Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 6

A Story Written By Larabae13…

The next day, Giovani knocked on the door of the kevlar mansion which had the butler

opening the door and directing him in. He ran into Natalia as she wasn’t looking where she was
heading but the paper that was in her hands. “Slow down woman.” He said as he held her

upright. “Oh, I’m sorry, wasn’t looking where I was heading, I’ve been running around to make
sure we don’t forget anything.” She said. “Are you and Thomas now ready?” He asked. “Yes we
are, but I need to change this dress.” She said and went to her room to get changed. Giovani

went to the tommy’s room and met him with his nanny who was brushing his hair. Tommy

grinned as he saw his daddy, he is still on the happiness of having a real daddy. “Thomas, there
you are. I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” His father said in a dramatic voice which made
him giggle. Giovani told the nanny to excuse them and picked up the brush to continue

brushing his hair. ” You’ll love italy,your nonna can’t wait to see you.” He said as he brushed

tommy’s head softly. “Nonna? What does nonna mean?” Tommy faced his dad. “Grandmother.
Your grandmother, contessa de la ricci, is my mother and she was very happy when she heard
about you, she can’t wait to see you.” “This is so cool! Now I have two grandmothers!” He

laughed as he talked. Giovani looked at his son,how happy and carefree he looks and made a

note to get a thank-you gift for Natalia.

They got to the aiport and went through check point very quickly then they were led to

Giovani’s private jet. “Wow! Is this yours daddy?” Tommy asked with huge eyes. “Si Thomas,

this and one other which is used by the company.” They got in and went to take their seats “sit
still while I help you with your belt, Thomas”. His father said to him. “I’ve never been on a plane
before, I bet it is so smooth” he said to his dad. “Si,it is smooth and could be exhausting too

though, after the plane takes off I’ll remove your belt so you can play around” Natalia observed
the both of them and smiled, they’ve really bonded these past week and it has been a relief to
her. She took out her E-reader to read some books.The jet’s hostess came to them bringing

with her a tray full of drinks, she served the couple champagne and gave Tommy an orange

juice.” The pilot says I should tell you we’re taking off now.” She said to Giovani who nodded his
assent as he sipped his wine. As the plane took off, Tommy’s eyes widened and he held on to

his seat, “it alright Tommy, you don’t need to be alarmed.” His mother said to him as she

stroked his hair. Few minutes later, Giovani unlocked Tommy’s belt and told him he could play
around. “Don’t go near anything that could break ok?” His mother warned him as he jumped

from his seat. “Ok mummy”. Natalia settled in with her E-reader with Giovani reading some

papers he brought out of his breifcase. “Make yourself comfortable and ask justine any thing

you want, I’ll be in my office there are many things that needs my attention. If you feel like

sleeping there is a bedroom at the next section. Just open the first door.” Giovani said and went
to his office with Natalia looking at his retreating back and then shrugged. “Mom” Tommy said
with his toys and went to his mother “where is daddy?” He asked. “Daddy is in his office,he is working so don’t go and disturb him.” Natalia answered and saw that he was tired and his eyes
are already getting heavy. “Let’s get you to bed big boy” she said and carried him to where the

bed was. She noticed that the room was decorated to suit Giovani’s style, simple but classy. She
laid Tommy down and used the duvet to cover him then she sang him some lullaby for him to

sleep faster, before she knew it her eye lids were dropping too and she too slept off with her

son. Giovani took a break from his work and went to check on his wife and son and saw that

they’ve both slept off. He smiled and went to the bathroom to freshen up. He came out and

went to join his family on the bed and slept off.

 Natalia woke up with a start and tried to look for Tommy, she saw that he had woken up and
got out of the room and sighed with relief. She turned to her other side and gasped as she saw

Giovani sleeping, she moved closer to him and watched him. He looks less dangerous and more
humanly when he sleeps, she thought. She touched his hair softly and felt the thickness of it, his
nose is not that straight, she thought. Then she got bolder and her hands went down further to
his chest rubbing her hands softly on his chest, she marveled at how smooth his skin was and

got carried away with it. She didn’t know that he had opened his eyes, her hands were going

down when Giovani talked softly “you should have told me you want to touch me, I would have
gladly obliged.” She jumped as she heard his voice and blushed hard “don’t flatter yourself

Giovani” she said and tried to move away from him. Giovani dragged her back to him and kissed
her hard which made her widen her eyes in shock, he started removing all her clothes while she
touched him freely. He changed position and got ontop of her kissing and touching her body,

which made Natalia moan and squeak with pleasure. Giovani murmured sweet italian words to
her as he used his mouth to caress her body which made her shiver with desire. He touched her
core and saw that she was very wet and ready for him. He took her Bosom inside his mouth and
sucked it softly making Natalia moan with pleasure and delight, grabbing his hair to signal him

not to stop. As they were getting to the peak, Tommy barged in which made them jump apart

like caught lovers. “Mom, are u stil sleeping?” He jumped on the bed and went to his mother,

shaking her shoulder. ” I’m awake honey, you’re bored isn’t it?” She sat up on the bed wrapping
the sheet round her body. “Thomas, why don’t you go and check the pilot we’ll come out and

join you.” His father said. “Ok daddy”. “That was too close” she said to Giovani who strecthed

lazily like a cat who just got fed. “That was what you wanted isn’t it?” He said to her. “What I

wanted? You were the one that came to sleep beside me” she shot back at him as she looked

for her clothes to wear. “I was on my own before you came to arouse me with your touch and

besides we’re married now.” He grinned dangerously which made Natalia huff in anger and

slammed the bath door. Giovani laughed softly as she slammed the bathroom door, then he got
up and went to his closet to pick a cloth to wear. He finished dressing and went out of the room
to the cockpit to talk with the pilot who was chatting with Tommy. 

To Be Continued…

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