Must Read: The Diary… Part 30


A Story written by Slickest…

Mama Sunday had her syringes in her hand as usual, I couldn’t get a glimpse of her face as the light didn’t reflect on her, with her shape and standing posture I didn’t need to doubt, Nnenna was a little clear as I could see her broken skull still dripping blood, I couldn’t see her eyeballs as it was too dark to look in to, she was holding an axe which she couldn’t grip firmly, it dragged the ground as she came closer towards me slowly, Mama Sunday breathed heavily from where she stood like she was getting charged for the race of her life, there was a sudden light obstruction from the kitchen, a shadow protruded to the sitting room showing as it walked slowly to the parlour, I heard Onome’s voice whispering “…baby don’t cry…” as she walked slowly out of the kitchen, her belly was totally opened as different strings suspected to be her intestine and other internal organs dangled, she had one of my shirt in her hands wrapped around what she called her baby…to my greatest surprise, Baba from the outskirt appeared facing the wall towards the toilet, he had a broken bone which had a sharp end in his hand, his pants were opened as his buttocks harboured maggots, it was so decayed I felt disgusted at once. I had no where to run, I stepped back till I got to the door, my back was against the door with my hand banging on it as I watched Baba, Nnenna, Onome, Mama Sunday all approached me slowly.

I waited for a divine intervention like always but this was different, it was real and more fearful than earlier attacks, I was left with no other option but to wait, I couldn’t scream so I don’t get rescued by those who might believe there’s something more to me getting public attention, it would give them the cause to investigate and ask questions that might lead to answers that are better left concealed. What stumped me was the arrival of a new ghost, I was beginning to get confused at the threats I get from ghosts I had no hand in their death, it appears anyone that dies in my presence haunts me, I hoped to get one chance at freedom so I could seek answers and the only one who could dish them out to me is the blind man.

I knocked out the thought of solution that circled my head and woke up to reality, they all approached me slowly and to make matters worse the only source of light which came from the kitchen went off, I couldn’t see a thing but could hear the ghosts drag their feet closer to me, their breath sounded like an asthma patient finding it hard to breathe, I tried opening the door with my left hand as I cried out loud for help since there was nothing else I could do to aid myself, I felt a sharp pain on my left wrist which caused me to scream at the top of my voice, the door flung open giving way for me to rush out of my apartment, not caring who stood in front of me with a lantern, I pushed the person out of the way and dashed in to the centre of the compound, I fell continuously to the ground as I grew weaker, the pain from my wrist was so serious I couldn’t even feel my hand, I looked down to the ground and saw thick blood pouring out which obviously belonged to me, I raised my left hand to take a look while I was seated on the bare ground but I couldn’t take what I saw….my hand had been badly cut and only a strand of flesh held it on my wrist…my hand dangled as it had been disconnected from the wrist, I couldn’t feel it anymore and the best I could do was cry “…oooh my hand…”
I looked up and saw Papa Sunday carrying little sunday on his shoulder running towards me, I thought of the explanation I would give to him but to my greatest surprise, he wasn’t the only one running towards to me, other residents in the compound also ran behind Papa Sunday and past me, they all were running for their dear lives.. At the sight of the walking dead that came out of my apartment, the whole compound was put in an unexpected chaos, I sat on the ground in pain as no one even bothered to help me out, the horrible looks of the ghosts that held different instruments put everyone in a hurry to save their own life, I was too weak to stand up as a result of my blood loss, I looked straight at my apartment and saw Mama Sunday, Eugene, Baba from the out skirt, Kako, Nnenna, Doctor Eugene, Nurse Ngozi, Onome, the patient all coming out of my apartment, they all were horrifying as they sluggishly approached me, someone from behind grabbed me from my armpit to help me up, it was my mother, she screamed “…what is happening here…what is this…stand up John….stand up…!!!!”, we ran out of the compound also but not the same direction others ran to, I had my bag wrapped around me as I whispered to my mother ” mother….to the garage …to the garage…”, I struggled to walk but in no time, I passed out…

I woke up in a moving bus with my head on my mother’s laps, I felt so weak and in pain as I could no longer feel my left arm, I raised my head slowly to see the whole bus setting, I and mother were the ones sitting at the back seat, other passengers filled the rest of the seats ahead as they all were looking back at us like we were criminals that got lucky at a crime scene, I sat up sweating furiously tilting my look slowly to my left hand, my hand was missing as my arm ended at my wrist, it wrapped with a  cloth material that happened to be my mother’s headtie, my hand had been completely separated from my arm and the rest of my body, I looked at my mother with tears filling my eyes, “you”ll be fine John…you’ll be fine” that was all she could say as she slowly opened my bag to show me my cut off hand, it was stiff and shaped like it was holding something, I couldn’t look anymore as I lowered my head to cry my heart out silently, I was so sad I thought of things I had done with my left hand, I thought of what I would do without it, not much I guess.. I had become an handicap as I do not have my complete body parts, I am now a guy that would be described as the guy without a left hand, am as incomplete as the word implies. I couldn’t console myself neither could my mother, she just patted my back to tell me everything would be fine but deep down in me, I knew its just the beginning of the haunt like the sign board for bear hunting usually reads..

To Be Continued…

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