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A Story written by Slickest…

On my way back to my house, my mission here is complete…got a call from Uche, a kid that lives around my area, very brilliant boy…he is a great fan of mine who is looking up to me, i wonder why he wants to see me? but that is by the way. Onome almost ran down my battery with her calls, well I can imagine how it feels like to stay alone with a corpse in the house. Am a confused man I swear…

Got home around 3pm this afternoon, Onome was seated in the sitting room with so much fright, she acted like she couldn’t hold the unexpected incident but I told her to calm down, she gave her bit by advising me to tell her Husband, at that point I knew village girls had fish brain, how can I possibly tell a man I slept with his wife and she died in the process, so I’ll just walk up to Papa sunday and tell him “come and carry your dead wife ooo, as I dey fu**k her she con die…”, how lame is that?…I snuffed her bid and thought of a better solution, as smart as I thought I was, I couldn’t come up with a simple solution, though the situation was not that simple so no solution could just stroll in to my head. It dawned on me when Onome got a call from her mother who lamented loudly on the phone so excessively I could pick the pieces of her voice, Onome decided to leave me alone with my problems but giving her word that she would stay silent until a solution is found, I took her for her word and thanked her. With Onome’s absence, I approached my room and saw the unclad body of Mama Sunday, She had grown a little fatter than when I left her, then I remembered the decomposition process, quickly I ran to my kitchen to grab my Anapuma iodine salt, then I recalled I had no cotton wool in the house and the only one who had it was Mama Sunday who is presently laying down dead on my bed.

Mama Sunday’s laid Unclad with her eyes opened staring straight at the ceiling, it freaked me out so I rushed forward to close her eyes and mouth which was wide opened, I picked her wears one after the other from her panties to her top which no longer her size after I spent minutes trying to get her all dressed up. After concluding my task of dressing her up, I stood up with sweat dripping all over me as I stared at her and also looked around if any of her accessories were lying around, none appeared visible as I also looked thoroughly at her making sure she had all her stuffs on. I walked out after securing any loose evidence that could alarm the incident, I proceeded to Papa Sunday’s apartment to ask if I could get some cotton wool, he gladly gave me as he complained of his wife’s lateness, he appeared angry but his look changed when he gave me the cotton wool…he looked at me suspiciously which increased my heat beat instantly, I just smiled and thanked him as I returned to my apartment. I looked the door behind me forgetting my early trouble with the ghosts, I walked to my room with a hand-full of cotton wool and a container of salt which I picked up on the table I dropped it before going to Papa Sunday’s place. Based on the little experience I got from my Dad when my grandpa died, I was opportuned to see how a dead body is preserved to halt decomposition, I did the same to Mama Sunday by pouring  a hand full of salt on her cold chest and making sure it stayed, I stuffed the cotton wool in to her and nose and thought of where to drag the body to…I couldn’t take it out because the compound was filled with children playing and their parents looking after them, I was left with no choice but to search for a suitable place to put the body for the mean time.

After minutes of pacing, I still couldn’t find a place in my apartment to hide the body, thoughts of not only finding a place but also where to go after locating one was all that ran through my unstable mind, I can’t dump the body here and sleep around in friends’ houses, that might look a little suspicious, not long, my door reacted to the knock of someone behind the door, quickly I ran to my room to close the door and secure it more with a lock. I walked to the door as I dropped the key in my chest pocket, I responded to the stranger who was knocking of my approach to the door, I opened the door and it happened to be my cousin who was supposed to serve in Edo state but chose to serve in Delta because I lived here, I was stunned seeing Eugene in front of my door with his coper uniform and a travelling bag, I told him to come in and explain why he didn’t show up when he promised to, He made it known to me sometime last year october that he would be serving in Edo but will get a redeployment to Delta as soon as possible….I think his redeployment just worked out…
I left the door to my sitting room opened while I hosted Eugene in my sitting room, I was so confused I didn’t know what to say to Eugene, suddenly my phone rang from the room I locked, I stood up rapidly but tried not to act suspicious, I told Eugene to sit put and give me a minute, I reached for the key in my pocket and stuffed it in the key hole as I looked behind me to smile at Eugene, I reached for the phone beside Mama Sunday and picked up the call, it was my Mother calling me to ask if Eugene was here, I told her he was and she thanked me endlessly for accommodating him, she passed the phone on to Eugene’s mother who happened to be my aunt, she also prayed for us both and thanked me sincerely. I put the phone in my pocket and reached for the door, Eugene was already standing at the entrance to the room which made my heart beat a little faster, I pushed him back stylishly as I pulled the door smiling at him.

Eugene went back to take his seat but wore a look of surprise at my cagey attitude, I ignored him and locked the door behind me when suddenly another phone ran…the sound was very familiar, I hear it most times in Papa Sunday’s apartment, I dashed back to the room locking the door behind me as linked the ring tone to Mama Sunday’s back on the floor, quickly I searched the bag and held the phone, I turned it off and removed the battery completely from the phone, I put the dead phone back in the bag and put the bag beside her, I breathed a sigh of relief and walked out of the room. Eugene was seated with his phone to his ear, I knew it was his mother calling him because he had started speaking the native language with a broad smile on his face, I took my seat in front of him looking at him, I covered in sweat waiting for any question he was going to ask me, the beep of his phone indicated he was through with his call as he stared at the screen, he raised his head and asked me what was going on, I stammered all through without being explicit, I diverted the topic to him needing something to eat and we going to get it, I made it known to him that when we return I would let him in on what was going on. Eugene dropped his bag in the sitting and changed his booths to a more comfortable slippers, we stepped out of the house while I locked the door, I planned on making use of the perfume when we return….what a birthday this is I thought….we got to the entrance of my compound where few of my neighbours were gathered, Papa Sunday was questioning his little Sunday where he got his mother’s left flat shoe, it was red in colour and I recalled seeing it in the sitting room earlier today, Papa Sunday lamented as he kept shouting “na the shoe wey she wear be dis….na the shoe wey she wear today be dis…”…I looked at Eugene who stopped and looked at me suspiciously…

To Be Continued…

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