Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 7

A Story Written By Larabae13…

Violet woke early since she slept early and went down for breakfast after she finished having

her bath. As she walked in to the breakfast room, she saw two new faces she didn’t see before
yesterday which got her curious to know them, but she suspected that they were the Riccis. She
saw a beautiful young woman with the Kevlar blue-green eyes and the italian husband who was
handsome as sin and looks ruthless and menacing but his face softens whenever he is with his

family. “Goodmorning Violet, hope you slept well? Come join us and let me introduce you to my
daughter and her husband.” Mary said as she sighted Violet who smiled at her as she took a

seat beside Alan. “Goodmorning Everyone.” She said and faced Mary who was all smiles.

“Hello, I’m Natalia and this is my husband Giovani.” Natalia said introducing herself and her

husband to Violet. “So pleased to meet both of you. I’m Violet.” She said smiling at the couple.
“Violet is James’ Fiancee.” Mary said to Natalia. “Oh! Splendid! I’m so glad to meet you Violet.”
She said. They all started discussing while they were eating.

 James woke up and saw the other side of the bed empty meaing that Violet had woken up and
had went downstairs. He got up from bed and went to freshen up for breakfast. His face turned
in a big smile as he saw his twin sister with her husband at the breakfast table. ” Wow! I’m so

glad to see you guys.” He said to them as he went to where Violet sat and gave her a kiss.

“Where is the Contessa, Tommy and Sofia?” He asked his sister as he sat beside her. “They’re

still asleep, I’ve been hearing compliments about your fiancee and I can say I’m highly

impressed with what I’ve seen so far. You did good twin brother.” Natalia said smiling up at her
brother with Violet blushing hard at where she sat. James and Giovani shook hands heartily

slapping themselves on the back then both sat down on their seat again. After breakfast, the
men went to the library while the women and children went to the kitchen. “You guys won’t

believe who came to the house a day before we were to come.” Natalia started as they baked

cookies with Mary and Clara doing the mixing, Natalia and the Contessa Valeria rolling and

cutting to shapes with the help of the children and Natalia carrying them to the oven and

bringing them out. “Really? Who called?” Clara asked as she tasted what she was mixing. “I’ve

told you guys about Aurora isn’t it? The lady who schemed to make my marriage fail” Natalia

continued getting a ‘yes’ and ‘oh right her’ from Mary and Clara. Clara explained about Aurora

to Violet so that she won’t be confused. “Anyways, I was surprised when I saw Aurora being led
into the living room where I was with Valeria” she said “I wasn’t surprised.” The contessa

inputed. “Yea, you don’t get surprised easily. Well, I offered her a seat telling her what a

surprise since it’s been two years. Aurora smiled sincerely at me, I was shocked and then she

said she came to thank me and Giovani for making her see herself for who she was. She told us
how she admitted herself to a rehab cutting herself from the world for a year and a half, after

she got herself back together, she went to America where she met her husband.” Natalia

narrated. “What? Husband? She has gotten married?” Mary and Clara asked in surprise. “Yeah she has. I was amazed too when she told me. And guess who she married… A rancher in Texas
who has two kids already. She and her family came to Italy to spend Christmas with her parents
so she decided to come see me and ask for my forgiveness. I told her I’ve forgiven her already

and she didn’t do anythong to harm me rather she made my marriage work. She asked us to be
real friends and I agreed. We chatted for while before she took her leave.” Natalia finished.

“Wow, that was really something.” Violet said shaking her head with Mary and Clara agreeing.

“She’s pregnant. I saw it.” Valeria said with relish. “How did you know she was pregnant? I

didn’t even take notice.” Natalia faced the contessa. “Her face was shining and when Clarisa

brought in the treats her face turned green with nausea. I don’t think she knows herself but I’ve
told her to get a preganancy test kit.” The Contessa said with satisfaction. “This is interesting.

I’m so happy for her. She turned a new leaf and did right. She did good.” Mary said nodding her
head. “Now let’s get this going.” She ordered moving to the radio to play some christmas songs.
They all got into the rhythm of mixing, rolling, cutting, decorating and putting in the cookies in
the oven while they all danced and sang along with the songs.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 3, 2017 — 7:33 pm

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