Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 3

A Story Written By Larabae13…

“Answer me Natalia.” He said calmly with his eyes shooting daggers at her. “He is not your
son” she said weakly. Giovani gripped her hand hard and said to her “don’t test me woman.”

“Ok ok tommy is your son” “why didn’t you tell me?” He asked. “Tell you? I didn’t even know

you! Didn’t know where to find you! I was scared and shocked when I realized that the one

night stand I had had turned into pregnancy. If it wasn’t for my family I would have broke down
entirely.” She lashed out. “And today? What stopped you from telling me?” He asked. “Oh you
mean I should have just walked up to you and say ‘hi Giovani, guess what? You are a father was
that what you wanted?” She answered. Giovani winced and drank his champagne at once not
saying anything. “Excuse me I need to go and check up on my son”. “You mean my son?” She

glared at him and walked away. Giovani watched her as she swayed her hips and wondered

how he got in this mess. He got up and went to give the happy couple his farewell then he went
to his car and drove off to his hotel with his brain working in full speed on to what to do with

his problem.

 Giovani rang the doorbell of the kevlar mansion the next evening for the dinner he was

invited to, the butler opened the door and led him to the living room where the kevlars were

relaxing before dinner is to be served. Mary got up and went to him “come in you’re welcome
to the kevlar house, no need to introduce you to the bunch you’ve met them already, take a

seat” Giovani sat and faced them all. He nodded at Natalia and faced James to talk about

business. The maid signaled to Mary that dinner is ready and they all proceeded to the dining
room. Giovani sat beside Natalia with Tommy sitting in his high chair beside her other side. The
food tasted like sawdust in Natalia’s mouth because of the man sitting next to her who makes
her nervous, she gave Tommy all her attentions and fended all the small talks Giovani tried to
have with her. She heaved a sigh of relief as the dinner came to an end “it is time for Tommy’s
bathtime, I’ll be down shortly after I put him to bed.” She said to no one in particular and went
inside with Tommy walking beside her.

” We all know that you’re Tommy’s father.” Kelvin kevlar the patriach of the family blurted out
to Giovani,which made Giovani to raise his brows. “Isn’t Natalia supposed to be here before

anything is said?” Giovani asked. The kevlar bunch faced Giovani with a blank look on their

faces. Mary sighed and said to him “Natalia has gone through a lot and we don’t want anything
to break her down again, even though she’s got steel in her backbone she is still a vulnerable

woman.” Giovano faced James and Alan who sat with his new wife Clara “Do you people also

have something to say?” James grinned and said “hey I know you and I know this is going to be
an interesting drama so I would just be on the sidelines not on the pitch.” While Alan said ”

Natalia is a big girl she can take care of herself and her child just don’t break her heart.” “Thank
you, all of you.” Giovani started. “I never knew that the one night stand I had would turn like this, I was amazed when I saw Natalia yesterday, guess whatever happens in vegas doesn’t stay
in vegas after all. I did some deep thinking yesterday night and I got to a stand, I, Giovani Ricci

will marry Natalia and make Thomas a Ricci.” Mary beamed at Giovani and james laughed

loudly. “When hell freezes over!” Natalia cut in as she barged in. “I’ll never marry you.” She said
with sparks shooting from her eyes. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 6, 2017 — 9:47 pm

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