Must Read: The Diary… Part 38


A Story written by Slickest…

Father left me standing with my mouth opened to kick start my explanation, I sat down and felt unwanted but home was the only haven I could be, I stood confused on what else todo in respect to my mother’s absence but going back to Asaba was the only solution I could think of, I had a feeling that my mother was still alive and saving her was the only tantamount thing on my mind. I had deep thoughts and felt solving my problems should begin, I thought of freeing Eugene’s soul by first telling his family of his demise, then I’ll have to figure out how to stop other ghosts from haunting me, too many thoughts and very little time, too many deeds to be done but very limited space….I stood up and called out to Chichi but she still didn’t respond, so I decided to go check her in her room.

I opened the door leading to Chichi’s room and found her sitting on her bed with a laptop on her laps, she had headphones on and it was so loud I could still hear the scattering sound of the music she was listening to, she took it off immediately she saw me and asked if father was back with a very expectant look on her face, I nodded my head in response and she immediately got off her bed to go see father in his room. Minutes later she started preparing dinner and I was left in the sitting room all alone, I felt neglected but I knew I was the cause, I decided to take a stroll so I don’t get attacked unaware, I wore my slippers and planned on how I’ll just come back from my stroll, take my dinner, swallow my pills and go to bed because leaving sleep to come on its own might be like waiting for it to snow in summer.

I soon returned from my stroll and it was a little late, the noise coming from all kinds of generator sets passed the information on the absence of power, I walked in and saw father and Chichi eating their meal on the dinning table, I was too ashamed to join them but also too famished to shy away from the meal, I went close to the table where a plate was covered, I sat in front of the covered plate and opened it, I picked up the spoon beside it and started eating, I didn’t raise my head so I don’t engage in any conversation with dad but the truth was that the conversation was inevitable. Spoons clicked glass plates and minutes rolled by, nobody said a word as we all faced our business which was on the plate, I wasn’t comfortable at all but I had to stay so I could expatiate on things that causes curiousity for my father.

Not a word was altered till my father stood up from the dinning table, he turned around and faced his room saying good night, I was surprised but also relieved a little, the door to his room clattered and got shut at once, my sister stood up to clear the table while I also faced my room in silence. I dropped the mattress that stood in a corner of my room which had dust all over it that showed it has suffered from lack of usage, I dusted it with a broom and laid a bed sheet that looked clean on it, I jumped on it and dragged my bag closer so I could help my self with the pills, suddenly power went out as a result of the generator Chichi turned off, she looked the gates leading to the house entrance and the  door to her room closed. Pitch darkness was all I saw as I groped in my bag for my pills, I searched the bag deeply for my sleeping pills but all I felt was a pen and my diary….my pills were gone and my eyes were very much light enough to stay till morning, my heart beat increased…


To Be Continued…

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