Must Read: The Diary… Part 3


A Story written by Slickest…

After running for what I never knew what the outcome would be, I settled down to catch my gasp, minutes after I put my self in the mood I used to be  every night, I decided to take a bath and get a good sleep of relief. Good thing I had two buckets of water left, I didn’t need to go outside to get some water, I just took off my boxer short and hung it on the door as I shut it, turned to the window pavement to grab my plastic sponge container….there was the figure, the man in white was standing outside the house by the window looking straight at me, quickly I bent down as my heart raced, just then the sound of the ball jogger started right in my sitting room, the torch light I placed at the centre table in the sitting room was knocked off by the ball….the ball bounced towards my bathroom door which I could not see clearly as a result of the total darkness I have been put in to. My teeth jammed each other rapidly as I remained in my squatting position, my breath became loud as I tried holding it back from becoming audible, I tried staying silent with out making any sound but it felt like my heart was making the loudest bang, just then the foot steps approached the bathroom door… I felt like dying at that moment, the footstep became louder as it came closer, I already gave up like I was going to die tonight…the footstep suddenly stopped in front of my bathroom then silence took over, I heard nothing….suddenly, the ball started bouncing real hard, for sure some one was responsible for that….definitely someone is this house with me and definitely not a human being… the person walked  back to my sitting room as the ball kept bouncing along….

I remained in a squatting position for minutes till my heart beat rate reduced so I don’t have a heart attack, I stood up gradually reaching for my boxer short I hung on the door and gradually raised my right leg after the left wearing my boxers, I peeped outside the bathroom window to make sure the man in white was gone which indeed he was. I pushed the door open facing darkness in the eye, I felt no presence but was still insecure as I took one step after the other walking out of the bathroom, I walked in the direction of my living room without seeing a thing, I placed my leg slowly on my touch which was accidental in the process of staying silent with my movement, quickly I got on my knees and poked the ground in search of the touch which I eventually stumbled upon, quickly I picked it up reaching for the switch somewhere on the side, eventually I found it and pushed it forward so it could light up every where and take away my fear… The light from the torch reflected on the door in front of me picking an unusual figure standing in front of the door…Kako stood in front of the door with his ball in his hands, he looked like he had been in the dust for so long, his skin was dusty and slightly argent with lines of cracks all over… he stared at me with so much anger in his eyes as he walked towards me, my head was so swollen it felt like it was going to burst, unconsciously I dropped the touch and screamed….

The blaring sound of my voice caught the attention of my neighbours who rushed down to my apartment, I snapped back to reality from the world of fear and thought of what I would give as an explanation for my shriek, Papa Peter clattered on my door with so much strength as she shouted my name out loud asking if I was okay, I heard burbles from other neighbours who were also present in front my apartment…how could I tell them I saw a ghost and got scared? That would be the end of my career as a Paranormal Investigator, not only that… I might be mobbed if they find out am a fraud, in a flash an idea was delivered right on time, I picked up the touch which glinted as a result of hard fall, I could still manage the lustre from the torch, I rushed down to my small kitchen which already some of my concerned neighbours were trying to break in since there was no response from the front door. People kept screaming but I intentionally did not respond, I turned off the torch when I noticed some people were trying to break in, I reached for a kitchen knife I sighted before turning off the torch, i held it by the handle and pierced it on my leg somewhere above my ankle, it was painful but I held it deep and hummed my scream, I pierced the side of my knee too and wiped the knife with my boxers… I left the knife on the cabinet and limped back to the sitting room leaving the torch behind in the kitchen. I laid down at the centre of my sitting room as my leg bled out gradually, in no time the kitchen was broken in to and different flashes from different torches reflected in to my sitting room as they called my name.

I was given a first aid treatment and acted like I passed out, they believed they revived me with the water spritzed on my face, I coughed in response and they all breathed and muttered a sign of relief. I told them I was bitten by an animal I didn’t get to see well, I explained I was bitten twice which weakened my ability to fight back, I stopped saying “that was all I remember”. After they heard my story the men among them hastily went for their cutlasses and raided my house in search of my imaginary animal. Mama Sunday being a nurse offered to take me her clinic in the morning so she could examine the bite and check if it was poisonous (funny people…so if I was really bitten I would wait till morning to get treated?..). The men returned reporting they found nothing, it was a morning meaning everyone would be going to work to begin a new week, they all dispersed and promised to check on me in the morning, Papa Sunday came in with some leaves and said it would keep away all dangerous animals,he scattered them around in my apartment and promised it won’t be back with so much confidence, I nodded weakly thanking him with thoughts saying “He sure won’t come back”, Papa sunday left leaving me on my couch but had this look of disbelief on his face, he looked like the only person who didn’t buy my story….its beginning to get me bothered…

I have been awake throughout the night praying nothing paranormal happens, can’t wait for the bravery the day time brings so I can get that perfume from Baba…my self inflicted pain is making itself noticed but I think I can stand it…

Just woke up, can’t believe I slept, though it was a short one but at least refreshing, the rays from the early morning sun gave me confidence to stand anything,  I planned on going to the bathroom to get cleaned up so I could go and see Baba on the outskirt…this is funny but serious, I thought I could stand anything but how can I stand something when I can’t even stand on my feet…I dropped my legs on the ground to walk..but I can’t, the pain from my left leg ignited as I put it to the cold ground….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 23, 2016 — 2:05 pm

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