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They agreed on the kidnapping deal and bet to seal the deal before they went out to pack their few belongings, John took only two pair of shirts and trousers, wore tripple boxers and then waited for Mark who was packing even the cobwebs in their small hut as finally remembrance of their hardships.

They waved the area boys goodbye and took night bus to Abuja…

~Abuja (Garki metropolis)~

“Guy you dey piss for mouth?” John shouted into Marks ears, Mark jumped up startled.

“Oboy na sweat be this abi rain be fall inside bus?” Mark asked innoncently.

“Abeg look that car window, you go see as rain create extra moustache full you face come join with your cloth” John answered as Mark ran to look at a car’s side mirror, he screamed and used his shirt to wipe the white stains on his face.

“Guy you wicked o, why you no wake me as saliva dey drop na?”

“Wake you? I for even carry bucket dey fetch am sef then we for tie am for leather go sell as internal drip for hospitals” he mocked his friend who playfully punched him.

“Oya what’s next on your agenda, we don reach Abj so wetin dey next abi na random kidnapping sure pass?”

“No, you know say this na high grade kidnapping business so we go need car wey we go use carry the pikin” John explained.

“Oya na your two ears we go use do tires abi, while your waist go be my seat shey?”

“Ohh guy why you no get sense na? I dey talk of to go thief motor wey we go use for this mission”

“Chai bros ur brain hot pass sun joor, oya I thank God I bring my toy gun sef”

The pointed at a man with a prado jeep who came out and started confessing all his sins from all the girls he had slept with to all the government money he had embezzled.

“Oga so na your type dey thief our money abi?” A rugged looking youth shouted at the man when he opened his eyes.

“No baba, na the prayer point wey Father Mbaka say make we pray for middle of road this afternoon, abeg no vex joor” the man replied and tear race while a long trail of angry fellows chased him.

John and Mark had been driving round big houses for an hour before the saw a chubby handsome boy sitting on a fence with a catapult and stones.

“Oboy match brake” Mark screamed as he saw the boy.

The fence the chubby boy sat on contained a multi modern bungalow and lots of cars, the great gate showed that the owner was really wealthy, quickly they dashed out and walked slowly towards the guy.

“Hey fine boy how are you?” Mark spoke queens english, the next thing that happened turned him to an agbero immediately, the chubby boy fired a small stone to his big mouth which increased in size and width.

“Oboy your father, abeg catch am before na my nose him go stone next” Mark shouted as the dragged the boy’s leg and flinged him to their side, the funny thing was that the boy showed no signs of struggling neither did he shout.

They sped like two mad men through the city as they looked for an isolated spot outside the city, finally they saw an uncompleted building and packed there, they checked the car’s pigeon hole and found N10,000 there, quickly they grabbed the money and ran to open the booth, what they saw shocked them to their bone marrows.

To Be Continued…

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