Must Read: The Exclusive Sexx Worker (18+)… Part 30


Written by Afroditte…

Life was blissful for the next five days but I should have known it wouldn’t last for long. Trouble never lurked too far behind happiness, just waiting for the slightest chance to dampen one’s High spirits.

I hadn’t told Tony yet that Rich and I were not together anymore, I was saving it for when he decided to call asking for his blackmail money. I was positive there would be nothing more he could do since Rich and I were no longer together. I was quite sure he wouldn’t publish whatever he said he had and would just have to drop this his stúpid blackmail suit. 

I was presently in class, draping one of the designs for my final project on a dress form when Greg came into the room.

Our eyes met and as soon as he saw me, he turned around and began leaving. It had been like this since that night outside the house gates. He had avoided me in class all week, sitting far away from me and refusing to speak to me.

At first I’d given him space hoping he would come around soon but it was a few days already and he was still sulky so I decided to approach him.

“Hey, Greg.” I called at his retreating back and he stopped in his tracks. Turning, he regarded me coolly and I got the vibe he was still very cross with me.

I walked up to him as I knew he was definitely not coming over. 

“We haven’t spoken all week,” I said keeping my voice casual. “How have you been? I….”

“Save it Tishé.” He spat.

I frowned, “Save what? I’m just asking how you’ve been.”

“How I’ve been?…Seriously?” He asked back. “Do you think I’m a fool? I might be young but I’m certainly not foolish…. You have joined your new best friend in her trade, haven’t you?”

My eyes widened in surprise, he had put it all together. I looked around, hoping no one heard his outburst. A few people sent us curious glances and I knew we had to have this discussion out side.

“Greg!” I snapped, holding him by the arm and pulling him out of the class. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh please, save the acting. I saw all that I needed to see. You in that immoral dress with sky high heels getting into the back of that expensive car, lying yyiu were going clubbing.” He searched my face as he spoke as if searching for clues on my face. “You’re a hooker, aren’t you? A high class hooker. I suspected it was what Vivian did as she has no claim to money….. but for you…..” His voice trailed as he looked at me disdainfully, “I thought you were better.’

“ You don’t know me, Greg…. You don’t know me or the shít I’ve been through in my life, so you have no right to judge me. I am merely surviving…..
Unlike you, I wasn’t born into money, I have only known how to work with my hands and whatever body part that would get me paid. It’s a means to an end and nothing more but if you, who doesn’t know a thing about hard work…if you’re going to sit on your high and mighty horse and look down on me like trash, then I suggest you walk on, I don’t need that.
I need a friend, not a snobby, judgy guy who thinks the world is just white and black.”

I left him standing there and returned into the class. I had put up a brave front for him but I was really upset. I had hoped to finish fashion school without anyone finding out about my double life but a few months to graduation, my good friend had to find out.

“Just great!” I spat, taking out my frustration on the dress form by jabbing the pins harder than necessary into it to hold the fabric in place as I styled the gown.

Where did he get off judging me by the way? Who was he to judge me because of what I had to do to fend for myself. He had never walked a day in my shoes, so he had no bloody right.

What if I was a prostítute, a hooker? I was still me, wasn’t I? Being friends for a few years now, I would have thought he’d have known me well enough to know I was much more than a cheap hooker. I had ambition, I had talent, I was only working toward my big break.

Anyway, who cared what he thought. He can shove his judgement up his pampered rich kid Buttocks for all I cared.

I shoved him and all his childishness out of my thoughts and focused on the work at hand.

The gown was draping nicely when Vivian stepped into the class about fifteen minutes later. As usual, I heard her before I saw her.

“Oh boy, Tish! This gown is awesome! I can’t imagine how it would be in the fabric you intend to use… wow!” She was screeching all the way from the doorway.

I stepped back to admire my work, “It’s nice isn’t it? I intend to let some beads drape down over the arms as sleeves, you understand?”

“Yeah.” Viv nodded “but why not gold chains instead of beads?

“Do you want to buy me gold chains?” I asked sarcastic. She talked as if she didn’t know I was barely able to afford the fabrics.

Vivian laughed. “I can lend you some money. When you sell the clothes, you can pay me back.”

“And you are so sure I will sell them?”

“Of course, I would have even pre ordered this one from you if you were making it in my size but I’m not as tall and slim as those models. I am very positive you will sell this off on the evening of the showcase.”

I grunted, eyeing the draped muslin on the dress form. “Wish I had your faith, I need to make serious sales as I am almost broke. Once I spend what I have in my account on fabric and other stuff, I will be dead broke.
I don’t understand why the madam hasn’t been able to fix me up with a client all through this week. I am not looking for exclusivity, I just wanted to make some money and they are telling me there are no free clients for me.”

“It’s odd if you ask me.” Vivian said. “I’ve had three already this week, so I’m quite surprised you haven’t had any.”

Before I could reply, our phones buzzed at the same time indicating text messages.

I frowned as we both held each other’s gazes, the only time that happened was when we’d been credited by the agency.

“Did we just get paid? she asked

I reached for my phone to confirm. How could they pay me when I had no client for the week? But it was there, I had been paid for the week.

“There’s got to be a mistake. They’ve probably not updated their system or something. I will have to call them up.”

“If it were me, I would just shut up and act like nothing happened.” Viv said. “That’s awoof money.”

“Have you heard awoof dey burst belle?” I asked dryly and she laughed.

“See you, my belle hard, no be soft belle like your own.” Viv countered.

“Criminal!” I called at her.

“Na you sabi, abeg come over and help me with my own gown jare. The thing be as e dey do when I dey drape am.”


To Be Continued…

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