Must Read: The Diary… Part 37


A Story written by Slickest…

Mama Sunday dashed out of the kitchen approaching me like she wanted to tear me apart, due to reflex I fell to the ground put she pounced on me like a lion on its prey….I opened my eyes as I had already fallen off the couch where I was sleeping, I just smiled thinking that I could only be haunted in my sleep, I stood up and sat back on the couch facing the television that was already turned on, it was on a supersport channel but I didn’t pay attention to which supersport it was, car racing was on and I really wasn’t interested., I noticed there was too much silence in the house like I was alone, I stood up and called out to Chichi but there was no response, I assumed she had gone out without telling me since she wasn’t in good terms with me, I headed to the kitchen to get a cup of water, I drank from the glass cup slowly then began to sip it like it was coffee, I went back to the sitting room but I was surprised at what was showing on tv, I heard the yoruba language and I doubted it was supersport, the only channel I know that speaks yoruba was Africa Magic yoruba and that was the channel the tv had been tuned to, I was surprised and I called out to Chichi again knowing that no one came to the sitting room, silence replied me as I got closer to the tv set, suddenly the channels started changing on its own, I searched for the remote but it wasn’t where it should be, I heard steps from behind me and I slowly turned around towards the sound, Eugene held the remote like he was watching tv, my legs shook as the normal look on his face changed, he looked more angry and his black iris made him look like other ghosts, Eugene had changed and it was for the worse, he walked closer to me like he wanted to attack me, I felt heat as he took a step closer to me, suddenly the front door opened and my father walked in…I felt a mild breeze blow past me and Eugene was gone…the remote was placed in its right position and I looked up to greet my father.

My father looked at me without any surprise in his eyes, I could see disgust and anger all over him, the first question he asked was “where is my wife?…”, I was shocked at the question, I was so stupid not to have anticipated the simple and inevitable question, but as a turned warri boy I quickly manipulated the situation, I changed my confused look and answered his question with some convincing confidence, “she said she’ll be leaving tomorrow for Anambra before coming back for Lagos” I replied, my father wasn’t moved at my reply instead he asked me about her phone, “…I have been calling her phone and it has always been switched off, same as yours ever since she travelled to see you…”.he said. “Look, you have a whole lot of explaining to do….where is Eugene?…what put you in a hospital bed?….you decided not to come home after your youth service, is that right?….and we don’t even know the nature of your job…”

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 9, 2016 — 6:41 pm

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