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A Story written by Slickest…

I looked at my mum after her long explanation, she never knew she mingled with the spirits that haunts me, I felt very bad when she told me she ate something cooked by Onome, I dare not tell her the truth of the situation if I don’t want her to die of a heart attack. My mother sat in expectant of my explanation and Onome’s relationship with me, I didn’t know what explanation to give as she was already damn attentive, I told her I was too tired to narrate any story, I told her that would be some other time when am stronger than I am now, she agreed and took a deep breath of relaxation.

Only my mother knows when am hungry, she looked at me and started lamenting over Onome who promised to bring me breakfast, I told her to calm down that the hospital made provision for every patients feeding, I  was really hungry but I needed to calm her down because she could be annoying when she’s angry. My mother stood up and asked for the toilet, she looked straight at the door leading to the passage where the patients’ toilets are located, it was clearly indicated that only patients were allowed, I told her to go inquire at the reception for the visitor’s toilet, she walked out of the ward telling me she would be back, I nodded my head and readjusted my back when a nurse came in with a black nylon containing something, she approached me with a smile on her face saying “happy birthday Mr.John…”

I was perplexed at the nurse’s awkward greeting but I smiled back like it was really my birthday, I asked her who brought it but she told me a lady who claimed anonymity, she tried describing her appearance which she thought she was doing me a favour, her description perfectly explained Onome which put me on my normal state of fear, I waited for the nurse to leave before I slowly checked out what was in the nylon. First I looked in to the nylon before putting my hand in it, I saw a cooler which looked very much like the one Onome usually served me with, I gradually held it by the handle and brought it out gently, it felt heavy but I could still lift it out, I put it on the bed to gain balance  but some kind of disgusting odour started infiltrating the atmosphere, I gradually turned the cover anti-clockwise to ease the opening so I do not stain the bed with what ever is in the cooler. I totally turned it and raised the cover off the cooler, the odour oozed out like it has been clamouring for freedom, I blocked my nose quickly and looked in to the cooler, all I saw was coagulated blood that filled the cooler, the stink from the cooler made me quickly close it so the odour doesn’t exceed where it had gotten, “…its her foetus…and they are very much around…they won’t stop until you are dead…” The blind man said quietly from his bed, I thought of my mother who left for the toilet and hasn’t returned, I slid the cooler with the nylon under my bed to protect it from other eyes, I rushed out of the ward in search of my mother.

I got to the reception asking for the toilet, the nurses on duty at the reception looked at me like I was crazy, “don’t you have your own toilet…my friend go back to your ward your food is coming…” One of the nurses said, I couldn’t specify why I was looking for the visitors’ toilet, my mother came out surprised, ” john what is the problem…” She inquired, I couldn’t say a word but to proceed back to the ward. I couldn’t show my mum the proclaimed birthday present, I thought it was best to keep it a secret so I don’t have to answer questions that doesn’t have straight answers because the kind of world I live in now is a world of sight….”You need to see to believe…”

13th Jan 2009
Its been 3 days I last updated my diary, am in Anambra for the burial…
Will go back to Lagos with my Dad and siblings tomorrow never to return to Asaba again…
While I was still admitted in the hospital back in Asaba, Papa Sunday came to notify me and my mother to get ready for my discharge since he would be responsible for the payment of my bills, my mother reasoned with him and told me to strengthen up so I could leave, what got me bothered was where we were going to stay after leaving the hospital, I was given some drugs and my clothes but the only thing I didn’t leave with was my mobile phone which had already been taken away as an object at the crime scene.

My mother led the way with the intention of going back to my house, I couldn’t tell her its an abyss of horror and I had no intention of going back, but I know if I should tell her exactly what happened she might not live to give any comment, I decided to shut up and walk whilst my mother was happy her son was okay, “am sure Onome would have prepared something good since she couldn’t bring the food to the hospital…” My mother said with a smile on her face. I approached my compound which was always crowded on weekends, other residents in my compound all came to sympathize with me and to also greet my mother, she reciprocated the regards while I thanked them and proceeded to the door, my heart pounded so did my skin go cold, I picked my key from my bag and put it in the key hole, I turned it anti clockwise and the door snapped open. I walked in slowly followed by mum, I stopped at the parlour while my mother proceeded to the kitchen, she noticed my fearful look and asked what the problem was, I couldn’t talk and yet I couldn’t pretend everything was fine, all I could say was “nothing”. I looked everywhere around the house from where I stood in the sitting room, my mother went back to the kitchen in search of what to cook for us, I stationed my look at my toilet door since I knew what lives in there, I noticed movements below the door space like people were in the toilet, suddenly the door handle began to descend slowly like someone was about to come out, I moved some steps slowly back to the front door incase there would be need to run, I called out to my mum dragging my voice, “Mooommy…” I clamoured, she came out of the kitchen and asked why I called her, I didn’t answer nor look at her as my eyes were stationed at the toilet door, she looked at me worriedly and walked to the toilet to open the door, the door barged opened and….
Nothing was inside, absolutely nothing filled the smelly toilet, my mother covered her nose at the oozing odour that dashed out of the toilet, she accused me of my dirty habit and complained bitterly, quickly I defended myself by telling her my friends who stayed here are the ones responsible.

The day got older as the sun approached the west to give way for darkness, my mother was finding it hard to see so she decided to get some candles from the shop she claimed she saw while we were coming, I didn’t want her to leave me alone in the house while I also didn’t want her to stay alone, I sat thinking of what to do when the front door slammed, my mother had already gone to get it… I was alone once again, quickly I stood up and rushed to the door, I pulled with all the strength left in me but the door remained jammed, I decided to take the kitchen door but the fire from the stove my mother was cooking with made the kitchen brighter, the fire from the stove was the only source of light in the whole house, I couldn’t get close to the kitchen as my legs were already uncontrollably shaking, suddenly there were movements coming from the ceiling like it was going to fall, the toilet and bathroom door dashed opened at the same time as Nnenna was standing in the bathroom and  Mama Sunday standing in the toilet…..

To Be Continued…

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