Must Read: The Diary… Part 7


A Story written by Slickest…

The best I could do at that moment was to scream, I screamed at Onome “wwwwhhhhhhyyyy!!!…., what have you done..?”, I leaned on the wall with my head facing the ceiling and my eyes closed, I knew no one would hear me scream so I screamed at her again but all she did was cry with her hands painted in blood, she explained while she sobbed that she thought I was confused (of cause I was confused…), I asked her if I ordered her to do anything as such, I never even asked her to come over…”I never needed your help!!!…” I screamed at her again, she explained further telling me she called earlier to ask if no one knew about the incident, she said I told her it appeared this guy knew something and that I was thinking of what to do. Yes I recalled her calling me but I never told her I wanted to get rid of my cousin…oh my God!!! She thought I was talking about Eugene when I said ” e be like this guy don sabi ooo…I gats follow am find wetin I go do….”,
She must have thought I was referring to my cousin, no wonder she kept staring at me in the bukkah, I told her I was talking about Uche and not Eugene, ” this is my cousin you just murdered…and Uche appeared not to know anything after all….”, this is way more than I bargained for. Onome went to the kitchen to clean her hands and other stained parts of her body and clothes that had blood dots, she told me she had to leave that it was getting dark, she promised to check back in the morning,  she moved close to me and told me everything would be fine, she said since I had the perfume I should just spray it all around to clear the doubts of having spiritual visitors. I was left alone after Onome helped in mopping the floor coloured in Eugene’s blood, I laid Eugene beside Mama Sunday’s body which was already turning white, I pushed Eugene’s tongue into his mouth and commenced the anti decomposition routine, I poured the salt on his chest but had no cotton wool left, so I thought to myself I needed to go get my own instead of collecting from Papa Sunday.

It was about 9pm and I needed to trek some metres to reach the chemist shop,  Chinedu doesn’t close on time so I was confident I was going to catch him there, I got to Chinedu’s shop who had his generator still on but it looked like he was packing already, I greeted him and requested for the wool, he gave it to me and I paid him quickly, I asked him why he was closing so early and he replied saying an order was given by the Chief that everyone should be in their houses by 10pm, he said the missing woman from my house was the reason for it and that the police would engage in a thorough investigation and a house to house search tomorrow. My heart raced for this little information I was fed with by the chemist, I acted like I wasn’t concerned as I waved him good night and walked out of his shop, I walked at a normal pace when the whole street was lit up suddenly by bulbs, the phcn had done the right thing when I needed it the most, I walked faster as I listened the noise of both kids and adults screaming all around in response to the power that was restored. I got home, opened my door and locked it as soon as I got in, I turned on the light and it came on, I breathed the air of relief thanking God the ghost didn’t touch the bulb, just then it crossed my mind that I hadn’t sprayed the perfume , quickly I rushed to the room to cover Eugene’s nose and ears which I did in no time, I searched for the perfume but it was no where to be found, I turned the whole house up side down in search of the green bottle but nothing was all I found.

The missing perfume kept telling me I was in for it big time, I have two dead bodies in my bedroom in which 1 is my  neighbours wife and the other happened to my cousin. As of the time am writing this, I am not sure of my survival, confusion has taken the best part of me, now I have lost my sceptical senses, now I believe in ghosts but its still not going to put me out of this mess, options unveiling in my head telling me to just run away from all this…but how far will I run when my house is going to be searched tomorrow (all this village people and their traditional doctrines, searching people’s houses for a missing person, very right denying…), keeping these bodies are my top priorities right now but where to keep them is the problem. My apartment is just a room and a parlour, one kitchen, one bathroom and one toilet, all is in a single form so definitely space is something I don’t have, I thought for minutes in silence on my couch in the sitting room where I sat, power was still so much around as it gave life to the environs, their tvs and radios murmured to indicate they all were very much awake. I sat reminiscing the short moments I spent with my cousin, the joy on his face when I opened the door to let him in, he had always wanted to stay with me which he eventually made possible, I was his favourite cousin and he made it known to the world, now in such a short moment I lost him to the stupidity of a village imbecile.

I dozed off whilst lost in the thought for solutions and reminiscing of my beloved cousin, suddenly came the bounce of the ball from my kitchen, I stood up immediately and looked at my kitchen door, the ball kept bouncing as I walked towards the kitchen, I heard whispers from the kitchen but I couldn’t hear a word, sweat started dripping from my face alone as my lips got dried up immediately,the light in the kitchen was on which I saw through the opening below the door, there was a shadow moving underneath indicating someone or something was in my kitchen, the bouncing did not stop as I tiptoed closer to the door, I thought of opening the door swiftly but another idea blew in my head, I decided to look through the keyhole so I could get a clear and perfect view on who ever it was. I got closer silently without making a sound, I bent to the height of the keyhole placing my right eye in front of the keyhole, I could see the whole kitchen, it was lit up and totally empty but I could still hear the continuous bounce of the ball, I stood up and bent down completely to the ground hoping I would get to see the legs of what ever it was…all I saw was a ball touching the ground and going back up, my heart raced like never before as I stood up to look through the keyhole once more maybe I might be lucky this time catching it unaware…I bent again placing my eye in front of the keyhole, I moved my eyeball right and left scrutinising the kitchen from the tiny whole…..suddenly an eyeball obstructed my view as it also looked straight in my eye  through the keyhole from inside the kitchen ….

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Oct 25, 2016 — 4:31 pm

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