Must Read: The Dreams Of My Mother… Episode 32

Episode 32
Dayo: “Thank you ma’am, may God bless
you. I will like to be on my way now” He
said after eating, and Khadijat’s mother
brought out a thousand naira note, which
she gave to him.
Dayo: “Iya wa, this is too much, the money
is just one hundred naira” he said looking at
the note in his hand with wide eyes.
Khadijat’s mother: “Take it my son, you
need it” she said and bade him goodbye,
not knowing that her grandson had come to
her house.
After Dayo left, she went to her neighbour’s
house to hear what she had to say.
Damilola’s mother: “My son just called me.
Khadijat did not die in that accident as we
thought, she gave birth to the child, but
died on the operating table. However, the
child is alive, but something happened and
he ran away. He was staying with the son of
the woman who saved Khadijat, and
Damilola only found out after the boy ran
away. They are still looking for the boy” she
Khadijat’s mother sat down heavily on the
chair, she thought that she was beginning to
heal from the loss of her daughter and her
grandchild, but now the wound had been
ripped open. She began to shiver so much
that, Damilola’s mother had to wrap a
blanket around her.
Dayo kept coming back every day to
Khadijat’s mother’s house, to help her with
chores and follow her to the market. The
woman became fond of him and one day,
after serving him jollof rice and a cold cup
of water, she began to ask him about his
Dayo: “I have no parents, my mother died
while giving birth to me. I don’t know about
my father either.”
Khadijat’s mother: “What is your name?”
she inquired.
Dayo: “I am Dayo”
Khadijat’s mother: “That is a good name,
but don’t you think you should return to
school, education they say is the best
Dayo: “I want to go to school because I want
to be a medical doctor, it is my mother’s
dream, but who is going to send me to
school? That is why I am working in the
market to save money to go to school” he
Khadijat’s mother: “It is such a pity, come
back tomorrow I will have something for
you” she said and encouraged him to be a
good boy.
The next day, she wanted to go to the
market and was waiting for Dayo to come
as usual, to escort her to the market. While
she was waiting, there was a knock on her
door. She went to open it and saw
Damilola’s mother with some other people.
Damilola’s mother: “Neighbour, this is my
son, Damilola and he came with Madam
Lagos and the man who our grandson, Dayo
was living with” she said, with mixed
feelings. She was happy to know that their
grandson was alive and not dead with his
mother as they had thought, but now they
didn’t know where he was or what he was
Khadijat’s mother: “Did you say Dayo, how
does he look?” she asked, as something
told her that she had been with her
grandson all the while, and had not
recognized him.
Damilola began to describe Dayo, there was
tears in his eyes as he described the boy,
whom he had loved, not knowing he was his
son whom he had rejected.
Khadijat’s mother: “Alhamdulilah, that boy
has been with me all these while, and I
didn’t know he is my grandson. Thank God
for directing his footsteps to me, may Allah
be praised” she said, and told them that
they should wait for Dayo would soon come
to follow her to the market.
But they waited for a long time and Dayo
did not come, they stayed in Oshogbo for a
week, but Dayo did not show up. They were
back to square one.
Question: What has happened to Dayo, did
he see them and run away again, or has
something terrible happened to him? Also
who does Tania’s pregnancy belong to, her
husband or her lover?

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