A Story written by Slickest…

I knelt close to Chichi looking straight at her closed eyes as tears drooped from mine, nobody was saying a word but the sobbing from my dad make me feel more guilty, it was high time I did something to put a stop the deaths of my loved ones, suddenly Chichi opened her eyes and looked straight at me…she raised her head quickly like she was going to bite me in the face, her eyeballs had red cracked lines all around with the pupil missing, the iris was all I saw, her face was already horrible looking as she had quickly lost the beauty she had as a human, her face was already swelling up which made her look fat…I reacted quickly by jumping back looking at everybody if they saw her sudden movement, I pointed my right hand at Chichi as I stammered “….di…di…di..did you see that?…”, the reaction from every other person made me look crazy, they all looked at me suspiciously because they didn’t notice anything move, I shook as I struggled to stand on my feet finding it hard to believe it was an hallucination. “…John what happened to your left hand?..” My father said after noticing my struggle to stand on my feet, I just made it brief for him telling him I had a serious accident and it claimed my left hand, he still looked surprise while I also stayed scared of what I saw some few seconds ago. My father decided to call the police since I stood adamant on the same story I told so definitely it has become a crime scene and the intervention of the police would be a wise option, one of the neighbours offered to take my dad to the nearest police station while two other neighbours promised to stay with me till my father return with the police, they soon zoomed off and the three of us were left with the corpse in the sitting room.

There was absolute silence in the sitting room, the only noise was that from the generator, the two other neighbours glanced at each other like I was going to attack them, there weren’t really my problem as I was still trying to get a grip of my self after the horrifying incident. All of a sudden the whole bulbs in the house went off at the same time like  someone changed over a switch connecting the whole wiring of the house, what made the situation very uncomfortable for us all was that the generator was still working fine outside, I stood up immediately so did one of the neighbour, I could tell in the darkness that they were terrified but they couldn’t just scream out. One of them approached the front door so he could find a solution to the problem, he fought the door so he could get it opened but the it was jammed, even with the key right there he couldn’t get it opened, I knew they were here and there was no way out now, they two men shouted at me asking what was going on but I was just as scared as they were so I stayed mute. They both stood by the door looking straight at Chichi’s corpse on the ground, I could hear them breathe heavily as I also slowly approached them, I kept my glare at the kitchen and the dark passage where darkness was all we saw, suddenly the axe on the ground floated in the air, at the sight of this the two men screamed at the top of their voices for help, it was obvious they have never seen such in their entire life, the axe swiftly dashed in to the darkness and voices started coming from the kitchen, the men started crying while I started praying to God, for the first I was sincere in my prayer, I prayed God gave me just one more day and I’ll make everything right…after my solemn prayer I expected a miracle but everything just got worse, the sound of the axe scrapping the ground from the dark passage made it known that Nnenna was on her way, one of the men decided to take a risk of escaping through the back door which was the kitchen door, I begged him not to but he pushed me against the metal door, he turned back as soon as he God to the kitchen entrance, I knew he had seen a ghost but I only wondered who it was. As the man ran for his life back from the kitchen, he missed a step and fell to the ground hitting his head hard on the centre table, he didn’t stand up after the fall which gave me another scare, Mama Sunday walked out of the kitchen then I and the other neighbour knew why the man had a great fall, Mama Sunday raised her hand and threw something at me, I dodged it but it hit the man beside me, he picked up the object and it turned out to be my amputated hand, out of fear and disgust he threw it away and it landed on Chichi’s corpse, there was a sudden movement from Chichi which scared the living daylight out of me…Chichi sat up with the ankara wrapper still covering her face, the man beside had already lost control of his grip, he shook to the extent that he couldn’t get his phone out of his pocket, he eventually did and turned to the window beside us, there was a man standing directly outside looking straight inside at us, we couldn’t see his face as there was no light strong enough to show us, the neighbour started shouting at the man telling him to help us but the man just stood there like a statue, the neighbour raised his phone and pushed a button on it so it could reflect light, he pointed the phone to the man’s face and alas…..the old man from the out skirt smiled back at us, there were cracks on his face and the black iris making up his eye was terrifying enough to give a man cardiac arrest….suddenly the neighbour beside gripped my shirt by the collar asking me what was going on, I wasn’t even looking at his face as I paid more attention to Chichi that was already on her feet, Mama Sunday that was approaching us and Nnenna that dragged her axe as she moved, “….answer me!!!!!” He yelled at me, I stayed silent then he suddenly nodded my forehead, I look at him and wanted to pass a comment, he nodded me again and I quickly developed a headache, he shouted again but I was too weak to reply…he nodded my forehead again and I felt very dizzy, he left my shirt and I fell to the ground and lost consciousness….

I stood bare footed on a grass land not knowing exactly where I was, I looked back and saw I was at the edge of a cliff, I tried peeping to see what was down below but the cliff was so high that all I saw was a cloudy skies below, quickly I looked away and saw. Nurse Ngozi standing in front of me, behind her sat my mother on a chair, she was surround by other ghosts who were tormenting her, “…help me John..” She cried, Onome  also looked up at me and said “…oh yes John…come…come and help her…”, I tried taking the first step but Ngozi pushed me off the cliff….I opened my eyes immediately I hit the ground as I felt cold water on my face….I was still on the ground where I passed out, I saw my dad asking me what happened but I was too weak to answer, I was helped up by my dad and the police men he came with…


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