding a torch in his hand, “Oh my God!!!…Ngozi…what is this…who did this…” He yelled as he rushed towards Ngozi’s corpse, he bent down and stayed there for seconds, he got up again and rushed to the patient with a hole on his head, there was a sudden silence in the ward which got me a little scared, doctor Eugene took a step at a time towards me shinning his torch on my hand, I wondered how he got to know it was me, I looked down on my own hand and I realised I was still holding nurse Ngozi’s shoe which was dripping off the patient’s blood, my unconscious pretence was beginning to expose me, the doctor already gave me a suspicious look earlier like I was a criminal but there was no evidence to prove me guilty,but now a lot of evidences enough to prosecute me, doctor Eugene approached me with so much anger and resentment as he put one of his hand in his pocket, he brought out his phone and called the security, he told them to hastily come down to the ward where he was that their attention was needed, quickly I stood up and pushed the doctor to the ground, his phone slid away as he started begging for mercy, I knew he wouldn’t show me mercy when the police arrives, I didn’t waste anytime time in smashing him with the heeled shoe on the head, he died instantly and quickly I threw the shoe on nurse Ngozi’s body, I unzipped the doctor’s pant trousers and brought out his manhood, I approached the patient and did the same too, I jumped on the nurse’s corpse and pulled down her pants, at that point my whole feet was stained with blood, I dragged down the patient’s bed sheet and cleaned my feet with it, I jumped back on my bed before the hospital’s security arrive.

Four security men arrived the ward holding a police bat each, I could tell they were all surprised at the corpses that laid on the ground, the looked at each other’s faces as one of them who looked superior made a suggestion of calling the police, they looked too confused to even look around for evidences as two of them were told to stay on standby because the ward has become a crime scene, I was a little relieved as I could now take a little nap since there were strong men on guard, I wondered what kind of liquid they injected other patients that made them sleep like they were dead, all the noise and actions didn’t even serve as a form of disturbance for them.

I tapped out of my sleep as a result of the sudden sound of the generator and also the blinks of the ward’s fluorescent tubes, I sat up unconsciously and looked at the intensity of what I have done, there was blood on the curtains ahead of the noisy patient, I stood on the ground like I didn’t know what was going on, the security men on guard told me to go back to bed but I knowingly  put on a worried and scared look, they told me everything was under control and that everyone was safe, I sat on my bed before laying down, I saw I had no blood stains on me then I hailed my stealth style with a hidden smile but also knew I was getting deeper in my abysmal situation, all I could do was just wait for what lurks…

I over heard the conversation of the two securities as they spoke about the very unfortunate doctor who was suppose to wed today, he had his engagement the day I was brought to the hospital, they spoke about his love for his profession and he being on duty on his wedding day, it sounded awkward but it was true and with the way they spoke about him he showed how much people around loved him, they said what they didn’t believe was that he could pull such act of raping nurse Ngozi, I felt guilty immediately I heard that but saying a word will only prove doctor Eugene’s innocence, I stayed silent and felt too unclean to ask for God’s forgiveness, they didn’t stop talking and I also didn’t stop listening.

My heart pounded in response to the security men conversation, they moved on to another unfortunate person involved in the killing spree, they talked about the patient I hacked who happened to be Baba Odika’s son-in-law, he was married to his first daughter who bore him 5 children, they said it would be trouble for the whole community and a living hell if the one responsible for this is still alive, I shook as my skin felt cold to the sudden revelation, I felt I have gotten to the depth of my troubled life, they scared me more on how powerful Baba Odika  is and what his curse had done to those who have defaulted, I laid my plastered head properly on the pillow thinking of how and when I’ll record my unfortunate tale in my precious diary.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 4, 2016 — 8:16 pm

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