Must Read: The Kevlar’s Emergency Fiancee… Part 9

A Story Written By Larabae13…
Dinner that night was loud and fun to Violet, she was glad that she would be amongst them
to new year. She got to know more about the Riccis and wished she could go to Italy one day.

As she was in the midst of the Kevlars she realized that she missed her family and decided to

call them after dinner. James came into their room as she dropped the cellphone. “I just spoke
to my family, they’re doing alright. This christmas would be a happy one with no worries for us
thanks to you.” She said to him. “I’m glad that they’re alright and fine.” He replied and went

ahead to take off his clothes. “Um…what are you doing?” She asked nervously which made

James look at her confused. “I’m getting ready for bed. You don’t expect me to sleep with my

clothes on do you?” He asked. “Oh right! Yes….I mean No! I-I…oh hell! I’ll just go to sleep.” She
said with her cheeks hot red which made him chuckle. He walked to his side of the bed and

pulled the covers then he got in making himself comfortable. They each faced the other side

with their eyes wide open. Violet sighed and changed to the other side snuggling up her pillow
some minutes later, she took off the pillow from her head then took it back again fluffing it

before she put it back to rest her head. James faced her side and said “Go to sleep Violet, stop

disturbing my sleep.” “Your sleep? I don’t see you sleeping. Why don’t you too go to sleep.” She
answered as she rested her hands on her chin. “I was almost sleeping before you disturbed me
with your movements.” He said back at her. “Alright, I won’t disturb your sleep again.

Goodnight.” She said and closed her eyes. James smiled widely as he watched her shut her eyes
deeply. “Why are you smiling?” She asked still with her eyes close. “How do you know that I’m

smiling with your eyes closed?” He asked in amusement. “Aren’t you smiling? I knew you were
smiling it doesn’t matter with my eyes closed.” She answered still not opening her eyes. James
made a silly face and asked “what did I just do?” “Hmmn, you made a silly face.” She said and

did her face as he did his still with her eyes closed which made james laugh. “How did you

know? Ok I bet you won’t know this.” He said quietly and moved his face closer to hers then he
kissed her. He broke the kiss and said with his voice rough with desire “now tell me, what did I

just do?” “Why don’t I show you.” She said opening her eye which was now filled with want for
him bringing her hand to his head to bring him closer then she kissed him with vigor “I want you
James” she said softly into his ear then biting it softly. James growled deep and kissed her

hungrily bringing her body close to his. They touched each other’s body and removed their

clothes in quick speed. James tore his mouth away from hers to kiss her face and went down to
nibble on her neck making her moan with pleasure. He went down further to feast on her bust,
giving both the same attention making them hard and pointed. She raked her fingers down his
back as he blew hot breath on her stomach and teasing her navel. She squeaked and moaned

loud when she felt his fingers in her core and kissed him to stop her from shouting. She trashed
around as she felt herelf going on the climax making him replace his tongue with his fingers and
when she felt his mouth in her core, she broke down and let herself go. “My turn.” She said

after his ministrations on her body. She got ontop and went straight to his broad chest to kiss his chest and fondle his n!pples. She moved her hand down to his shaft making him groan as
she fondled and massaged it gently, rubbing herself to him. “Come here, Vixen” he said and

pulled her under him. He kissed her softly and used his knees to spread her tighs. He entered
inside her gently and froze when he heard her gasp of pain. He swore loudly as he looked into
her face which had become pale and tried to pull out but she wrapped her legs around him and
pushed him deeper into her. They went in and out gently making a rhythm and whispered each
others name. James saw that Violet’s face had changed to that of a dreamy and pleasured

woman and changed the tempo to a faster one. They went faster and faster till they both came
at the same time driving eachother to ectasy. “Why? Why didn’t you tell me you were a

Virgin?” He asked as they got their breaths back and their hearts settled. “Does it matter?” She
answered. He looked at her as she stretched like a satified cat with her hair spread wide on the
pillow and her lips swelled with his kisses, he got hard just looking at her and tried to shake his
brain to the discussion at hand. “Of course, it matters. I wouldn’t have touched you if I had

known.” She lowered her eyes in hurt and said. “Oh!”. He ran his fingers through his hair in

frustration and brought her closer to him. “I’m sorry baby, to be sincere, I’m glad and scared

that I’m your first. You’re a beautiful woman how come all these years?” He asked. Violet

sighed and ran her fingers on his chest absently saying ” it just happened, all the guys that I’ve
dated didn’t worth it and after some time I just didn’t have time for men. Wait a minute, why
did you say you’re scared of being my first?” He chuckled. “Don’t be afraid, I meant well. I don’t
want to hurt you Violet.” He said with his eyes serious. “I’m capable of shielding myself from

getting hurt. I know after new year I’ll be out of your life but don’t worry I won’t get any silly

idea of us being together.” She said to him but in her heart she already knows that the idea had
formed since and it is still spreading which might give her heartache but she’ll know how to

cross the river when she gets there. “I-I…. Oh hell.” He said not knowing what to say to her and
hearing her say what she just said make him want to shake her and he doesn’t want to think

about them not being together. “I want you again but you’re sore. I don’t want to hurt you.” He
said to her as he kissed her tenderly. “Shut up and make love to me.” She answered making him
laugh and pull her under him.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Feb 4, 2017 — 8:14 pm

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