Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 5

A Story Written By Larabae13…

Natalia stared at the clock as it struck noon and knew that any time from now her son and

Giovani would be in her shop. She was nervous since morning, from the time she woke up to

the time she opened her shop till now. She smiled reluctantly at a customer who was going out

of the shop and went to change the open to close sign. She wiped her sweaty hands on her skirt
as she saw her son being dropped off then she opened the door and pulled him to her for a

hug. “Hey little man, how was school today?” “It was fine mom, miss linda gave me a popsickle

for not running around.” He said proudly and grinned at his mother “that’s my boy!” She

crouched down to his level and tickled him which made him laugh “stop it, stop it mom” he said
as he laughed hard. “Ok I’ve stopped, but I need to tell you something really important baby.”

Tommy looked his mother and waited for what his mother wanted to say. “You know I told you

your father is in space figthing evil aliens, well, he has killed all the aliens and now he is back

home.” Tommy eyes widened as he heard the word father. “Really? Really mom?” He said

jumping happily. “Calm down, he is here already and he wants to meet you, Do you want to see
him too?” She asked. Tommy nodded happily “this is really cool! I’ll get to meet my dad!” He

beamed at his mother. Natalia stood and went to take her cell phone, she dialed Giovanni’s cell

and said when she heard his voice “you can come now, he is waiting for you.” She hanged up

the call and went to where her son was jumping around,”behave yourself tommy or else I’ll tell

your daddy not to come again,” she scolded. “Awwn mom” he pouted. She rolled her eyes and

faced the door to look out for Giovani and straightened as she caught sight of him opening the

door. Giovani strolled in to see his son and the mother of his son facing him, he nodded a

greeting to Natalia and walked over to where his son was and said with a gruff voice “Hello

thomas”. Thomas looked at the tall man that was his father and faced his mother, when he saw

the affirmation he needed with his mother’s nod, he beamed at his father and said “Mommy

said that you just finished a war with the evil aliens, I bet it was so cool in space.” Giovanni felt

sucker punched in his gut as he saw how his son’s smile looked exactly like his own when he still
smiled with no burden on his shoulder. He crouched to his son’s eye level and said “yea, the

war has ended and I destroyed all the evil aliens, I’m sorrry I haven’t been around but now I’m

here and I’m never going anywhere.” He said to his son earnestly. “Do you wanna see my toys?

They are so neat!. Even miss linda like my toys.” Tommy said to his father, he was so happy to

meet his daddy; his friends in his school won’t make fun of him anymore for having only a

mummy. He smiled to himself and couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come to tell his friends about

his daddy.”Before I forgot, I brought you something thomas, it’s in my car”, then he brought out
his phone to call his driver to bring in the gift he bought for his son. Thomas squealed as he saw

the big gift that the driver brought in, he rushed to it and opened it to see a big toy car which

can be controlled using it’s remote. “Wow! Sooo cool! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

daddy!” He cried happily to his father. Giovani’s heart kicked as he heard his son called him

daddy, wishing he hadn’t missed so much in his life. “This is too much Giovani, you’ll spoil him!” 

Natalia said. “It is not to much for the years I’ve missed being his father, he deserves more than
that.” He pointed out. Natalia gulped and saw that he had a point and sighed “oh well, just

don’t drive it around where it could break something” she faced her son, who nodded happily

then he held his father’s hand and took him to his play corner so that his father would power

the remote, chattering happily to him. Natalia watched them and felt her heart soften towards

Giovani, knowing that missing three years of his son’s life is pretty heart breaking and him

catching up would be a hell of a ride.

 Giovani and Natalia got married in the court on a friday morning with Natalia’s parent as

witnesses. They signed the marriage papers and exchanged rings then, accepted well wishes

and felicitations. They were driven to the mansion to have a wedding dinner with the family.

Inside the limousine, Giovani took the iced champagne and poured into two flutes, handing

Natalia one. “To new beginnings” he toasted. “New beginnings” she said back and hit each

other’s flute. Giovani inhaled the champagne and sipped it watching Natalia as she sipped her’s.
“You look beautiful cara.” He crooned. Natalia wore a simple white sheer gown with a diamond

necklace to boost and some light make up. She blushed pink and tried to use her hair to cover

her face. “Stop flirting with me, it won’t work”. He raised one of his eyebrows and said “Do you
really want to dare me Bella?” He asked softly. She shrugged and looked away, knowing that

she’s treading into dangerous waters. Giovani smiled mischevously and said ” sie bellisima,

Natalia. Mi sono infatuato, mi hai cambiato la vita” she blushed hard as she translated the

italian endearments he was raining on her. She understood that he meant she was

beautiful,and he is infatuated with her, with her changing his life. He moved closer to her and

continued “nei tuoi occhi c’e i’ll cielo (heaven is in your eyes), potrei guardarti tutto I’ll gorno (I

could stare at you all day).” She trembled with desire as she looked into his eyes and then he

kissed her softly. She sighed settling in to kiss him back, she threaded her fingers into his hair

and moved closer to him to kiss him more. She moaned as Giovani ran his hands along her body
and murmured sweet words into her hear. The car pulled to a stop which made Giovani to pull

away from her, she sat back away from Giovani and tried to smoothen her appearance which

made him to smile wickedly at her, saying ” wouldn’t work on you uh? I know you goaded me

into doing this and I’m sure this was what you wanted. I enjoyed it also, just so you know.” Then
he got out of the car. She sat staring at him with anger and amusement both playing in her eyes
“Dam.n his handsome face.” She said and got out of the car.

To Be Continued…

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