Must Read: The Diary… Part 40


A Story written by Slickest…

There was total silence after my cooked story, most of them had the look of disbelief as my father obviously snubbed the story, ” I was outside when I heard your door open, I couldn’t see what was going on due to the darkness but I could swear I heard you scream…it was your father’s cry for help that made me come in here, so I doubt if any one came in here because I never saw anyone come talkless people running out…” One of our neighbours said, my heart beat raised as I wasn’t ready tell anybody anything about the ghosts that hunt me, I doubted if anyone would believe the story of the fierce ghosts after my soul, “….what are you saying sir, are you saying am lying, how come there is still an axe in this house, that was the instrument they used in carrying out their dastardly act….or are you saying I killed my own sister?…why on earth will I bring such instrument home….” I replied the man in a very angry tone with tears rolling down my eyes, the man couldn’t say a word as it made my father confused and not knowing who to believe. I looked at my sister’s corpse with the axe that laid beside her, I wondered why Nnenna would forget her haunting weapon, I knelt beside her and opened the ankara that covered her face, Chichi was cold dead and I was still finding it hard to believe, I never had the chance to ask her what I did to have made her stale towards me, I never had the chance to tell her I was sorry for what ever I did, I never even had the chance to say goodbye even if I didn’t know she’ll die tonight, I was so sad feeling so much guilt for those who have died because of me, for those who have passed on because of my coward behaviour, those who passed on because of my fear for death and lack of confidence to face the problem I created myself.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 11, 2016 — 4:32 pm

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