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A Story written by Slickest…

I soon returned from my stroll and it was a little late, the noise coming from all kinds of generator sets passed the information on the absence of power, I walked in and saw father and Chichi eating their meal on the dinning table, I was too ashamed to join them but also too famished to shy away from the meal, I went close to the table where a plate was covered, I sat in front of the covered plate and opened it, I picked up the spoon beside it and started eating, I didn’t raise my head so I don’t engage in any conversation with dad but the truth was that the conversation was inevitable. Spoons clicked glass plates and minutes rolled by, nobody said a word as we all faced our business which was on the plate, I wasn’t comfortable at all but I had to stay so I could expatiate on things that causes curiousity for my father.

Not a word was altered till my father stood up from the dinning table, he turned around and faced his room saying good night, I was surprised but also relieved a little, the door to his room clattered and got shut at once, my sister stood up to clear the table while I also faced my room in silence. I dropped the mattress that stood in a corner of my room which had dust all over it that showed it has suffered from lack of usage, I dusted it with a broom and laid a bed sheet that looked clean on it, I jumped on it and dragged my bag closer so I could help my self with the pills, suddenly power went out as a result of the generator Chichi turned off, she looked the gates leading to the house entrance and the  door to her room closed. Pitch darkness was all I saw as I groped in my bag for my pills, I searched the bag deeply for my sleeping pills but all I felt was a pen and my diary….my pills were gone and my eyes were very much light enough to stay till morning, my heart beat increased…

  I was too scared to stay awake in the darkness and the only thing that keeps me save had been taken away from me, I stood up from my bed without even knowing what to do, I put my right hand forward so it could aid me to the door, I opened the door slowly with the intention of getting a flash light from Chichi, I could walk in our sitting room with my eyes closed but the security lights from other houses reflected in to our sitting room, there was more of darkness than light but the light was enough to see  a human figure and not their faces. I got out of my room heading to Chichi’s when I noticed a female standing at the other side of the palour in front of the window where light reflected through, the axe in her hand made me quickly recognise that it was Nnenna, I called out to Chichi with doubts that she might not answer, I felt a soft wind on my right which was the passage leading to my father’s room, I couldn’t see a thing from there but I could hear a deep whispering voice coming from the darkness, footsteps followed too as it got closer, I was veru sure a ghost was in the darkness approaching me, then Nnenna’s axe scrapped the ground producing a metallic noise which I prayed heard so they come out to scare them away, Mama Sunday barged out of the kitchen which was closely on my right, I knew this was definitely the end as I had no sleeping pills to put me out of consciousness, I couldn’t see her face as the light was to weak to penetrate her face, I looked to my left and Doctor Eugene came out of the darkness, I was so cornered that the best thing I could do was to stand and watch them all come close and the wisest thing I thought of doing was to scream. Chichi rushed out of her room in a haste to see what the cause of the scream was but as she stood in front of her room with the door opened Nnenna attacked her in a flash leaving the axe on her neck, the movement was so fast that I could. only catch the pictures and not the motion, Chichi fell to the ground without making a sound, quickly I jumped out of their midst and faced the front door so I could get it opened, Mama Sunday with so much speed came after me and. I reacted with a very loud scream, I fell to the ground hitting my head on the metal door I just managed to open, I saw my father rush out of his room but my dizzy eyes still showed me they all disappeared at ones, I saw my father run towards Chichi while I removed the syringe Mama Sunday left on my neck, soon afterwards I passed out…

Obviously it wasn’t a dream like I have always encountered, I opened my eyes on the couch where I was laid to rest, the generator had supplied light in to our apartment and I saw faces of different people in our sitting room all looking devastated, my father sat on the ground shedding tears like a woman beside a body covered with an ankara material cloth, neighbours murmured to each other when suddenly someone shouted beside me saying ” ….he has opened his eyes oo…”, quickly my father stood up asking me what happened as he got closer to me, I sat up and didn’t know what explanation to give to my father and the crowd in our sitting room, “…I heard voices coming from the sitting room and I decided to check who it was, I saw Chichi arguing with some guys in a very low tone so they wouldn’t be heard, I intended on getting close so I could ask who they were and what the problem was but Chichi left them standing by the door and walked back to her room, one of them attacked her and hacked her with an axe on her neck…I ran after them but the one of them stabbed me with a syringe and that was all I could recall…..

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 10, 2016 — 10:25 pm

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