A Story Written By Larabae13…
“I love this!” Valeria Ricci exclaimed as she shopped in a designer store with Natalia in
Florence. She held out the blue shoe to Natalia “try it on,I bet it would look beautiful on your
leg.” She took the shoe and fitted it on her leg, smiling at Valeria she said “it really looks good
on me, I’ll take it.” She handed it to the sales assistant whose arm was getting fuller for the
second time and they moved to the lingerie section. “I don’t need any new lingerie, I’ve still got
some that I haven’t worn at all.” She said to valeria who frowned at her. “Don’t you want to
entice my son?” Natalia laughed saying “I’m not discussing my S£x life with you, even though
my husband is your son.” “Tsk tsk tsk, I’m old not blind, both of you have been in a tense mood
since the day of the ball and I know that it is going to be explosive when it drops so get a

seducting lingerie for that day.” She gave a dramatic sigh and said.”I’ll get one just only one.”
“Why don’t you start checking for the one you want while I go to the jewelry section, a friend of
mine is having her birthday and I have to get her a present.” The contessa said and walked
away. “I see you are using all your wiles on Giovani” Natalia heard the snotty voice as she was
contemplating between a red garter or a black one, “Aurora, isn’t it splendid to meet a family
friend outside the home?” She said with a dramatic flair. “Cut the familiarities Natalia, you and I
know that we’re not friends and we’ll never be in as much you’re still with my Giovani” Aurora
said with her perfectly manicured hands going through her shiny mane of hair. “You don’t faze
me Aurora, why? Because one, I am the mother of Giovani’s child, two, I am as the same class
as you but I don’t go around flaunting it for the whole world to see, three, I’m beautiful just as
you are and lastly, I’m the one Giovani is having S£x with not you, so back off before I damage
your perfect face.” Natalia glared hard at her which made Aurora’s face scrunched up with the
mixture of fear and anger. “Hmph…you’ll see this your sham you call marriage would not last,
Giovani is not a man that likes to be tied down with a family.” Aurora said as she recovered
from Natalia’s word. “News flash, Giovani loves his son and he’ll never leave him.” Natalia said
with a shark smile on her face which made Aurora to leave with anger. Natalia watched Aurora
as she went and rested on the table beside her calming her nerves saying to herself that no
matter what Aurora brings in her way, she won’t fall into it. She picked up both the red and
black lace garter and went to give it to the sales assistant then she went to the jewelry section
to meet the contessa. They finished shopping and went to their hotel which is the Ricci hotel in
florence and dropped all their shopping bags then they came out and got into the car to go for
some sight-seeing in Florence. They got back late in the afternoon and went to relax in their
rooms then they went down to the spa in the hotel. They got massaged, waxed, and pimped till
they were looking shiny and soft. Then they went to the beauty salon to get their hair done and
a manicure and pedicure, they darnk champagne and talked as they were being treated upon,
“excuse me ma’m, you have a phone call” one of the hotel staffs said to Natalia as she brought
her cell phone for her. “Oh thanks” she said as she collected it. “Hello mum” she grinned. “Hey
baby! How are you?” “I’m fine mum, how is dad?” “He’s fine, he misses his daughter and grandson, so do I” “we miss you too” “I saw the gossip magazine and what they wrote about

your family and I love how Giovani handled it” “yea mum he handled it well” “so, how was the

ball, was it successful?” “Yes mum, it went well, I’m sorry you couldn’t come.” “It’s alright

darling, your father and I wants to take a cruise, we’re going to the carribean” “That sounds

wonderful! I know both of you would want to behave like newly weds, just don’t get into any

trouble.” Mary laughed “silly girl, who’s getting into trouble? I promise not to try any thing

ridiculous.” “Alright mother, love you! Tell dad Tommy says hi.” “Good, kiss my baby for me,

love you too.” Her mother replied and hanged up. Valeria faced Natalia and said “your parents?
They are well si?” “Yes, infact they are planning on taking a cruise since they’re the only one

remaining in the mansion. I hope mum doesn’t try anything funny though.” She said. “What do
you mean?” “Some years back, when they went to switzerland, mum saw a mugger that was

trying to rob a lady, she went to interfere and got stabbed but it wasn’t much, she just spent a

day in the hospital which gave dad some grey hairs.” The contessa laughed and said “I’ll like to

meet your mother sometime.” “She too said that, I’m sure both of you would ride us pretty

hard” they laughed and got back to their manicure.

 “Mommy! Nonna!” Tommy shouted as he saw his mother and grandma the next afternoon.
“Hey sport” Natalia said as she hugged him. “You smell nice and your hair is shiny” he said and
moved to his Nonna to give her a hug. “Nonna, why didn’t you take me with you?” He asked,

“I’m sorry dear, next time we’re going to take you, I brought a present for you go inside and

check.” The contessa said. “Cool! Mom did you bring a present for me too?” She laughed and

said “yes baby, since your Nonna has given you a present I don’t want to be left out so I brought
a chocolate cake for you. A big one.” He grinned and ran inside to see his present and cake.

Natalia nodded to Giovani who stood by the door and she went in as he went to greet his

mother. “Mom, Dad! Nonna got me an art book and many colours!.” “Si, they’re called art

supplies, I want to teach you how to draw and paint.” The contessa said to him. “Isn’t it cool? I’ll
also join Nonna in her studio and draw too” he said to his parents. “Go on, tell Nonna thank you
and give her a big kiss” Natalia said to him. “Thank you Nonna!” He said and kissed her. The

contessa smiled and said, “let’s cut up your cake and eat”. They all sat together sharing how

their days went while eating cake and drinking wine with Tommy drinking milk.

 “What do you think of Thomas starting school next week?” Giovani asked Natalia, they were
sitting comfortably in the library. “That’ll be good? I have been meaning to bring it up with you,
where do you suggest? Just know that we’re not sending him off to boarding school, not now

not ever.”She answered. “I want to be closer to my son not far to my son, I told my assistant to
look for schools nearby and she has brought out a list, I’ve checked them and they’re all

excellent so I chos the one nearest to us. It is just a ten minutes drive from here.” He said. “Oh,
yea I saw the school, it sounds good.” She said. “Agreed, Thomas will start school on monday,

the school will send up his uniform to the house tomorrow.” He said. She nodded and thought of her soon in a new place, he’ll be frightened at first but he’ll recover and start making friends,
his italian is already getting better.

To Be Continued…

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