Must Read: The Diary… Part 32


A Story written by Slickest…

I looked at the crowd in front of the hospital, they all concentrated on what the police men will discover in the hospital, nobody acted like I existed as I also ignored them looking in the crowd if I’ll see my mother. Mother was absent, she wasn’t among those that stood outside the gate, I began to think what the problem was that sent the whole hospital occupant outside at once, the crowd murmured to each other as everyone looked too busy to answer me but I needed to know what part of the country I was. Listening carefully to the language they communicated in, it was a familiar native language I recognised immediately I heard it, majority of them spoke in Yoruba language which means I was close to Lagos, I just needed to wait to know what is going on and know where my mother is.

I understood yoruba but I can’t communicate fluently in it, I paid attention and listened to the man beside me, he narrated to the nurse in front of him about how he escaped from his ward, he said the screams from the passage was what woke him up, he said he came out to see what the fuss was all about, he saw people stumbling on each other as they all ran in one direction which was the stair case that led outside the hospital, he said he walked towards the hasty crowd so he won’t be caught unaware by what ever was on rampage, he said he saw fear in some people’s eyes and that alone was enough to scare him. I still wasn’t getting the gist but what scared them sounded familiar because the fear in their eyes has explained by the patient was not new to me.

The police men came out of the hospital looking very relaxed, one of the police men who earlier ordered a man to take me out approached one of the doctors in the hospital, they both spoke for minutes but something like an argument ensued when the doctor raised his voice at the police man, ” false kini!!! Its not only false alarm…look..I know what I saw, nobody told me anything, I saw it myself…he was dressed like a doctor and he looked like one… He had a hole on his head… a wide hole that no man can have on his head and still be standing, he had no eyeball but he was looking straight at me…I ran and called one of my nurses who was also running towards me with tears in her eyes as she shook furiously… I asked her what she saw but she was too frightened to talk…” The doctor lamented pointing at a nurse who sat on the ground looking like she just saw a ghost.

The police men calmed the atmosphere and accompanied everyone back into the hospital, it was then I asked one of the patients who looked calm what part of Nigeria we were, he looked at me and said “Ore..”, I know Ore to be in Ondo state, I knew my journey to Lagos won’t be a distant one anymore but first I needed to find my mother, I walked in to the reception and saw all patients lined up for something that looked like an official check before they were accompanied back to their separate wards by the police, I approached one of the nurses who wasn’t engaged in the checking duty to ask her questions about the accident victims brought in earlier that day.

I was shocked at the nurse’s reply, she told me there was no elderly woman among the accident victims, she said we all involved in the accident were lucky to be alive, she referred me to the doctor who stood beside the stair case to get more information from him, I went to him and shook his right hand, he nodded his head as we exchanged greetings, I popped my enquiry and he was direct and much more detailed than the nurse. He told me 9 victims including I were rushed in by good samaritans, he said they informed them we were coming from Delta state, “…and after we did our own investigation we got detailed facts from the driver who is kicking fine now” he said, I asked after my mother but he said there was no female among the victims brought. I was confused, I didn’t know what else to do, how could my mother not be among the accident victims, I questioned myself for minutes before approaching the doctor for the second time, I asked if they collected any contact from those who brought us there, he said their phone numbers was all they gave and that was enough for the hospital, I begged if I could put a call through to one of them and the doctor didn’t deny me of that, we both went to his office upstairs on the floor where my own ward was located, immediately I noticed that I knew the reason why the whole hospital was put in a chaos. The doctor wasn’t really stable as I still could feel his hands shake as he passed me his phone, he groped around his office with his eyes as if someone was calling his name, he tossed an opened file over to me on his table, I dropped the phone and turned the file so it could face me, then I looked at my amputated hand, I felt so sad that I had to do things one after the other with my just a hand, I looked at the forms filled and picked one number to dial, “…sim one or two…” I asked after pushing the right numbers, the doctor replied “two”  and I immediately pushed the green button which had a figure two on it.

I pushed the red button with a saddened heart having heard one of the samaritan saying I was the only one they saw at the back seat, he said there was no elderly woman nor did they see any amputated hand, I was perplexed as I did not know what else or next to do, I couldn’t hide my feelings as I sat on the ground and began to cry, the doctor stood up and sat in front of me saying “… You really look like you’ve been through a lot…I don’t believe you are mad or something, if truly there was an elderly woman on that bus who happened to be your mother, then I promise you we’ll find her…am not supposed to do this but I have a feeling I have to…I have an elder brother in Asaba who is very gifted…gifted in seeing things…I believe he can help you out….but the funny thing is…he just lost his sight, but that is not an hindrance to his sight…I ‘ll bring him over tomorrow and am very sure you’ll get to understand what you don’t ….”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 7, 2016 — 1:42 pm

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