Must Read: The Hostel Chapel (18+)… Part 4

A Story Written By MaziOmenuko…
I made her bend over, backing me as she leaned over, holding the bench and extending her ar’se to my hips. I almost as I saw the half exposed a’rse, with the laps patted perfectly and the skirt covering a small portion of it. I loosened my belt, lowered my boxers, brought out my hard dkk and proceeded to insert it into her warm cu’nt (it was the dark ages, I wasn’t much enlightened about STI’s and STD’s; don’t try it at home: Always wear your condom).
I gradually jerked my hips forward until a good portion of my hard dkkk was immersed inside her wet c’un.t. It was so warm that I had to hold myself from When I felt I was totally in control, I started thumping into her with so much ferocity that the bench started quaking.
I held the a’rse with my hands, patted them a bit as I thrusted into her over and over again. She moved and rested her right leg on the bench. This created more space for my to thrust deeper and I did just that. When the pleasure was unbearable, I threw my head backwards and fcked her a’rse so hard and cam.e right inside her. I almost lost balance and had to hold her hips firmly to avoid collapsing on the floor.
The next night, I took her to the chapel once more. She insisted that we were violating God’s house. I kept telling her God lives in our body and not in a man-made house.
“Then why are we sinning against our body, which is the house of God?” She asked lightly.
I couldn’t come up with a ready response for that. After few seconds of thinking, I told her God stays in heaven and not our body.
“But he says where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name, I am there.” She asked again.
“There is just two of us, we didn’t gather here in God’s name; we came for something else. So he will remain in heaven until we invite him.” I whispered to her ear once more, getting tired of the chit-chat. She let my handle her, play with her hair. Soon we started kissing once more and fcking out our brains.
It became a tradition for we both to sneak to the chapel and fvck, until we were caught.
We were actually caught when one final year law student that has been disturbing Onyinye saw us entering the chapel and followed us. He must have felt I was the reason Onyi was telling him off, so he followed us and saw us romancing the hell out of ourselves. He went and arranged his friends to help him embarrass us. His plans worked, we were taken to the hostel porter’s unit and utterly embarrassed and chased out of the hostel.
Just as the devil was sent out from heaven and he came down to earth to abide and dominate, I left the hostel to an emergency accomodation provided by my friend off-camp; to dominate the girls off-camp! All the privacy I needed was there. Not privacy to read, sleep or have a quite time, it was privacy to fvckk; yes, you heard right!
And did I do the fvcking? I will let your imagination fill in the blank spaces.


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Updated: Feb 19, 2017 — 3:24 pm

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  1. Nice story but too short

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