Must Read: The Diary… Part 36


A Story written by Slickest…

I acted like a big brother would frowning back at Chichi’s uncaring and nonchalant reception, she stopped and looked back at me saying “what now?”, I was surprised at her reply which got me angry immediately, I replied “what do you mean Chichi…are you in your right senses?…am talking to you and your walking away…are you alright?”, I was already steaming in anger dropping my bag like I wanted to go into a wrestling match with her, she looked back and said “oh!!…I should start dancing around the whole street singing my senior brother who left us for over two years has finally returned home, then Papa should organise a party in respect to that abi? You must be joking, if you do not like my reception bro…that’s your problem..this is not the prodigal son story”, I had already reached the apex of my anger as I couldn’t stand my kid sister, a nineteen year old girl speaking to me without any respect…I got close to her out of anger and gave her a damaging slap on the face strong enough to take her to the ground, I grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head on the stool that stood beside a 3seater couch, I smashed her fore head continuously on the stool and didn’t care if her skull would break and she’ll end up dead, I smashed with all my strength without stopping…I snapped out of my silly imagination when Chichi slammed the door to her bedroom, I stood at the centre of the sitting room looking around like it was a place I have never seen, I brought out two tablets from my pocket and threw it in my mouth, I proceeded to my supposed room but it had been cleared, it appeared like they never wanted me back in the house, I dropped my bag in a corner and went back to the living room, I sat on the couch and soon laid my head on the chair’s arm, it was obvious Chichi was home alone before I joined her but the sounds from the kitchen alerted my already weak body that they were here, I couldn’t keep my eyes opened any more as they were way too heavy to be held, I closed my eyes and unconscious darkness followed soon afterwards.

I heard echoes of my mother’s voice coming from the kitchen, slowly I stood up and walked to the kitchen, I stopped at the kitchen entrance because of what I saw that created  little fright, a dark circle like a whirl wind was in the kitchen blowing mildly, it looked like a vortex leading to another world, my mother’s voice came from inside and I had no choice but to check it out, it got colder as I got closer to the black vortex, I put my left leg in and I was sunk in like a force from the other side sucked me in…I fell to the bare ground feeling pains all over my body, I gradually stood up to see where the strange window led me, I looked around and it took my brain less than a second to recognise my apartment’s sitting room in Asaba, fear caught me immediately as I quickly turned back so I could dash back in to the vortex but my mother’s call for help stopped me, I turned back and called out to her but she could only whisper “Help me John….”, she sounded like she was tired and had no more energy left in her, I tiptoed to my kitchen to check if she was help captive in there but Mama Sunday was waiting for me, the rage in her eyes said a lot and the huge syringes in her hand explained more, I gradually stepped backwards since I already knew what she was capable of doing, I slowly took steps backwards praying she doesn’t attack me, suddenly my back was stopped by something that felt like some one, I slowly turned my head and it was Doctor Eugene who was standing right in front of me, his broken head was still dripping blood as his eyes were totally coloured black. I quickly decided to run back to the vortex but Nnenna was waiting for me with her axe, her face was so terrifying that I couldn’t even scream, suddenly Onome called out my name from behind “John….come and join us my love…” she said,she had one of my shirt wrapped around something that dropped blood every second, her intestines was dangling from her belly as she smiled at me with blood painting the whole of her mouth, her black iris put so much fear in me….I had no where to run nor did I even know what to do….I was totally cornered .

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 9, 2016 — 2:48 pm

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