Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 13

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Where is Violet? I haven’t seen her since this evening.” Mary asked James as they all

relaxed in the family room after the party broke up. “I haven’t seen her too, she should be in

the room sleeping. I’m off to see some friends I’ll see you guys in the morning.” James replied

and got up from where he sat taking one of the car keys that sat on the table and went out of

the room. “What was that?” Natalia asked no one in particular. “I don’t know but I intend to

find out.” Mary answered and stood up to go and check on Violet, she got to their room and

knocked but since there wasn’t no answer, she opened the door. She saw Violet sprawled on

the bed asleep and smiled dearly then she walked over to sit on the bed clearing Violet’s hair

from her eye then she frowned as she saw that Violet’s face had signs that she had cried even

the mascara she used had watched on her face. Mary wondered why Violet would be crying

and her gaze fell to the luggages packed beside the wardrobe, ‘James is behind all this’ was

what kept running through her mind. She left the room and went down to join the others still

with a frown on her face. “Violet is asleep but it looks like she cried herself to sleep.” Mary

wondered aloud making all eyes turn on her sharply. “Cried herself to sleep? But she was

perfectly doing fine today.” Clara asked in confusion. “I saw her tear-stained face and she had

even packed her bags.” Mary cried out to them. “Packed her bag? Is she going back to London?
I can’t believe this.” Natalia said fervently holding on to her husband who pulled her closer to

him and said “I warned James today not to try and hurt Violet. He need to explain himself.”

Mary nodded at what Giovani said while Kelvin walked up to her “why don’t we all go to bed,

James would meet us here waiting for him in the morning and he’s going to explain why he

made that girl cry.” He promised and led Mary up with the others behind them holding each of
their spouse tightly.

 Violet woke up to a pounding headache and winced in pain as she tried to sit up on the
bed. She got out of bed reluctantly and slowly went into the bathroom dragging her feet. “I

should have expected this would happen sooner or later.” She said to herself later as she

brushed her hair gloomily and thought about what she would say to the Kevlars when she goes
down with her luggages, she decided to take any heat as it comes and readied herelf to go

downstairs. Violet was shocked to see the Kevlars except James waiting up for her at the living

room as she moved her things towards the foyer. “Um, hi guys.” She greeted nervously as she

saw their long and pulled faces. “So you’re going to go without saying goodbye?” Natalia asked
Violet with anger and hurt showing on her face which made Violet choke down a cry that was

bubbling inside of her. “I’m sorry Natalia, I didn’t want any of you to find out till after I was

gone, it’s easier that way wihout me hurting all of you.” Violet answered in shaky voice and

looked at all of them with pleading eyes. “Aren’t you going to tell us the reason for your

depature?” Mary asked folding her arms. “I-I, it’s complicated. You people won’t like me

anymore if I tell you the truth.” Violet answered nervously twisting the tail of her shirt. “I think we should all take a seat and pour ourselves some drinks.” Kelvin suggested and they all went
to seat down with the men getting the drinks for the women. After everybody was seated and
holding on to each of their glasses, Violet nervously narrated the arrangement she had with

James and everything that came with it. After she finished, Mary stood and walked around

swirling her drinking with her head deep in thoughts of what she just heard. “So, you’re saying
you’re not James’ Fiancee? That it was a fake engagement?” Mary asked Violet who nodded her
head in assent. “He-he was doing it for you. He didn’t want to hurt you by not bringing a

woman after he had told you he was proposing to his girlfriend.” Violet inputed quickly. “I don’t
get it. All this time, was it all an act?” Clara asked in confusion. “No, it wasn’t. The Violet that

was here was real, I didn’t act anything. I was who I was, I still am but just with a fake ring on

my finger which isn’t there again anyways.” Violet answered her and gulped the red wine that
was in her hand. “What really caused the rift between you two?” Valeria asked. “I don’t really

know too. All I know was that he followed me to the kitchen yesterday when I was getting ice

and he told me to stop getting closer to all of you that I’m not his real woman and I should

know my place and he hurt me while saying that so I broke our agreement and gave him his

ring telling him I’m going to my own family too.”

To Be Continued…

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