Must Read: The Diary… Part 6


A Story written by Slickest…

I made eye contacts with Eugene by blinking my eyes rapidly, I didn’t want to alter a word so I don’t call unnecessary attention which might lead to suspicions, Eugene understood my silent conversation and approached me, He looked at little Sunday who was unable to answer the inquisitive crowd, He kept licking the shoe because a 2 year old boy who can not even say his name will find it difficult to give them the answers they seek. We stood with the crowd for some minutes to show little concern for our neighbour, in no time, we opted out of the crowd and faced the path to Mama Onome’s. bukkah, Eugene looked at me and didn’t waste anytime in asking me what was going on, I also didn’t waste much time in narrating the unfortunate incident to him, Eugene was so frightened with his looks as he kept asking me how we were going to dispose the body, he made it known to me that he couldn’t sleep under the same roof with a corpse while I was concerned about the story not leaking to the public. We got to Mama Onome’s place some minutes to six and ordered for our meal, Onome kept looking at me like we had an unfinished business, her looks made me uncomfortable to the extent I stopped looking at her, I faced Eugene who looked like He was vexed at me for what happend, he looked like he was waiting for the right time to scold me. Sluggishly I consumed my meal with thoughts of the aftermath, suddenly Uche appeared in front of me with his usual smile, “Bros…I don dey find you…” , I saw his lips move but I couldn’t comprehend what he said, my head was occupied with questions and possible solutions and not to pay attention to some ranting jambite in front of me, all I heard him say was. “…so what do you say?..”, I replied him yes so he could just leave me alone to think, Uche left happy while I felt glad like I just got a burden off my head.

Eugene is about to finish his food and I have to drop this pen so he doesn’t think am going crazy writing a story on a diary.

Things are getting messier and out of control, Eugene and I left Mama Onome’s place for home, we got home when the day was beginning to welcome the night, we got to the compound and there were so many people who have decided to take interest in the missing Mama Sunday, my heart raced when I saw the crowd, I approached Papa Sunday and talked like I didn’t know a thing, he explained angrily and told me a search party had gone in search of his wife, I told him I wanted to get my clothes changed and I would join him in no time. I walked in to my apartment with my cousin who immediately raised his voice as he picked Mama Sunday’s red shoe that had been on the floor for hours, the other foot was the one little Sunday took outside which was the cause of the mammoth crowd outside, I begged Eugene to keep his voice down, he ordered me to tell him what was going on which I had already done, I opened my room for him to see for himself, as he entered the room Uche barged in to the house asking the reason for the crowd, he was proceeding to the room when I quickly got in front of him, Eugene exclaimed “Jesus” from the room as Uche stretched his neck to see what was going on through my transparent curtain, I pushed Uche outside who acted like he saw something, he kept quiet and didn’t say a thing, I asked why he came over to my place this late, he replied saying “na you talk say make I come now..”, then I recalled acknowledging him to do something I didn’t even know about. Uche said he wanted to leave in a hurry, I got disturbed at the change of his mood, at first he was curious now in a hurry to leave, definitely he saw something, all that ran in my head as I tried questioning him to know if he had seen anything, all he wanted was just to leave the house. My phone rang which quickly triggered my reflex, I reached for it in my pocket and picked the call, it was Onome calling but I couldn’t pay attention to her, I just made it known to her by saying ” e be like this guy don sabi ooo…I gats follow am find wetin I go do….”, with the phone still close to my ear I followed Uche who took to his heels, the call with Onome was slowing me down so I ended it.

I followed Uche to see where he was headed, cut in on every corner he tilted in to without me being seen, soon he was home, he dashed into his fenceless compound while I stood at the edge of a fence expecting him to come out with the whole residents in his house, Uche did come out, but he did with a bucket filled with dirty plates, he wore a look of frustration as the ranting voice of his mother followed him out complaining of his lateness, I sighed and turned back when I realised I left my cousin alone in the house with the corpse, I sped back home but slowed down when I got close to my compound, the vigilante’s were around and also willing to help solve the case. I tried my bit to act normal as I walked past the crowd facing my room, I over heard people making suggestion that the police be involved, I knew it wasn’t funny anymore, though it was never funny…Papa Sunday approached pleading I accompany him to the police station tomorrow, I gave in right away so that would take away any suspicion, I calmed him down giving all sorts of assumptions that I know wasn’t true, he wasn’t moved by my presuppositions which in any way didn’t get me surprised, we both agreed and he shook my hand thanking me who is the culprit in front of my apartment which happened to be the crime scene. I walked in to my apartment locking the door behind, it was relatively dark which prompted me to turn on the torch on my Nokia phone, the whole sitting room was empty, Eugene was no where to be found… I called out to him but Onome responded from my bed room…I was so eager to know what she was doing there, I stopped at the entrance of my bedroom… The pool of blood halted my movement, someone’s blood flowed out my room like a stream…slowly I stepped in it raising the curtain, Onome was standing by cupboard crying…I looked to the ground and saw Eugene faced to the ground with a knife stuck in his neck….Eugene had been killed by my girl friend in my house….WHY……

To Be Continued…

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