A Story written by Slickest…

I really didn’t pay attention to the doctor’s gist as I was trying to get somethings right in my head, I was very sure I heard my mother’s voice before I passed out earlier, I wondered where it came from but the best answer I got was to wonder, to wander recalling the incident that occurred before dawn, since there wasn’t a convincing and specific reason why I heard my mother’s voice, I needed to wait for the best solution that was already on its way, I had the hope and belief I would find mother. I looked at the doctor who was still sunk in whatever he was talking about, I wasn’t interested nor was I willing to comment, I just waited patiently for the momentary messiah who would reveal the concealed.

The doctor received a call and it was obvious the long awaited messiah had arrived, I stood up while the doctor went out of the ward to receive him, I anticipated answers and not the man as I couldn’t wait to start stabbing him with questions that bothers my existence. I lined up my questions in such a way I would get answers from him because that is the only way I can save my precious mother, I thought I haven’t been religious enough to solve this spiritual problem of mine and I have this feeling that God has deserted me because of my atrocity that has led me to this path of gradual destruction, if only I had been truthful with my profession, if only I had channelled my creativity in to a more positive path, if only I hadn’t let money rule all of my desires and dreams, if only I had just left married Mama Sunday alone, if only I had just told the truth of what I did, if only was all that beclouded my thoughts… I regretted all my actions and had a run through of all that I have been through in less than a month, from the invitation of Kako to the death of my neighbour Mama Sunday, leading to the death of my cousin , then my girlfriend, then her sister, then the old man on the out skirt, the nurse followed by the doctor, I just smiled and said ” …been through a lot in such a short while…”. I heard foot steps from the passage approaching my ward, I knew the long awaited moment had arrived, I calmed my nerves and looked straight at the door as it opened slowly.

The doctor came in first and Sam was accompanied by a nurse who held his hand, “…we meet again my friend… you are still alive… You are one kicker… Survivor… I like that about you..” Sam said as he came in groping his hands around, he was helped to a seat where he sat comfortably with a broad smile on his face, he asked the nurse and his brother the doctor to leave us alone, the doctor reluctantly left as he conspicuously wasn’t happy with the blind man’s request, the door was shut and we were all alone. ” You don’t need to ask me any question John, have you forgotten I know it as you think it?…. Your mother is alive John but she dies by each passing day…you make them more fierce and stronger each time you slip away…hehehe…John…you will die… You can’t save your mother…more people will end up dead as long as you live…you can’t fight ghosts John…have you ever wondered why they all come after you immediately they die, even those you didn’t kill?…Odika is a powerful man, he deals in anything spiritual most especially the dead…you worsened the case when one of his own died… well, all those that haunt you have all been mandated spiritually by Odika to haunt, hunt and kill whoever knows something about their death and is not talking, your cousin will only rest if you bury him and let his mother know he is dead, then shall he let you be, as for the others, they won’t stop till you’re dead…you must have noticed they leave at every point you pass out, you’ll also wonder why they don’t attack you when you are asleep…yes they can’t, they can’t do you anything whilst you’re unconscious because you are invisible, they can’t see you because you’re off their radar…but they come immediately they pick up signals of your consciousness…you can’t sleep forever John…you can’t…” Sam explained, I was dumbfounded as I could only stare at him with his unbelievable explanation, “…So where is my mother?..” I asked him, for the first time Sam stayed silent, he couldn’t answer my question as he shook his head rapidly like he was trying to remember something, “I don’t know….I can’t see her…I don’t know your next move…I can’t see anything…its all dark…I can’t see beyond today…I can’t see tomorrow…I don’t understand…this has never happened before..its strange..” He replied as he stammered all through, he looked confused and scared, I felt scared too but I thought to myself ” a man’s gatta to do what a man’s gatta do…even if its with a hand…”, I stood up immediately and picked up my bag, I got in to my slippers and told him I was going home. “I read that you’re planning to save her will fail….you will die…” He shouted as he tried getting off his seat, I got close to him pushing him on the shoulder back to his seat, “…you don’t know that…you can’t see tomorrow remember?…and one more can’t see tomorrow because you’ll die today… I have to leave so you can see it..” I said in a very confident tone, I left him stunned as the look on his face couldn’t hide it, I walked towards the door like I already have solutions to my problems.

I went to the doctor’s office who started ranting immediately I walked in, “that man chose to die a pauper, he is literate but prefers living like an uneducated fool…he has a gift, I am a professional…we can conquer the world with what he has, we can make history but instead he has decided to waste it… He doesn’t know how important it is to see what is yet to happen..nature bestows gifts to those who’ll waste them” he complained, I didn’t know what to say to his heartfelt complain, I only came to see him if he could help me with some sleeping tablets and little change to take me to Lagos, but it appears he is not in a very good mood to grant requests, I just swallowed my saliva very slowly and watched him as he ignored my presence to continue his rant over his brother who didn’t yield to his advice.

To Be Continued…

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