Must Read: The Dreams Of My Mother… Episode 31

Episode 31
Bella pled with Tania for her life but the
latter was determined to end Bella’s life.
Tania: “Yes, I deliberately rammed the car
because I wanted Dayo dead, and even now
I still want him dead, to pave the way for
the child that I will bear for Dami. But my
annoyance is that, you used me, you
manipulated me for your selfish reason.
Still, you are looking for information to ruin
me, now you have the information, but you
will not live to recount it” she said and
pressed the trigger. Two things happened;
one the gun clicked empty, and Tania
suddenly began to feel dizzy, the gun
dropped from her hands and she fell to the
floor. Everywhere became dark in her eyes,
and she slipped into unconsciousness.
Bella took to her heels, crying and
screaming, she ran alone on the deserted
path. Skyby carried Tania in his arms, and
took her to the hospital, in his car. So, he
was there when the doctor told Tania, who
had been revived, that she was not sick, but
Tania: “Doctor, are you for real? I am really
pregnant?” she asked with excitement.
Doctor: “Yes, you are pregnant”
Tania: “Dami is going to be very pleased
when I tell him this” she said to herself,
oblivious of Skyby standing in a corner.
Skyby became thoughtful, he had been
having unprotected s-x with Tania, which
was against the rules of engagement, and
now she was pregnant. He couldn’t tell if
the child was his or her husband’s. He was
told to monitor her and get her to confess
to her crimes, not sleep with her and make
babies. It so happened, that an eye witness
at the scene of the accident had told the
police that Tania suddenly swerved and
rammed her car, even when there was no
oncoming vehicle in her path. The police
concluded that it could only be intentional,
but because they did not have a motive,
they had resorted to a covert operation to
get her to confess.
Skyby: “Have you thought of the fact that
this child could be mine?” he asked
Tania: “No way in hell, this child belongs to
my husband. I had plenty copulation with my
husband before I met you. I am certain that
this child is my husband’s” she said
vehemently and turned her face away.
When morning came, Dayo left the church
and began to wander the streets of
Oshogbo, asking people for Madam Lagos.
But no one knew who he was talking about.
The day he left the church, he wandered
without eating, but from the second day, he
began to go to restaurants to wash dishes,
and as a reward, they would give him food.
He left off washing dishes in restaurants
and began to do ‘Alabaru’ in the market,
carrying people’s load for a fee. One fateful
day, Khadijat’s mother came to the market
to buy food stuffs. It was her first time out
of the house since her husband’s death.
She wore a black gown with black hijab.
She had bought all the things she needed
and was standing in the market when Dayo
approached her.
Dayo: “Iya wa, let me carry your load for
you for hundred naira” he said.
Khadijat’s mother: “You don’t look like a
street child, what are you doing here?” she
asked, not knowing that she was talking to
her grandson.
Dayo: “I am looking for Madam Lagos, it
was the reason I left Lagos to come to
Oshogbo.” He replied.
Khadijat’s mother: “I don’t know anybody by
that name. But if you insist on carrying the
load, I don’t mind, but you must promise to
come in when we reach my destination, so
that you can have something to eat and
drink” she said.
Dayo: “Thank you ma, I would appreciate it”
he replied with excitement.
Khadijat’s mother: “How old are you?” she
asked as the boy carried the load on his
Dayo: “I am eleven years old, almost
twelve” he said as they went on their way.
Khadijat’s mother thought of her daughter
who died while pregnant, if she had given
birth, the boy would have grown up like this
boy. Whenever she thought of her daughter,
her heart ached.
When they got to the house, she greeted
her neighbour, Damilola’s mother. Over the
years, the women had found succour in each
other, each had been connected by the
grandchild that they thought was never
Damilola’s mother: “Neighbour I have news
oh, I don’t know whether it is good news or
not. When you are done, please come to my
apartment. It is about my son” she said. A
cloud came over Khadijat’s mother’s face,
Damilola was the one who put her daughter
in the family way, and though she had
become close with the mother, she could
still not forgive him for what he caused. She
could never forgive that he deceived her
daughter and abandoned her when she fell
Khadijat’s mother: “Neighbour, I am sorry
but I don’t want to hear about your son” she
said and turned to go.
Damilola’s mother: “It is not only about my
son, it is about our grandson, please come
later” she entreated Khadijat’s mother, and
went into her apartment. Khadijat’s mother
was thoughtful for a while before going into
her own apartment. She brought a plate of
amala and ewedu for Dayo, and a cold
bottle of coke. It had been a long while that
Dayo had that kind of meal, since he left

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