Must Read: The Dreams Of My Mother… Episode 30

Episode 30
Tania called Skyby and talked endlessly
about teaching Bella a lesson for using her
for her own selfish agenda. Skyby asked her
what she wanted to do to her, and Tania
told him that she wanted Bella dead. Skyby
asked her if she was sure, many times that
Tania should have been suspicious, but she
replied in the affirmative.
Skyby: “Alright, I will get her for you, but
you will be the one to kill her yourself” he
Tania: “Kill her myself, I thought you would
just take care of it”
Skyby: “It is you, who knows how much she
has hurt you”
Tania: “Alright, alright, I will do it. When
will you be in Lagos?”
Skyby: “I will let you know” he replied and
rang off.
Tania: “I am going to use you as much as I
can, and then I am going to dump your a-s.
I might have gushed to you, but my heart
lies with my husband, especially now that I
know that he did not deceive me” she said
to the phone.
No matter how Gberan tried, there was no
headway in Dayo’s case, it was like he
vanished into thin air. His mother, Madam
Lagos did not eat or drink, she locked
herself in the guest bedroom, and
sometimes at night, her cries of regret
could be heard in the house. She regretted
bringing Dayo to Lagos, she told herself she
could have taken care of him in Oshogbo. If
she had done that, Dayo would still be with
them, she thought.
Even Bella was not at ease since Dayo
disappeared, her curiosity kept getting the
better of her, Ken was the only one who was
happy and at peace. Even though his father
still did not spend time with him, and
scolded him instead, he was still happy that
Dayo was gone. Bella’s curiosity got her
into the net of Skyby. She was watching her
son do his home assignment when her
phone rang.
Skyby: “Meet me and I will tell you what
Tania did to Dayo” he said.
Bella: “Who is this?” she asked and Skyby
could hear her fast breathing.
Skyby: “Do as I say, I shall send you a
message, it would contain the address of
where you would meet me” he said and
hung up. As he had said, a few minutes
later, a text message came into her phone.
She read the message and contemplated
within herself if she should go or not. She
thought of the power that the piece of
information would give her over Tania and
she decided to go. She called the
housekeeper and put Ken in her care before
she drove out of the house.
The address was a warehouse on a deserted
part of Tin can Island, she parked in the
bushy path that led to the warehouse, and
walked the short distance to the warehouse.
As she entered, she met a muscularly built
man, it was Skyby.
Skyby: “So you want to know about Tania?”
he asked.
Bella: “Of course, what did she do, did she
try to kill Dayo?” she asked anxiously, as
she looked around the warehouse. There
was an eerie feeling to the place, like
trouble lurked in its shadows. She was too
preoccupied with badgering Skyby for
answers, she didn’t realize that Tania had
walked into the warehouse. When she
decided that Skyby was not going to tell her
what she wanted to know, she turned to go
and stared into the nuzzle of Tania’s gun.
Tania: “My friend Bella, did you really come
to hear my sordid deeds?” she asked
sarcastically. Bella looked on with fright,
her mouth dried and unable to move to form
words. But one thing was sure in her mind,
that she was not going to leave the
warehouse alive.
Question: Is Skyby on Tania’s side or is he
setting her up. Also will Bella survive this
encounter with Tania, or is this the end of
her wicked ways?

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