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Must Read: The Diary… Part 33


A Story written by Slickest…

I looked at the kind hearted doctor as I wiped my tears off my cheek, I thanked him for his concern and rolled my eyes to his offer, I thought of turning down his proposal because I didn’t want anyone else to know of my dark and hideous ordeal, on the other hand I thought I needed answers to some disturbing questions, after so much time spent on my internal deliberation I decided to accept his offer, I nodded in response and thanked him again. He supported me to stand on my feet and I in turn shook his hand, he called on a nurse to walk me back to my ward but I didn’t know how to tell her I wanted somewhere else where I wasn’t alone, just then I realised that almost all those that got close me ended up dead, I kept to myself and just followed her, I was tired of seeing blood and also tired of running, all these was getting close to my loved ones and I had to solve it my self …and my one hand.. She shut the door just after she said “good night” with a bright smile on her face, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t want to see such a beautiful angel haunt me, the door gently closed and I also quickly wiped off the smile of fear from my face, I stared at the window where Kako looked at me from, I just prayed he doesn’t pop out like they all do. Hours passed and silence began to rule, I peeped from the square space covered with glass on the front door to check if people were still moving freely, I had been doing that for minutes and every time I checked, the nurses that passed by reduced. It was midnight and every one had gone to bed, I didn’t hear the knocks of nurses shoes nor the murmurs of patients from other wards, I could hear the low tone hiss from the fluorescent tube in my ward, I could hear the wind touch the glass of the window, and the knocks from shoes from the ground floor…it was so silent I could hear my heart beat.

Tick tock the second hand from the clock said as I groped all around with my eyes, I looked straight at the clock and it was 1:00am in the morning, there was now complete silence as there was nothing that could compete with the dead air, I gradually got on my bed suddenly there was a sound coming fom the passage, it was a metallic sound, it sounded like someone hit a metal to the ground, I sat up immediately but it got worse when the metal started lugging on the tiled floor, it got louder as it got close to my ward, I stood up and walked close to the glass opening on the door to look if could catch a glimpse of who was dragging or what was being dragged, I slowly stood up and headed for the opening but….

I ran back and fell to the ground, I was already sweating as I stared at. The opening on the door, who I was looking at was staring back at me in the eye, I looked at the time and it was just minutes past one, I knew it was going to be a long night that’s if I was going to last till morning. Doctor Eugene stood in front of the glass in the passage with his all black iris, he still didn’t move even when I took steps back probably because he knew I had no where to run to, I saw anger in his eyes but I couldn’t stand his stare as it felt like my head was going to explode. I stopped looking at him but I could feel his presence, the dragging iron on the tile didn’t stop even after I sighted doctor Eugene, the sound from the passage got louder as it increased the tempo of my heart beat, voices started following as unusual knocks on the tiled floor followed, “Jooooohnnn….jooohhhnnnn…” They whispered, I knew what was going on and I dare not step out, they were all ready to end my existence but I  wasn’t, that was what led to the amputation of my hand and this time it might be my head. I looked back at the opening on the door as the long dragged instrument was already at the door, just then I saw Nnenna stand right in front of doctor Eugene, she stopped and looked through the opening with her broken skull, she moved her lips but I heard her loud and clear like she was talking in my ears, “you must die…” She said, just then I heard a baby’s cry right in front of my door, it was right there I began to realise that it was an arrival…an arrival of the dead…

They all began to walk through the wall one after the other, all with different instruments to aid their killing, I had no where to run as I could only take steps back, I shouted at the top of my voice but I couldn’t even hear my own voice, I kept moving back expecting to get to the wall and wait for my death, I put my legs in my bag’s rope and it all got twisted around my leg, I fell and hit my head hard on the wall, my vision became immediately blurry as I passed out gradually, a sudden voice screamed for help just before I closed my sounded very familiar and in pains too, it sounded like my mothers voice but I didn’t know where it was coming from, I blacked out and lost contact with the real world.

I jumped up at the opening of my ward door, “oh my God…were you sleep walking..” The nurse asked as she ran towards me, I was having a terrible headache but was still wondering why I wasn’t dead, I was so confused that I wasn’t really bothered I was alive anymore, I was so confused if I am just living in a dream, confusion kept circling as I tried figuring the reason behind them not doing anything to me when ever I black out, same happened at the accident scene, all my questions only left me at a junction of darkness. The nurse helped me up and sat me on my bed, I clumsily sat but was still disturbed by migraine, I pointed my head without giving her any answer to her questions, she quickly ran out of the ward and was already calling out to the doctor, I relaxed on my bed but kept my eyes opened.

The doctor returned with the nurse who looked so concerned about me, the doctor asked me some questions that I could only nod to so as to reply, he ordered the nurse to get pain killers so as to relief me of my pain, she did as she was told while I stared at the doctor in the eye, ” my brother is on his way troubled driver went to bring him…we will solve your case my friend, do not worry…” The doctor said as he patted my shoulder. The doctor sat with me for hours telling me he wasn’t on duty anymore and that he was going to be on the night shift, he said he wishes to keep me company till his brother arrives from Asaba…I began to wonder why the doctor would be so interested in MY story, it baffled me but in time more light would shed ….

To Be Continued…

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