Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 3

A Story Written By Larabae13…
James Kevlar, meet my family.” She said and started pointing as she named them “my

father, Paul Lorde, my mother, Lilian Lorde, my two brothers Max and William Lorde and Lastly,
my sister Elizabeth Lorde but we call her Lizzy.” “Nice to meet you all.” He said as he smiled.

“Everyone this is my boss, James Kevlar” she said to her family who stood up to shake James’
hand. “Welcome to our humble abode, it isn’t the Ritz but we do fine.” Her father said as he

clasped his hand on James back. James laughed and said “I’m humbled that you accept in me in
your home, Mr Lorde.” He was led to seat in a chair next to Violet. James saw that Violet got
her red her from her father and grey eyes from her mother but all her siblings has got their

mother’s blonde hair and their father’s blue eyes. They all chatted for a while before Lilian,

Violet’s mother announced that it was time for dinner. The siblings pitched in helping their

mother with carrying the foods to the dining table while James and Paul sat talking about

politics. When the table was set and everybody was sitting, Paul, the head of the family did the
thanksgiving prayer and they all started to eat. “Wow this is delicious Mrs Lorde, makes me

miss my mother’s cooking.” James said to Mrs Lorde. “There is more if you want more and

please call me Lilian.” She said as her rosy cheeks glowed in appreciation. The table was a

mixture of laughter and talks and there was never a dull moment, even James was amused

when the siblings started arguing about music. It made him miss his brother Alan and his twin
sister Natalia as he remembered when they were young during thanksgiving dinner, how they
argued and snagged each other’s food off the plate and how his mother and father laugh at

their troublesome nature then his mother would tell them to stop or else there won’t be any
dessert for any of them…. He was kneed by Violet who was watching him lost in thoughts with
a faraway look in his eyes and a silly smile on his face. “Oh sorry, I took a trip down memory

lane.” He said to her. “Really, how was the trip?” She asked jokingly. “It was fulfiling.” He

answered back and they laughed. They all had second helpings on the food and moaned loudly
when Lilian brought out the dessert which was a chocolate sponge cake. They all dug in even
though they complained of being too full. “That was a wonderful dinner Lillian, thank you so
much.” He grinned at Lillian making her blush. “Thank you. I’m so glad you really enjoyed it.”
She said back at him. Violet and her siblings cleared the table with James offering to assist in
doing the dishes but they shooed him away. He went to sit with Paul and Lillian in the family
room, they talked about business and Paul told him about the farm that has been in the family
for decades but he didn’t tell him that it is in foreclosure. Lillian asked him about his parents

and he told them stories about his lovely family with a wistful smile on his face, Violet and her
siblings came in as he was in the middle of his story. He checked the time and saw that it was
late and stood up to go. They all groaned to see him go but they all said goodbye to him as he
was led to the door by Violet with him holding the packed lunch box given to him by Lillian.

“That was a very interesting dinner.” He said as they walked outside to his car. “Yeah, it was. I’m
very glad that you decided to accept my invitation.” She said to him. “I really enjoyed myself 

even though seeing your wonderful family made me home-sick. I really missed all of them,
especially my mother’s cooking.” He said as he rubbed his hands over his neck. Violet gave him
a pat on the shoulder as she smiled. James took a step forward to her and brought his head
close to hers which made her step back. “Why are you stepping back?” He said with his eyes
shining with amusement. “Um-um- i-i” she babbled. He stepped closer to her making her eyes
widen like a frightened doe. He bent his head and kissed her. Violet trembled as she was kissed
soflty, oh how it feels good she thought. It stopped as quickly as it started. “Goodnight Violet.”
He said as he steadied her. “Um, yea. Good. Oh sorry, Goodnight James, drive carefully.” She
said as she smoothened her hair.

 James got to his apartment and went straight to the phone. He called home and was relieved
when his dad picked up. “Hey son, how are you?” He said cheerfully. “Hey dad, I’m fine. Happy
Thanksgiving.” “Happy Thanksgiving son” “how is mum? Is she there?” “Yeah, she’s here. Let me
get her for you.” He smiled as he heard his father shouting for his mother. “Hello baby, Is

everything alright?” His mother said with worry over the phone . “Aww mum, I just missed you
and said I should check up on you and Dad, today being Thanksgiving and all.” “I miss you too
my boy, Alan and Clara are here with baby Emily. You wanna say hi?” “Yes mum, give it to Alan”
he chuckled as he heard his big brother’s voice. “Hey little brother, how are you holding up
there? ” “Big brother, I’m good, how is Emily and Clara?” “They’re all fine and full with mom’s
food. Ouch stop it Clara.” James laughed as he heard Clara laughing and dragging the phone
with Alan. “Hey brother-in-law.” He heard her deep Sekxy voice says. “I keep telling you to leave
that old bugger and run away with me. I’ll show you the world.” He flirted. He heard everyone’s
laughter and knew that the call was now on speakerphone. “I’ll run away with you if you give
me that your car I’ve always wanted.” She replied. “It’s all yours beautiful, I’ll give you anything
you want.” He answered softly. “Awwn, sweety but you see, I can’t leave this old budger alone
because I love him.” She said. “Oh! You just broke my poor heart. Why? Oh why?!” He said with
drama then said with seriousness. “How is Emily? I’ve missed you guys.” “She’s doing fine and
we miss you. I hear you’re bringing a woman for the christmas gathering.” She said to him. “Oh
mom, really? You told everybody? Now I won’t be able to get out of it.” She laughed softly and
said. “I can’t wait to see her, just stay safe till then alright?” “Alrighrt Clara, I’m really glad I get
to speak with all of you. Goodbye Clara.” He said and heard shouts of bye-bye as he hanged up
the call. He sighed deeply with satisfaction and went off to bed. 

To Be Continued…

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