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Must Read: The Diary… Part 4


A Story written by Slickest…

I have been lying and sitting here for an hour now, its not funny anymore that am finding it hard to walk, got a call from momsy who wished me a happy birthday (can’t believe I forgot my own birthday)..this is my worst birthday ever…thought of calling Mama Sunday if she could help out, I think I’ll do that now…

Mama Sunday said she’ll be in my apartment in two hours time, making an hour now…also called Onome to get me some pain killers, am in dying need….

Am in serious trouble, I don’t think I can come out of this alive…so many mistakes have been made but this one is one I think its going to take my last breath…am at the outskirt presently in Baba’s place waiting to get my perfume and leave as soon as possible. Baba said he was sick today and that he couldn’t recall where he kept the rest of the perfume, I have no other choice than to wait, his sickness would slow down his rickety bones in the search for the perfume….but right now there is so much going on and waiting is not helping.
While I waited for Mama sunday some couple of hours ago, I suffered so much pain that I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to put a call through to Onome if she could fetch me some pain killers, she agreed and told me she’ll be on her way right away. Minutes later, Mama Sunday the nurse came in, she altered my name from the sitting room and I beckoned her with my reply telling her where I laid, Mama Sunday who appeared to be in her early thirties with just her two year old son Sunday still looked like a 25 year old lady, her uniform was so fitted it brought out the shape of her still fit figure, her buttocks struggled to stand still as it brandished while she walked towards me putting one leg in front of the other. With my boxer shorts still on (only my boxer short), my reflexes sent signals to my brain which reacted on my manhood, it gave signals like a dead man coming back to life as she approached in her short white skimpy dress, her laps to her knees were partially exposed covered with her yellow skin, they were so fresh I could eat it all up.

Quickly, I grabbed my blanket to cover up my half nakedness as I extended my greetings to her, she responded with a broad smile on her face…oh God Mama Sunday was glowing, her lips looked so yummy with the slight red lip stick on it, the powder she applied brought out the fairness of her skin, my attention was totally caught by her bossom which was well packed with the cleavage saying hello. I only saw her mouth move in slow motion, I couldn’t hear a word she altered, my senses were all attracted to the angel in front of me and speechless I remained to all the questions she asked. At that moment my manhood was at its ready mode, it was at its strongest and was ready to break through any wall, I respected my self and shook back to reality. Mama Sunday left the smile on her face and asked after my leg, I replied her telling her how unbearable the pain was and how quick I would want it to go away, in a whispering voice Mama Sunday said “I go make sure say the pain commot…no worry”, that whisper still lingers in my brain. She sat on my mattress where my leg was positioned and lifted the injured leg putting it on her bare laps, I was covered in sweat with me having no control over my manhood, I couldn’t get it to stand down… She kept looking at the pierced leg talking to her self in repetition “which kind animal kon bite you like this…”, suddenly, she changed the look on her face to a more frank one telling me it was not a bite from any animal, I nodded my head in response but in an unconscious manner, my eyes were stationed at her bossom and I couldn’t help it any more, she knew I was looking at her and she didn’t mind.

Mama Sunday moved closer to me as she said some words I can’t even remember, all that was visible to me was how her bossom bounced as she got closer to me, she took out the blanket leaving my manhood stretched out drooling for her. She made everything easier when she held it and started undressing, I thought to my self that today was going to be the best birthday after all, I took some painkillers she brought with her and some antibiotics to kick away any bacteria in the wound. Soon, we started the fun, she was a good nurse and also good on my bed… We had S£x for straight 20 minutes without stopping, I considered my self lucky and also reached the verdict on what I have heard about nurses, she was on top of me as she kept jumping up and down saying funny words and making sounds. I wasn’t ashamed of my self at all, sleeping with a married woman with one child that I play with almost on the daily, ignoring the fact that Papa Sunday a retired recruit soldier turned farmer and bricklayer might return any moment, Papa Sunday had always shown some doubts about my personality, he made it known that he doesn’t really like me but I thought it was because I was sort of the youngest and the only bachelor in the compound, the most successful too even if I don’t have a generator anymore. There I was having a good time with Papa Sunday’s wife while he was under the sun getting heated by the killing 11 o’ clock sun, I felt no remorse at all, I just kept caressing another man’s wife body who turned out to be my neighbour.

Mama Sunday kept going back and forth really fast, it appeared she was almost reaching her climax, then she stopped all of a sudden as she raised her hand to the left side of her chest,her hands were shaking so was her legs, her body vibrated as her eyeballs couldn’t stand stable till it stayed at the top of her iris, she looked like she was in pain as she opened her mouth and groaned in her whispering tone, she fell off from on top of me to the bed and suddenly stopped groaning, she released her chest she held tightly and stopped moving. The sudden halt of her movement didn’t look good at all, quickly I moved close to her and whispered her name but she gave no response, her mouth was wide opened with her iris vacant without her pupil, I picked up her hand and dropped it and it dropped helplessly back on the bed, she appeared lifeless because she wasn’t even breathing. Suddenly my door opened and Onome called out my name from the sitting room, she knew if am not in my sitting room then am definitely in my room, she barged in and saw the ungodly scene of me Unclad with another man’s wife who laid lifeless on my bed Unclad, she covered her mouth as she walked slowly towards the bed, she moved to Mama Sunday’s body and placed her ear on her chest, Onome slowly raised her head and whispered to me ” John….she is dead…this woman is dead…”…

I got the shock of my life when Onome confirmed it, I had to solve 1 problem before engaging in another, I decided to go to Baba’s place and get the perfume first. So now presently, I have a dead woman who happens to be a married woman and my neighbour on my bed in my house, she’s being accompanied by my girl friend who to ensure no one gets in….this is some deep shiiiitt….

To Be Continued…

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Posted by on Oct 23, 2016.

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