Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 15

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Aurora gasped as she saw Giovani and Natalia at the entrance of the bedroom. She pulled

the sheets around her body as she said “How did you get in?” Giovani raised an eyebrow then

he said “you’re in my hotel, I’m not here for you I’m here for him.” He nodded at Eric. “I want

both of you dressed and meet us at the main room, don’t keep us waiting.” He finished and led
Natalia out of the room sitting her down in one of the chair that was placed in the living room.

“I should have realised that Aurora is behind all this.” Natalia said to Giovani as he walked to

her bringing with him two glasses and a bottle of whiskey. He poured and gave her glass saying
“sip it slowly, she actually sent the picture of you and Eric to me.” “What are we going to do?”

She asked her husband. “Just sit back and watch and then when all of this is finished we need to
talk” she nodded and sipped her drink. Eric and Aurora came out with dour faces and sat down
far away from the couple. Giovani moved to where Eric sat and before he knew it, he toppled to
the floor holding his broken nose. “That is for threatning my family especially my wife.” Giovani
said calmly and got back to sitting beside Natalia. “Now with that accomplished, I need an

explanation on to why you turned up suddenly at my gate.” Giovani said facing Eric. “You better
have a good explanaition before I have you jailed for harassment.” “She was the one.” Eric

pointed at Aurora. “She called me up and said she had a proposition for me, I’ve been running

into debts and she said she’ll clear up all my debts if I assist her in breaking your marriage.” He

revealed. Giovani raised his eyebrows at Aurora ” What do you have to say?” Aurora snorted

and rolled her eyes. “I’ve got nothing to say.” “You know, I thought you were a woman, a

beautiful and an intelligent woman but now I’m not sure anymore. Your beauty is just covering
the ugly witch you are.” Aurora paled hard as she listened to what Giovani was saying. ” You

weren’t like this before, being the spoilt child and having no one to call a real friend changed

you.You need to change your ways Aurora, or else your beauty will fade and the ugly witch

would be visible to everyone.” Giovani finished and was satisfied to see tears coming from her

eyes. “Back to you, l want you out of here and out of this country within 24hours. Send the

details of your debts to me and I must not see you within a metre of my family.” He said to Eric.
“Let’s go cara mia, we’ve got many things to talk about.” He held a hand to his wife and they

went out of the room together. As they got in to the elevator Natalia gave her husband a kiss

and smiled up at him “Thank you, Giovani” he scrunched his face in confusion “for what?” “For

everything.” She smiled and looked down.

 As they were dropped at the villa, Giovani led her inside and took her into the study. “Sit

Natalia, it’s time for that talk.” He paced in front of her a little then started “I know I’ve not

been the typical type of husband a wife wants, I know our marriage started on a rocky ground

and still is, but I want to change that. I woke up this morning with you tucked up in my arms,

and I realise that I don’t want to lose you. I want more from our marriage,I don’t want us being
in different rooms, I want you in my room and my bed every night and to wake up next to you. 

I want Thomas to have younger brothers and sisters. Natalia’s eyes filled with tears as it was too
much to take in, then she started laughing and then she fainted. Giovani panicked as he ran

over to where Natalia sat, he ran his hands on her face and shook her body calling out her

name. “Wh-what happened? Did I just fainted?” “You took and added 10 years to my age.

Please Natalia don’t ever scare me like that again” he said as he hugged her. He carried her into

his arms and walked to his room then he placed her gently on the bed. “I’m calling the doctor.”

He said. “Wait Giovani, I haven’t told you yet. I love you, you make me feel safe and loved every

time I’m in your arms, your smile does things to my brain that I can’t explain, I couldn’t date any

man in the past four years that we parted because they weren’t you, they couldn’t measure up

to you. I’m so happy that we had a baby together and another one is on it’s way right now, I just

realised when I fainted.” She said as she cried softly running her hands through his face. “Ti

amo mi tesoro, I love you too my treasure. I promise to be a good husband henceforth.” He

smiled as he kissed her on her forehead. “You didn’t listen to the end of what I said Giovani, I’m

pregnant.” She said shyly. Giovani took a step back like he had been hit then he laughed out

loud and spinned his wife round. “You’re pregnant! Incinta! Dios! You just made me the

happiest man alive mi amo.” Giovani said as he hugged his wife and buried his face in her hair

inhaling the rich scent of her perfume. “Let’s go and inform mother and Thomas the good news,

then I’ll call the doctor to come and have a look at you.” They met the contessa in her private

room playing with Tommy, she smiled fully as she saw them holding hands as they came in.

“Hmm, I smell good news.” She said. “Yes mother you’re right. Natalia is pregnant!” He grinned.

She laughed and walked over to Natalia to give her a hug “I’m happy for you, Natalia, Tommy

did you hear? You’re going to have a baby brother or sister.” “Really? I get to have a younger

brother or sister?” He asked his parent with his eyes bright with excitement. “Yes sweetheart,

you’re going to be an elder brother.” His mother said as she carried him up. “Wow! I hope it get

to be a sister then I’ll protect her and let her play with my toys.” He said with conviction which

brought tears to his mother’s eyes and a smile on his father’s face. Natalia looked at her family,

from Giovani who was throwing Tommy up and both of them laughing joyfully to her dear

mother-in-law who was smiling up at them with her bright blue eyes shining with motherly

love, she couldn’t ask for more. She felt contented and confident of being among those she love

and who love her right back. She laughed out loud in happiness and got enveloped into warm

hug from her family. 


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