Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 11

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Natalia trembled with desire as she kissed Giovani back with vigor. She moaned as he trailed
down hot kisses on her face and neck using her fingers to clutch his head to her. Giovani bit her

earlobe softly as she raked her fingers down his neck making her purr with pleasure. The car got
hot with desire with them sweating profusely as they touched each other. Giovani brought his

head up as the car stopped and detached himself from Natalia. They tried smoothning their

rumpled state before the driver came to open the door. They got out of the car with both of

them still aroused with desire and silent with their own thoughts. ‘So this is it! I hope he doesn’t
say goodnight and go to his room’ Natalia thought. As they walk towards their wing of the

house, Giovani grabbed Natalia’s hand and said to her “you can’t run away from me this night,I

want you,” her eyes widened and her lips parted trying to say something but he quickly covered
her mouth his. They kissed hungrily and found their way into Natalia’s room, kissing and

touching as they tried to pull their clothes of each other. He laid her on her bed and started

worshipping her body with kisses, she grabbed his head roughly to her face and kissed him with

all the passion she saved for him all those years. Giovani whispered italian endearments into

her ear as he moved his hands and mouth down to fondler her bust making her thrash around

and moan with pleasure, She raked his fingers at his back and bit his ear as he administred his

touch to her bust. Natalia squeaked as she felt his fingers in her wet core “you’re ready for

me,cara mia.” Giovani said with thickened voice, then he plunged deep inside her making her

moan loud. They got into a slow pace rocking slowly then their pace became fast and frantic

with both of them coming together in their climax admist their shouting.

 Natalia woke up the next morning to see that Giovani didn’t stay the night after their love

making. She sighed and got out of the bed gently because she was sore and decided to make a

hot bath so as to relieve the soreness. As she relaxed in the bathtub, she started thinking about

last night which brought some tinges of red on her cheek. She winced as she tried to move her

leg rembering that last night S£x was the first she had ever had after the birth of Tommy. Many

men had tried to court her but she ignored them putting all her energy on her son and work.

Now as she looked back, she realized she had been comparing all the men to Giovani which

they failed woefully. She smiled to herself as she saw the marks and hickeys of their wild S£x on

her body, then she frowned again thinking of how she’ll behave towards Giovani. Are they like

real couples now or back to just being parent of Tommy? She sighed in confusion and got out

of the bath. She saw that everyone else had finished eating and went way before she came

into the dining room. She asked mrs Clarina if her son was given his vitamins before going to

school which she gave a yes. She finished her breakfast and went to the contessa’s studio to

keep her company. “Ahh, I see you’ve decided to join the land of the living.” Valeria Ricci said as
she sighted Natalia. “I checked on you when I saw that you didn’t come for breakfast and saw

that you were still enjoying your sleep.” She continued as she swiped her brush on the canvass infront of her. “Yea, I just decided to sleep in late today”. “Hmmnn, I see, your face looks shiny

and relaxed like you had S£x.” The contessa said with a raised eyebrow which got Natalia

blushing deep. “It really shows?” She asked. “Of course dear, and your dress didn’t hide that

love bite in your neck well.” The contessa winked with her eyes shining bright with laughter.

Natalia gasped in horror as she rushed to the mirror and saw the red skin on her neck, using her
hair to cover it up. “You make me remember when my love was still alive and how he drags me
up to our room to make mind-blowing S£x to me. We would stay in bed for days not going out

to any function.” Valeria smiled wistfully and sighed deeply. “Treasure what you have Natalia,

you might not know when it’ll get away from you.” “How can I treasure a thing that I can’t

boldly say it’s mine?” Natalia asked as she looked gloomy. “I understand Natalia, my son can be
very stubborn but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and care for him. He needs a woman’s

touch and you’re his wife, act like one.” The contessa said as she contemplated on what colour
to use next. Natalia thought of what the contessa said and wondered how she should start. She
knew that if she allow herself to care for him she’ll fall hopelessly for him again and Giovani is

not a man that could be shackeled to a wife if not for his child. “I’m not the only one that has to
make this marriage work, Giovani too has to loosen up and act like a devoted husband” Natalia
said to the contessa who nodded slowly at what she said. “I know, both of you have got the

chemistry but pride and stubborness is stopping you from having a love-filled marriage. I’ll also
try and talk to Giovani tonight.” “Please do, I’ll leave you to your painting now, I want to go and
sort out Tommy’s clothes he’s getting bigger than them.” She stood up and smiled at the

contessa as she saw that the contessa wasn’t listening anymore, she’s in the zone. She left

quietly to Tommy’s room where she sorted out his clothes and shoes that has gotten small for

him. She sat down on his bed as tears got into her eyes as she thought of a baby boy who isn’t
getting younger anymore and would soon start getting cocky from giving his mommy a

goodnight kiss. She wanted more children, Giovani’s children but she doesn’t know how Giovani
feels about having more children, she sighed deeply and slept off on Tommy’s with one of

Tommy’s shirt held tightly in her hands.

 Tommy came back from school and saw his mom sleeping on his bed as he ran into his room.
He stopped abruptly and smiled brightly. He climbed up the bed and kissed his mother on the

cheek making her wake up. “Hey sport, how was school today?” “It was fine mom, I didn’t get

to see you in the morning, Nonna said I shouldn’t disturb your sleep.” “Yes baby, I slept in

today. Come here let’s change your clothes.” They chatted as she changed his uniform to casual
clothes and went down to eat their lunch. “Mom, I wanna swim” Natalia looked up at her son

and raised an eyebrow. “Really? Swim? Ok go and change into your bathing suit and I’ll go and

change into mine.” They went into the inside pool and Natalia got a float for Tommy and made
sure he was secure then she got into the pool with him, playing and splashing water on

themselves. They stayed in the water for quite some time before Natalia saw that Tommy’s

eyes had started dropping. “Let’s get you to bed honey.” She said as she carried him out of the pool. “Mom, when is dad going to be back? I wanna show him my drawing I made today.” “Oh?
But you haven’t shown me, don’t worry you’ll see him at dinner” they got to his room and she

laid him down to sleep, kissing him as she went.

 The sun was just setting, when Giovani arrived home with Aurora hand in hand. Natalia was

reclining on the love-seat in the living room with her e-reader with her when she saw them as

they came in. She raised an eyebrow at them and got up to give her husband a kiss. “Welcome

darling, how was work today? I see that you and Aurora came together, did you give her a lift?

Hello Aurora.” She said with a fake smile which got Giovani looking at her in amusement and

Aurora shooting daggers at her. Giovani detached himself from Aurora and moved to go to his

room, “Do make yourself at home Aurora, I believe I would go and attend to my husband.” She

said with a smirk at Aurora and left her standing in the middle of the living room. Natalia

entered Giovani’s room as he was removing his tie and went to help him with his shirt. He

chuckled and said “you really want to start this now, someone can’t wait to get laid”. She

winced and stepped back from him “all I wanted to do was to help you with your shirt but you

got it in your mind that I came to have S£x with you.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Dinner is in

thirty minutes time. ” She said and went out of the door. Dinner didn’t really go well for Natalia
as she got a pounding headache from smiling and laughing that wasn’t real. The contessa didn’t
join them for dinner as she was still holed up in her studio, which made Aurora to be free to act
as she wants. Tommy was glad to see his Dad and went on to show his dad the drawing he did

at school with his daddy smiling and nodding at him for it. Aurora ignored Natalia completely

and faced all her attentions on Tommy and Giovani cooing baby noises at Tommy who looked

at her with confusion. She placed het seat closely beside Giovani’s and tried to push out her

cleavage at him. She dabbed the napkin at his mouth as he ate and listened attentively to

whatever he said. Natalia watched her in amusement as she tried to feed Tommy who rejected

it saying that he can eat by himself. Natalia was relieved when Tommy told her that he is ready

for bed, “now say goodnight to your daddy, and aunt Aurora.” She said to him. “Good night” he
said. “I’ll be right back, I just need to get him ready for bed.” She said to Aurora and Giovani

who nodded at her. She got her son ready for bed and got him to sleep giving him a good night
kiss then closing the door gently. She walked down to the dinning room and saw that the table

had been cleared and walked to the bar where she saw Aurora kissing Giovani. 

To Be Continued…

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