Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 8

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Yikes! I’ve got some late christmas shopping to do, would you ladies love to follow me to
the mall?” Mary asked as they all relaxed in the family room. “Why not?” “I’d love to.” “I’m in

too, I wanna get some things too.” The ladies chimed in excitedly. They raced to get their

purses and jackets from their rooms and came out to wait for the car. They all piled into the

waiting four-wheeler leaving the children with the men to take care of them. They got to the

mall and went from one store to the other oohing and ahhing over beautiful displays and

merchandise. Mary bought the things she came for and the others too bought one or two

things that caugt their fancy. Then they settled down in a restaurant for some refreshments.

“I’m curious and nosy, but how did you and James meet?” Natalia asked Violet as they downed
their drinks and eat the fries that was on their table. Violet blushed and said to herself ‘oh

goodness, I’m in trouble now.’ “Well, it was easy. I came to apply for the christmas decorator

job, that was where I met James. He sat at his chair looking all handsome and menacing and my
heart raced. I was kinda confused then because I was thinking why will my heart race because

of one handsome man. He took the first step by inviting me to dinner, and from there we

started going out together. My family like him very much because he interacted with them he

even spent thanksgiving at our place.” She said to the ladies. “I’m so glad he didn’t spend

thanksgiving alone. I was worried about him but now I’m grateful to you and your family.” Mary
said taking Violet’s hands in hers. “He was really happy when he called during thanksgiving.”

Clara inserted. “I know he loves your hair. I love your hair, it’s so vibrant, full of life. I must paint
your face.” Valeria said dreamily going into her painting world. “You must collect a fee if she

wants to paint you or else she’ll use you till you drop. She did that to me.” Natalia said jokingly
to Violet making her and the others laugh. “I can’t wait for your exhibition, Valeria. I’m going to
cajole Kelvin to buy one of the paintings.” Mary said to the Contessa. “We’re all going to New York for the exhibition. Isn’t it wonderful?” Clara said excitedly. Thay chatted some more before
going home.

 The men too were doing their own male bonding with the children with them. Emily and

Sofia were playing in their play pen with Tommy as their protector as he lied down in front of

their play pen drawing cartoons in his art book. They talked about business and pleasure. “I

hear the London office is now a christmas land.” Kelvin said to James. Alan laughed saying “I

saw the pictures and I was wowed at the decorations in each office.” James smiled proudly then
he said “Violet did it. She was the decorator. You should have seen her when she was

decorating, she brought the christmas spirit with her, the staffs even caught on the spirit and

was singing along the carols she had on and they helped her in the decorations.” “Really? That’s

good. I would have loved to have her decorate the Ricci office too.” Giovani said. “Bugger off.

She’s mine.” James said with pride. “Her family are wonderful people.” He told them. “Daddy, I

wanna build a snow man.” Tommy went over to his father. “A snowman? How big do u want

him to be?” James asked him making Tommy’s eyes big in wonder. “I want him as big as this.”

He said demonstrating with his hands. “Ok buddy, go and wear your coat because it’ll be cold

outside.” Kelvin said to his grandson. “Cool! We’re going to build a snowman.” Tommy said as

he ran to his room for his coat. “Alright boys, let’s see if the skill to build a snowman is stil

there.” Kelvin said and went to carry his granddaughters making baby noises at them to make

them laugh. He took them to the housekeeper to take care of them and went to meet the

others outside. The women arrived at the house to see the men building a snow man. They

hurried inside to drop their bags and hurried outside to join the men. They laughed and played

in the snow as they helped Tommy to build his snow man. The snow man was built and with the
help of his daddy, Tommy decorated the snowman with carrots and an old gardener’s hat with

a scarf and sticks. James smiled in mischief as a thought came into his mind. “Snow ball war!!!”

He shouted and threw a snowball at Natalia who stood dumbfounded but then recovered and

made her own snowballs hitting it at James and the other men. Shrieks and shouts were made

as the men teamed up against the women, shooting them with snow balls. James targeted

Violet shooting at her direction, Violet too shot snow balls to James, one hit him smack on his

face making him stop in shock which made Violet laughed hard till she was rolling on the floor.

James recovered and ran to where she laid laughing and pounced on her, packing snow in his

hands to stuff them at her face and inside her clothes. They rolled each other laughing and

stuffing snow at each other and before they knew it, their mouths were on each other. James

kissed Violet with Vigor and murmuring silly words in her ear. They kissed and touched each

other frantically and jumped apart when snowballs rained on them. “Get a room you two.”

Clara and Natalia shouted at them laughingly. James got up and held a hand to Violet which she

took and said “I think it’s time to burn the sheets after all.” Looking him in the eye with desire,

James watched her walked away in amusement and went to meet the others.

To Be Continued…

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