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A Story Written By Larabae13…

 The Club was in full swing with bodies jampacked on the dance floor dancing to the upbeat
tempo the DJ was dishing out, Natalia Kevlar squeeze her way through the dancefloor to get to
the bar. Las vegas truly is the sin city. She needed a drink to clear up her raving thoughts and
emotions, she got to the bar and sat down on a stool. “What is your poison?” The bar attendant
asked her.”scotch on the rocks please” the attendant looked at her again and wondered why a
woman would order scotch but he shrugged it off and went to get it for her. “Here it is” he said
as he passed her a glass of scotch with ice in it. She took up the glass and downed the content
straight up without pausing which made her wince when she dropped the glass down and told
the bar man to pour her a second. She didn’t even know that the man sitting on the stool
beside her had given the bar man signal to water down the scotch. The man faced her and said
“you must be having big problems for a woman like you to be having straight up scotch and
downing it all at once” he said as he sipped his bourbon. Natalia faced the handsome man who
looks dark and dangerous with a chiseled face and an italian accent so deep and velvety.”A
woman like me? Pray tell who do you think I am?” She asked with fire in her eye. “Sheath your
claws in tigress,I’m only trying to have a conversation with a pretty lady”. Natalia snorted and
sipped her drink not noticing that it was already watered down. “Giovani” the man introduced.
“Natalia” she said to him. He nodded and lifted his glass in her direction as a sign of greeting.
“What is Natalia doing down here in a noisy club and drinking scotch on the rocks?” Giovani
asked mockingly. She eyed him and said “what is Giovani doing down here in a noisy club and
drinking bourbon?”. “I’m mourning the death of my wife, she died some months ago.” Giovani
said bluntly. Natalia’s eyes widened then looked at him sympatethically “I’m sorry for your
loss.” “Leave it”. He ordered. “Well, since you’ve said yours it won’t look good for me not to say
mine…..I caught my boyfriend with one of my friends on his bed, then he went on to say I’m
frigid, an ice queen on the bed.” She frowned as she remembered. “You’re not frigid.” Giovani
said as he gave her a once over glance. “How do you know I’m not? You’ve not had S£x with me
before.” She asked with confusion in her voice. He raised his left eyebrow “want to go for a test
drive to know that you’re not?”. She blinked hard and thought about it ” well, let’s do it! What
harm could it do anyways, anything that happens in vegas stays in vegas.” she said as she
downed her remaining drink. He dropped some bills on the counter for the bar man signalling
to the bar man that the bill for Natalia’s drink too was there. “Shall we?” Giovani asked her and
she nodded. They squeezed their way out of the club then went to Giovani’s suite in the hotel.
They had a mind blowing S£x which after made Natalia wonder why she was called frigid. She
woke up the next day and quickly crept out of Giovani’s room. She checked out of her room and
took a flight back home. Four weeks later, the pregnancy test read positive. 

To Be Continued…

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