Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 2

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Natalia sat down hard at the nearest chair she could find and wondered how Giovani

found her. Alan’s wedding was still going on in full swing with everyone either dancing or eating
or conversing. She saw him walk to where Alan and his bride Clara sat down and shook Alan’s
hand with recognition written in his face. She wondered how Giovani knew her brother and

tried to compose herself before she broke down completely. Mary Kevlar saw her daughter lost
in thoughts and went to meet her. “Natalia? Why are you looking so frightened?” She asked

with a frown on her face. “Oh mother he’s here!” She cried out to Mary. “Who is here baby?”
Mary asked still confused. “Giovani, The one night stand that I told you I had in vegas.” Natalia
explained. “Oh that guy. Where is he?” Natalia pointed to where Giovani stood talking to james
her twin brother. “Wow, you sure know how to pick the hot ones.” Mary wondered aloud.

“Mom!!” Natalia looked at Mary in astonishment. “Hey I’m not blind you know, he is hot and

handsome, don’t blame me for saying it out loud” Mary said smiling at her daughter. “Well, you
know he doesn’t know that he is a father, what if he gets angry with me for not telling him?”

She asked her mother for help. “Baby you’ve got backbone I’m sure you’ll know how to tackle
it.” Mary patted her daughter’s back and moved to walk away “oh I think we’re going to invite
him for dinner tomorrow night.” Mary winked at her and moved to where Giovani stood with
James her son. “Hey momma” James grinned at his mother as he hugged her dearly. “Hello son
and who is this?” She smiled at Giovani. “This is Giovani Ricci, the CEO of Ricci corps. We’ve got
shares in his company with him too having some shares in the company.” James introduced.

Giovanni nodded his head at Mary who smiled at him “oh hi, are you enjoying the party?” “Yes
ma’am I am, thank you”. Giovani answered. “Since you’re a friend of the family why don’t you
join us for dinner tomorrow night?” She offered. Giovani raised his eyebrows “I’ll be there

ma’am.” Mary smiled up to him and said “now if you boys would excuse me I’ll like to go and

look for my husband, the next dance is for us” she kissed her son in the cheek then moved away
to go search for her husband to tell him the excitement that would happen in the family.

 Giovani walked over to where Natalia sat and took a seat beside her. “What are you
doing here Giovani?” She asked. “I’m attending a business patner’s wedding that I was invited
to.” He answered as he looked at her face from hooded eyes. He saw that she looked more

beautiful and womanly and her blue-green eyes looked enchanting and man-drowning.

“Business partner?” She asked in confusion. “Yea Ricci corp” he said in assention. “Ricci? Like

the hotel and resort Ricci?” “And some other acquisitions.” He affirmed. She stared at him with
horror. “You’re like a billionaire?” “Still asking?” He mocked. She blinked hard and thought

about her son. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a Kevlar?” He asked “why didn’t you tell me you were a Ricci?” She shot back at him. “Nice touch Natalia I see you’ve still got your claws.”
He said with amusement. She blushed and pink and looked away. “Excuse me I have to go see
to something”. She said as she thought of her son. “Why did you leave my bed so quickly

Natalia?” He dropped. Her eyes narrowed as she said “oh what did you expect me to do? Wake
you up with kisses and gush all over you?” “That would have been nice” he taunted. She bared
her teeth at him and said ” it would have been awkward as hell.” “Yea it would have, we were
strangers or we thought we were.” Giovani tried and imagined if they would have had a real

relationship if she had stayed and shrugged it off. “Mommy mommy mommy” Tommy ran to

his mother as he saw her. “My baby! Give mama a kiss, I hope you didn’t give grandpa any

trouble?” “No silly, grandpa gimme cup cakes and many juice.” He jumped as he said excitedly.
Giovani looked at the child and was dumbfounded, this was how he looked like when he was at
that age, the pictures in the family villa still proves it. He tried to remember if they used

protection, of course they used it. He stared at Natalia with anger swirling in his eyes and his

jaws clamped shut. Mary came to them quickly as she could when she saw that Tommy was

running to his mother but she saw that she was too late. “Grandma do you see me dance?”

Tommy smiled up at his grandmother “yes baby, you were the best.” She faced Giovani and saw
that he had stiffened up and his face looked thunderous.”I wanna pee mama” tommy faced his
mother. “Why don’t I take you baby, then we can go and see uncle Alan and his new wife

Clara.” “Clawa yay Clawa” he shouted excitedly then took his grandmother’s hand and off they
went. “Why didn’t I know I had a son?” Giovani growled angrily.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 5, 2017 — 9:54 am

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