Must Read: The Italian’s Baby Mother… Part 8

A Story Written By Larabae13…
The ball was in full swing with the ballroom packed with invited guest who were curious

about the couple. Natalia wore a blue silk gown which brought out her curves while Giovani

was in a black tux, the contessa too wore a blue shimmering gown which brought out the

colour of her eyes. They greeted the guests and made small talk with them deflecting their

questions on the couple. Caviar and champagne was served all around by the attendances with
a classical band playing some soft music. The creme de la creme made sure that they wore their
best trying to outshine one another. A woman made quite an entrance when she came in,

making Natalia to pause the conversation with the contessa and faced the door. She heard the
contessa sigh and murmured “The invitation was to her parents not her” which made Natalia to
look at the woman closely but she didn’t need to stress herself because the woman was already
heading her way. She looked like an italian goddess with her blak hair held up and her white

evening gown which made her look like a virgin goddess. She smiled fully at the contessa,

ignoring Natalia “Valeria! How good to see you? Mother and father couldn’t make it because
they were on a cruise, do forgive me for coming late” she said as she air-kissed the contessa on
the cheek. “No problem Aurora, just enjoy the party” The contessa said with a fake smile.

“Natalia, this is Aurora Luca, her family has been friends of the family for a long time.

Aurora,meet Natalia the wife of Giovani” she continued. “Nice meeting you Aurora” Natalia

said. Aurora’s blue eyes changed from warm to cold with her ice dripping from her voice ” si, I
see that you’re the woman who gave birth to the illegitimate son”. Natalia raised an eyebrow
and prepared to launch an insult on Aurora when the contessa intervened “Stop it right now,
Aurora or else I’ll kick you out of here” she said with steel in her voice. Aurora huffed and

sashayed away to the place where Giovani stood with his friends. “She has got her eyes on

Giovani since she was a teenager but she keeps growing colder and heartless and I don’t want
that for my son, even Giovani knows how she behaves and still thinks she’s going through some
face.” The contessa told Natalia who watched Aurora as she tries and love up to Giovani. ” She
doesn’t know who she’s dealing with if she thinks she’s going to try and run me down” she said
to the contessa and downed all the champagne in her glass then she walked over to where

Giovani was, the contessa smiled and her respect for Natalia grew stronger she knows the girl
has got guts. “Let’s dance” Giovani said and led Natalia into the middle of the room, giving the
band a cue to play then he held her in his arms and they started dancing. “You dance pretty

well” he said into her ear making her tremble with desire. ” Years of cotillion did it, you dance
well too” she replied as people joined them on the dancefloor. She looked around and saw

Aurora shooting daggers at her then an idea came to her mind, she kissed Giovani right where
they were dancing and Giovani kissed her back not knowing the game she was playing which
made the guests applaud and say to each other that the couple really have got the chemistry.
Natalia broke the kiss and made some ‘screw you and take that!, he is mine’ eyes at Aurora who
was red with anger and this made the contessa laugh out loud knowing that her daughter-in-law has some spunk. “What was that for?” Giovani asked. “Oh, it was nothing” she said with an
innocent face which made Giovani suspect her motives. “I think it’s time for me to retire

because I’m getting tired and I want to check up on Tommy and give him a goodnight kiss.” She
said and freed herself from his arms then she went out of the ballroom. She went to Tommy’s

room and kissed him on his head using the sheets to cover him up well then moved to her

room, she removed her jewelries and her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up then

she got out and wore her nightgown as she was going to bed, she heard a knock with Giovani

walking in to the room. “Couldn’t you wait for me to open the door? What if I was Unclad?” She

threw at him “this is my house, I can walk in to any room I want and you being Unclad isn’t a

problem at all.” He said as he looked her from head to toe. “Stop it Giovani, what do you

want?”. “I came to see that you got in alright and settled”. “Of course I am settled, now please
if you’ll excuse me I need some sleep.” She said and moved towards the bed. “Wonder what it’ll
be like to throw you into that bed and ravish you till you forget your name” he said softly.

Natalia breathed in “get out Giovani”. Giovani looked her intimately until she blushed,

satisfied with himself, he got out of her room, Natalia ran to the door and locked it then she

rested heavily on it asking herself why she felt hot from inside. 

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 11, 2017 — 11:29 pm

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