Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 12

A Story Written By Larabae13…

 “Alright! That does it!” Natalia said with anger shooting from her eyes as she walked to
where they stood. She grabbed the struggling Aurora on the hair and dragged her out of the
house gritting her teeth as she warned her “Don’t you dare try that ever again! I’ll hack off all
your shiny hair if I ever see you around my husband, you’ve tested my patience long enough so
don’t try me!”. Aurora moaned in pain as her hair was being pulled out from the scalp. Natalia
pushed her out of the door with Aurora smiling wickedly on what she did. Natalia turned back
and went to where Giovani sat at the bar with a drink in his hand sipping it like nothing

happened. She went to his front and stood, waiting for him to say something. “If you think I’m
going to apologize cara mia, don’t bet on it.” He said and stood to go to his room. She waylaid
him and said “I know you only allowed her to kiss you just to see my reaction and now that
you’ve gotten the satisfaction of seeing me getting riled up I’ll bid you a good night” she turned
to go to her room but was dragged back “I’m not satisfied yet, mi tesoro” he whispered in her
ear and kissed her soflty on the mouth. “You facinate me. I like when you go all tigress on me,
when I saw you this evening, all I wanted to do was drag you off to bed and make wild love to
you. Now that we’re alone I can do anything I want with you.” He whispered and bit her ear
lightly making her shiver with desire. He brought her head up and kissed her softly making her
thread her hands around his neck to bring him closer to her. He carried her in his arms to his
bedroom laying her down on the king-size bed. They removed their clothes in record time and
tore at each other with Giovani kissing every inch of her body and Natalia raking her fingers all
over his body as she felt on fire. “Please!” She begged. “Please what?” “Please I want you inside
me.” She begged which made Giovani smile like a cat who got his milk. He penetrated softly
inside her which made her to moan his name loudly and wrap her legs around him. They got
into a slow dance before the tempo changed and they went faster and deeper “come with me,
mi tesoro” Giovani said with his voice deep with desire before they came together breathless as
it took them in.

 Aurora paced restlessly in her bedroom as she finished straightening her tangled hair. How
dare she! She tought. How dare that woman ridicule her with Giovani present? She threatened
her! Made her look like a laughing stock in the presence of her Giovani. She must pay, nobody
gets away with threatning Aurora. She thought of how she would make Giovani divorce Natalia
and come to her then she smiled wickedly as an idea popped into her brain. She picked up her
cigarette and stubbed it on an ashtray then she sipped her red wine as she called her private
investigator “hello darling, I’ve got work for you and I want you to start right away, dig up all
the dirt you can find on Natalia Ricci and I want it first thing in the morning. Ciao” she dropped
the cellphone and smiled wickedly as she sipped her wine. 

” Good morning sleepy head” Giovani greeted as Natalia opened her eyes, she strechted and
her face fell on the clock. She gasped as she saw that time has gone and it’s almost noon. “Why
didn’t you wake me early? I wanted to prepare Tommy for school.” “Don’t stress yourself cara,

he saw you sleeping peacefully and decided not to disturb you.” “Well, if that be the case, I’ll go
back to my sleep.” “Not so fast woman, you haven’t served me breakfast yet, I want it now” he

said as he started to remove the sheets from her body. “But I’m nt food…” “Yes you are, mine

to devour” he answered as he captured her lips and tumbled with her onto the bed. They got

up around noon, an hour before their son would come back from school, they showered

together and went down to eat. They sat at the patio talking and having fun as they ate their

meal, feeding themselves like newly weds and kissing every chance the got. Tommy came in to

see his mom and Dad in the bedroom sleeping on the bed and climbed up to sleep in the

middle waking them up as he climbed. “Hey baby, come give mama a kiss” she said and she

hugged him dearly. “Mom, why are you in bed with dad?” He asked “she’s in bed with me

because she needs bed rest” he answered as he pinched Natalia in the butt under sheet.

“Oww!” She squeaked and glared at Giovani over Tommy’s head. “Get up! Get up both of you”

Tommy laughed as he tickled his mom and dad who tickled him back and tickled themselves.

“Ok! It’s ok!” Tommy laughed and said in defeat ” say uncle” his mother said “uncle! Uncle!” He
laughed without stress. “Now, run along and go torture your Nonna, your Mom’s bed rest

hasn’t ended.” Giovani said to his son as he ruffled his hair. “Now, let’s get you rested on this

bed, when I’m done with you, you’ll be more than rested” he crooned and went ahead to do

just that.

 “What do you have for me bobby?” Aurora asked the gangly man who stood before her in

her living room. “Well, so far, the woman is clean. She doesn’t have any dirt on her apart from

an ex who cheated on her with her friend.” He shrugged and dropped an envelope that

contains all the information he got. “Really? None at all? We’ll see about that, I’ve wired your

pay into your acoount. Now leave.” She said as she took the envelope. She brought out the

photo that contains the picture of Natalia and her ex and a plan began to shape in her mind

making her grin. She took out her cellphone and dialed the number on the card. ” Hi, is this

Eric? Eric Grey? Nice. I’ve got a proposition for you.” She said into the phone and grinned

devilishly as her gaze fell to the mirror. 

To Be Continued…

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