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A Story Written By MaziOmenuko…
Did you stay at the university hostel?
As a student, if you stayed at the school hostel, privacy will become a luxury to you. If there is something that students at the hostel lacks, it is privacy. Now don’t get it all wrong, I don’t mean privacy to fvck! I mean privacy to do things your way without being badgered. You may need privacy for quite time, for reading, for sleeping or resting. In my own case, I needed the privacy to fvck! Yea, you heard it right!
Staying in a room with another four official students, then one or two squatters who are either relatives or friends of one of your roommates wasn’t ideal; it was a nightmare. There are possibilities that you could have a thief as a roomie, or a psycho who would wake up as early as 4 am and start blasting in tongues. It could be a music freak, a game freak or a combination of all these.
I stayed at the university hostel for just a semester; I didn’t quit the hostel. I was thrown out, for sleeping with a girl at the hostel chapel.
I hated the hostel the first day I stepped into it; the noise, the crowd, the smell, the rules! I wasn’t cut out for that sort of public life. I started making plans almost immediately to save some money and rent an off-camp accommodation. I endured the hell I went through there, praying that in the next academic year, I wouldn’t have a reason to remain at the hostel; that prayer was answered, faster than I thought.
There were laid down rules that must be followed by students at the hostel; visiting time (especially for the opposite S£x) cooking, laundering and lots more. I hated rules! I loved leading the free life; that was how my problem started.
I met Onyinye, who was a third year law student living at the hostel. I liked her and wanted to date her. I was really serious about her; but the fact that I was a fresher didn’t help matters. She was a simple girl, who I felt was from a humble background. She wasn’t snobbish, but made it clear to me that she didn’t see our relationship heading anywhere since I was way younger than she was. I took it in good faith, nothing to be worried about. I still maintained friendship with her, stopping by her room once in a while to say hi. My school hostel (as at then) was just two blocks facing each other, forming a circle with a space in between. The females stayed on the left part of the block, while the males stayed on the right part. So both the males and females had central mami-shop, pharmacy, reading room, recreation/reception room, chapel and restaurant.
The reading room had fewer seats and was always occupied to its fullest, so most of us go to the nearby lecture halls to read. I knew the hall Onyinye loved reading, so I always joined her up to read. She was a bookworm and could read for three straight hours without blinking. My threshold was 1 hour tops and I’ve started bowing down in sleep. She always mocked me that I wasn’t a serious student. I told her plainly that my course needed more critical thinking than reading and cramming. 
Staying close to Onyinye created a kind of bond between us two. Although she had turned down my advances, she was enjoying my company. Sometimes, she would invite me to her room and we will chat for hours, then we would go to the restaurant together, then to the reading room. In one of such chit-chats, she was telling me how she hated mathematics while at school. She said it was the only subject she had a C6 in waec exam. I asked which year she wrote waec and discovered we wrote our ssce same year.
“How come you’re just gaining admission?” she asked.
“Ask JAMB” I joked and she laughed. 
To Be Continued…

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