A Story written by Slickest…

It was morning already, as I could hear the horns and see head lights of cars passing by from my bed, I sat up looking straight at the security men who were still waiting for their colleagues to return with the police, I looked at the crime scene and knew a whole lot of damage had been done. Other patients sat up from their beds and murmured to each other as they were all surprised at the corpses that laid all around, other hospital officials came in to the ward biting their fingers and shaking their heads at the bizarre scenario, they were all scared of saying anything that might put them in to trouble as the security men made it known to them that this was a crime scene and caution had to be applied in whatever they utter.

The police men arrived and other crime investigation forces, the SSS, the MOPOL and a few of the army stood at the gate like a war was about to ensue, my heart pounded when the CID came in for questioning, intelligence was applied at the crime scene as the corpses weren’t  touched neither was any thing at the crime scene, one of the CID official said forensic strategy would be used to solve the case at the same time get to know what really happened. I got really bothered because I never thought of my finger prints on the nurse’s shoe which had already been taken away in a plain nylon, other patients were also scared at the presence of the police, their fear aggravated when they heard we were all going to be questioned.

Time went by quickly as they called on patients one after the other for questioning, it got to my turn and I buttoned my suit of confidence, I was taken out of the ward in to a separate office which happened to be Doctor Eugenes’s office, there were well wishing cards decorated all around the table reading “happy married life”, he had his picture hung on the wall with him putting up a graduation cap, I felt pity for him but tilted my look to the officer for questioning. He asked for my name which I told him quickly, he proceeded asking me what happened in the ward, I sympathetically told him I didn’t know beating my knuckle on my palm mildly, he kept pestering me with questions but all I said was that I was asleep and I didn’t know what was going on, I told him I heard no noise neither was I disturbed, I was told to leave as I was led to another ward where all the questioned patients were.

I stood by the door entrance looking at the turn of the case as nothing has been gotten from any questioned patient, suddenly Baba Odika came out of the ward where his son-in-law corpse laid, my heart trembled at the sight of him as he was accompanied by his wailing daughter, they must have gone in while I was being questioned I thought, they passed by me back to the reception, doctor Eugene’s wife was also accompanied out of the ward as she cried uncontrollably, she was already a widow even before she got married, I looked the other way as she cried past me knowing fully well I ended the life of her fiance to stay alive.

The heat began to die down as the sun rose to brighten the day, my heart skipped when I remembered I forgot my diary under my pillow, that was the greatest evidence that’ll point all fingers at me as the culprit, I looked outside as no one was allowed in to the ward, one of the nurses accompanied the blind man in to our newly allocated ward after his own interrogation, he was led to his own  bed, he called out to me shortly after the nurse left the ward, he put his hand deep into his underwear and put my diary in my palm, I felt so relieved to the extent I couldn’t even say thank you, I held it tightly and vowed never to lose it again as I might not be lucky the next time.

My mother arrived at about past nine this morning, I was so happy to see her same as she, she came in with Papa Sunday who acted reluctant in bringing her in, she hugged me and sat beside my bed, Papa Sunday took his leave immediately he saw I and my mother’s union, I wasn’t bothered as I didn’t greet him and he also didn’t. She asked after my health and what transpired to have landed me here in a very bad state, I told her to relax as I turned the table to her asking her what took her so long in getting to Asaba, she said she arrived early this morning due to the faulty bus she boarded, she said “…the driver never told us how bad his bus was ooo, it was when he hit the road after some kilometres his bus started showing us its true colour, we stopped on the road over thirty times before we could get to the nearest mechanic…but thank God all that is history now, you have very good friends oo John, I got to your house as early as 4:00am this morning, the description your neighbour Papa Sunday gavE me was very straight forward, it didn’t give me any hard time in finding your house. I walked in the compound and a door opened suddenly, a girl beckoned me from the entrance of the opened door and I approached her to ask if she could help me out in getting Papa Sunday’s apartment, she got on her knees quickly as I got to the door, she told me to come in telling me I had already reached your own apartment, I walked in and saw the sitting room well arranged, a boy dressed like a footballer also was seated on a chair, a lady came out of your kitchen dressed as a nurse, they all showed a good sign of respect by greeting me properly, I wasn’t comfortable in their midst but I could get like that sometimes. They all started introducing themselves one after the other, I love that Onome girl so much, she’s a very respectful girl, the lady in the nurse dress said she was the nurse in charge of taking care of you that she only came home to get some more syringes….that Kako boy is so full of himself, he didn’t even utter a word after he told me his name, I was so surprised when Eugene came out of your bedroom, I almost slapped him, I scolded him immediately making him know the kind of trauma he put my sister in, he said its your fault anyway but that notwithstanding, I told him to call his mother to tell her he was alright, one Nnenna girl was also there saying they all just returned from the hospital after checking on you, Onome said she came home to prepare your breakfast so I decided to wait and some from her delicious meal…they’ll all said we both will join them very soon after you have been discharged, I said amen and told them I was ready to go see you at the hospital, I was told to knock on  the next door which happened to be Papa Sunday’s, they said they’ll soon be here that we should both get ready for them, Nnenna acted like she couldn’t wait to see you…you all must be good friends. I knocked on Papa Sunday’s door which didn’t take time to open, I told him I was your mother and he immediately got in his shirt and slippers to bring me here… John what really happened?….”

To Be Continued…

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