Must Read: The Diary… Part 35


A Story written by Slickest…

I found it hard to believe when the doctor emptied his wallet, he took out his atm and complimentary cards that decorated it, he passed the wallet to me that contained some amount of money, I knew it would be more than enough to take me to Lagos, he told me to meet the nurse so she could get me enough sleeping pills, all that was after I calmed to listen to his complain about his unwise brother, I briefed him later on what I needed and he didn’t hesitate. I took the two brothers numbers in a sheet of paper and dropped it in my bag, I bided them fare well as I walked out of the hospital premises not caring who was going to take care of my bill, I headed to the park as I was directed with some couple of pills in my pocket.

I got to the garage and boarded a bus going to Lagos, I met passengers all seated already like they were waiting fo me to arrive, I was the last passenger they were waiting for so they could begin their journey, I got in and paid my fare, the door was closed and the engine started to begin our long journey. I was already feeling dizzy due to my sleeping pills which served as an escape route for me from the threats on my life, I leaned back and rested my head on the cushion headrest, I turned my head right to look through the window as we passed bushes by, I started dozing knowing to me that the only haven for me was unconsciousness which at that moment was very equivalent to sleep.

I felt the bus slowing down which was not supposed to be, I opened my eyes immediately to be aware of what the cause could be, I noticed I was the only one seated on a seat of four, I looked back to glance at other passengers behind me but it happened that I was the only one in the bus, I sat up quickly to call on the driver for questioning, the bus was already parked by the side of the road, I found it hard to get the door opened as it appeared it had been jammed, I stopped struggling with the door and faced the driver who had his back turned on me, the driver sat without moving a muscle, like a statue he sat still while I shouted my diaphragm out.

I decided to show my anger by tapping him from behind hoping he might respond, the fear of me being alone in a bus that once had a full load from the garage and suddenly every other passenger disappeared sent chills down my spine, I tapped the driver again who still had his hands on the steering, I shouted at him but he gave me no audience, I tried crossing over to the front seat but the demarcation made it impossible for me to easily do that, I thought of breaking the window so I could get out of the bus first, it felt like a good idea and I turned to the door immediately to do that with my elbow…my eyes met with Mama Sunday’s who was standing outside the bus in front of the glass, her breath sounded rapidly as it heated the glass and made it blurry, my heart skipped as I quickly turned to the left side of the bus, Nnenna stood outside too like she was waiting for me, she looked at me fiercely through the glass like she wanted to get in, I quickly jumped to the seat behind because it looked like they were calculating how their entry would be like, just then the driver decided to say hello, he slowly turned his neck a little beyond 180degrees to look at me, that was way impossible for a normal human which made me hop to the next line on the bus, Doctor Eugene’s face turned to look at me in the eye with a smile, he started laughing aloud as turned his head back to the windscreen facing the road, he started the engine and started accelerating, he increased the speed of the bus as he continued laughing, he got faster and faster by the second to an extent I couldn’t catch a glimpse of anything on the road, my heart started beating faster as my brain ability lowered due to the speed, it felt like the bus was off the ground while the engine made a loud noise indicating serious acceleration. I started begging him to please stop the bus while he just couldn’t stop laughing, I sighted a parked trailer some metres as we accelerated, the trailer was parked by the road like it had been abandoned, Doctor Eugene changed lanes as he faced the trailer face to face, I needed not to be told that he wanted to ram in to the parked trailer, I knew it was the end of my journey because nothing I do or say would stop the speeding bus, the bus got metres closer to the trailer by the second but I didn’t stop shouting for help, he laughed uncontrollably as he drove in the parked trailer….

I opened my eyes immediately jumping off my seat, other passengers on the bus looked at me like I was crazy, I was very sure they knew I was dreaming but in the name of being civilised what I did wasn’t normal, I sweated furiously and breathed rapidly, I looked around and saw the driver trying to park his bus in a perfect spot in the popular Oshodi garage, we were in lagos already and I slept althrough the journey. I yawned and alighted from the bus immediately the bus driver slid the door open, I thought to myself that the sleeping pills was a very good idea, since they couldn’t catch me in reality they’ll appear in a world that I am conscious which is my dream…and dreams are not real…” I think I’ve outsmarted myself…and am impressed..hehe”…I thought.

I headed home and in no time I was knocking our 3bedroom flat in Ikeja, my sister opened the door but her reaction got me wondering, she wasn’t surprised to see me which was very unusual, Chichi has always been my favourite of my two other siblings, we talked more than every other person in my home, our closeness made us know eachother’s secrets for possible solutions but it baffled me when she just paved way for to go in after welcoming me in an uncaring tone. There and then I knew there was something wrong because if Chichi could be paranoid towards me definitely the rest of the family would be worse. I walked in and she slammed the door heading to her room without uttering a word.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 8, 2016 — 8:19 pm

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