Must Read: The Diary… Part 31


A Story written by Slickest…

The bus galloped, increased speed and slowed down, some passengers alighted while new one joined in, we proceeded from one settlement to another as we drew closer to Lagos, it was getting dark which made the bus slow down a little as it had only one dim head light on, there were few passengers left in the bus which was obvious their destination would be Lagos. I readjusted while seated, my mother sympathised with me telling me with the advancement of medical technology in the world my hand was going to be fixed, I submitted to her motivation as to keep me hopeful but there was a whole room of doubt, I kept looking at my arm as it looked awkward without a palm and fingers to make the hand complete. I was seriously weak even after all the things mother bought for me to consume, I knew it was the amount of blood I lost that weakened me so, I couldn’t wait to get to Lagos so I could get proper treatment and know how to fight back these ghosts that haunts me because I am not willing and ready to die, I will never give in. ” Why are those things, those people, strange people coming out of your apartment…the weird feeling I felt when I saw them sent some messages to my brain that they were ghosts….John I ate a meal cooked by a ghost, you know that is not a good thing…I deserve to know everything because I think we are in this together…I suspected your attitude when I came, no wonder you never wanted to go back… They were the ones who put you on the hospital bed the first time…John talk to me…I deserve to know…” My mother said gently, I raised my head forward looking straight at the windscreen because I was too ashamed and embarrassed to look in to her eyes and tell the truth….suddenly, Mama Sunday appeared in front of the moving bus on the highway which caused the driver to tilt the vehicle in to right side of the road which happened to be a slope with bushes and trees, the bus tumbled uncontrollably and quickly down the slope till it stopped in an up side down position, there was sudden silence…what I could hear was just the crickets and the toads and also the hissing sound of the engine, the groans of people in the bus was also very mild, I was too weak to even raise my head… I could only catch glimpses as I blinked my eyes, blood rolled down from my head as I was gradually going unconscious, my head banged like a welder was hitting two metals in my head, I could hear my heart beat slowing down as it in turn effected on my consciousness, I laid flat on the back seat with my head on my mother’s legs, I whispered “Mummy….mummy…!!!” but there was no response, I was too tired to sit up and look behind me so I could check on my mother, all I was looking at was the broken side window in front of me, I saw different feet walking towards the window with an axe forcefully dragging the weeds, the cracks of the sticks in the bushes made sounds as the feet belonging to different people which obviously are the ghost that wants me dead stamped the bushes… Suddenly, Mama Sunday bent down so she could come in through the broken window, I couldn’t do anything to defend myself as I felt to paralysed and weak to even keep my eyes opened…I heard peoples voices approaching but I heard no more when I slowly passed out…Mama Sunday was also getting closer and her face was the last I saw when darkness befell my consciousness…

The beep of mechanical instruments sounded nonstop, I gradually opened my eyes as my blurry vision slowly became clear, I raised my head a little to see where I was, obviously I was on a hospital bed with a drip pipe passed in to my skin on my right hand, some flashes quickly snapped in my memory as I got scenes from what happened, I thought of my mother and prayed she was okay, I opened the clothe used to cover me so I could take a look at my hand, it was still completely off but the wrist was well bandaged, I could only feel some little pinch which showed the killing pain was gone. I sat up a little when suddenly the bulb began to blink like it wanted to go off, at that moment, I was fed up of the disturbance, “Somebody…!!!” I shouted but no one responded, there was absolute silence like I was the only one left in there, I stood up and pulled out the drip from my right wrist with my teeth, I looked out the window which was a sliding one, I closed it as it was giving room for a lot of breeze, I saw my bag on a stool with blood stains on it and my shirt hanged by the bed side, it was washed clean, I didn’t think twice as I wore it instantly, I still had my trouser on but my slippers were no where to be found, I picked my bag and hung it on my shoulder like I always  do, my hand was no where to be found but I laid my hope on the people who rescued us. There was no one to answer any of the questions I had in mind so I had to look for someone, I couldn’t tell what the time was but I could tell was late, I staggered to the door when suddenly there was a knock on the window, I looked back and saw Kako smiling back at me, I looked away and opened the door leading to the long passage, I limped as fast I could as I called for help, there was no response from anyone as it was obvious there were no living souls in the hospital, I sighted a staircase at the extreme end of the passage, I approached it as fast as I could when suddenly there was a strong hit on different doors behind me , I stopped and looked back and saw Mama Sunday and Nnenna walking towards me, Nnenna dragged her axe as usual as I also continued before they got to me , I rushed down the stairs till I got to the ground floor where the reception was, I fell to the ground when I saw armed men in uniform coming in with so much momentum, I thought I had been traced and caught but one of the officers gave his subordinates an order to take me out of the building, others proceeded up stairs leaving me confused in the hands of a police man who dragged me outside like I was a criminal. He dragged me to the front gate where I met a mammoth crowd, they all stood looking straight at the hospital like they were expecting something…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 6, 2016 — 8:53 pm

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