Must Read: The Hostel Chapel (18+)… Part 3

A Story Written By MaziOmenuko…

couldn’t find anywhere to relieve the pressure that night; but the breakthrough came same weekend. 
On the Sunday morning, I attended the chapel for morning service at the request of Onyinye. I came late seat at the back. Although the chapel was filled with white plastic chairs, the back had two comfortable long benches donated to the chapel by the sug. I let myself sink into the foam-padded benches. They were very comfortable that I felt like sleeping off almost immediately. I managed to stay awake by looking over to the spot onyinye was seated. She was glowing with radiant beauty. She was seated directly under one of the bright bulbs that light up the chapel. Till now, years later, I still remember that beautiful radiant face as she stayed focused on the music preacher. She nodded at intervals and smiled at other intervals. There was this charm she had over me that made my dkk hard anytime I see her. As the preached on, I let my mind wonder on what I would do to her if I had the opportunity.
After the service, she walked over to me and whispered that I should wait for her. She had to stay back for a meeting or two. I was the only one seated at the chapel as she and her group had their meeting. After the meeting, they left and we were alone at the chapel. She sat beside me and I couldn’t help but perceive that Sekxy fragrance she was wearing, together with the smell of her hair. I was finding it hard to resist her.
“what came over you last night?” she asked as she sat beside me with a smile.
I had no answer for her question. Last night was terrific for we both. I wanted her, and I made her know that. She wasn’t hesitating, but her concern was that there was nowhere for us to stay. We had gone to almost all the reading rooms and found them occupied. I finally found a spot and we started kissing. It wasn’t a safe spot so we were cautious not to be seen. I had reached for her pants at the wave of the moment but she resisted, saying we would be seen. We had settled for hot romance, kissing, sucking of breasst. When the pleasure was so much to endure, I did slip a finger into her wet Well and fingered her cu’nt. After all her wetness poured all over my finger and hands, I refused to bath that night, inhaling the smell at intervals when I later left for my room. The Sekxy smell kept me going all night as I reminisced on the moment we shared together.
“Nothing came over me, it was hard to resist you.” I said, trying to answer her question.
She smiled and we continued talking. All the while, I had my eyes fixed on her cleavage. I browsed through her rich bossoms and thick and glittering laps. It was hard to resist as my dckk rocked my boxers gently.
When we went to read again that night, we were more daring and bold as we kissed each other right inside the class. It was so hard that I asked her to come with me. She didn’t decline, she came willingly, maybe thinking I just wanted to finger her again.
“Where are you taking me?” She asked as I led her to the backdoor of the chapel and brought her inside it, shutting the door behind.
“This is the chapel!” She exclaimed as I fondled her brea’st and pressed her rich ar’se, pulling her against me.

My hard rock dckk caressed her laps while her rich bossoms pressed against my chest. My heart was beating fast as hot air escaped my nostrils as I breathe out. I was in dire need of her; and no amount of objection was going to hold me down.

I bent over and kissed her lips. I kissed her until I felt her tongue throbbing inside my mouth. She held the back of my head firmly as we kissed. I could almost hear her heart beat as mine was pounding against my chest. It was dark inside the chapel but I could still see her eyes burning with lust and want. She was trying hard to fight it off.
“This is the house of God.” She finally managed to say under her breath.
I tried kissing her the more, but she was hesitant. Then I had to put some conviction.
“God doesn’t stay in man-made building.” I whispered to her ears.
“He stays in our hearts.” I said to her and continued the kissing. I eased her off her cloth, undid the bra hook and launched on the br’, kissing and sucking on them hungrily. She clung tightly on me as we held each other, exploring our sensuality. I moved my hands over her body as I sucked the hard niippple, running my hand over her tommy, back, a’rs’e and laps.
She was quaking and vibrating as I worked on her body, while my dckk was pushing hard against my boxers, wetting it with pre-come. When the vibration was much, she collapsed on the long bench, sitting and leaning back, extending her chest and waist forward. I slipped my hand inside her skirt and pulled down her pants. She was really shaking as she held on to me.

To Be Continued…

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