Must Read: The Kidnappers… Part 3


Written by Therock5555…

The dude the kidnapped was not crying or choking for breath, he was fast aslepp, using Marks’s bag as his pillow, his legs well crossed and his catapult was on his chest like a cacthiest. Mark followed a sharp slap to the kid’s leg which made him spring up, the guarded the booth incase the guy wanted to run but the boy just lifted up his head and stared around, he noticed that they were far from home, immediately he screamed “YES” and placed his hands like he was stringing a guitar to sing.

“I feel Good Parararararara…” Phahhh, a hot slap landed on his face given to him by Mark.

“Wetin you dey feel good about, na the way you increase the pomo for my mouth abi the fact say we don kidnap me”

“Arhhh Uncle so una kidnap me? Arhhh I feel Good pararara..”

“Sharrap” Mark and John shouted at the same time.

“Guy if you misbehave we go use you do money rituals so you better ask any question wey I ask you now” John warned.

“Ok Uncle” the boy replied but still smiling and fidgeting with his catapult.

“Wetin be your name and papa name?”

“My name na Donsamtex but call me Samuel and my father name na Thomas”

“Ok that’s good, your papa get money?”

“Yes Uncle, this evening them dey evem bring ten million come give am”

“Yagga this is good news, oya no worry, when your papa pay the money we go release you, no vex for the slap wey you don chop, make I buy indomie make we enjoy ourselves joor” John said while Mark was already dancing sekem into the uncompleted building.

Samuel followed them meekly as John frove out to buy indomie, five alive and other minor stuffs. While they were eating John drafted a ransom letter and gave it to Mark to read out loud.

“Dear sir Thomas

This is to inform you thaat your son has been kidnapped, we are asking for the sum of one million naira or he dies. The money should be put in a polythene bag and placed in a dust bin outside your house then walk away, if the police is involved, your son dies. The money should be ready by 6pm

Yours sincerely, The Kidnappers”

“Oboy na so you get brain, walahi if say Waec Know, them for change the D7 wey you get for engish to C6” Mark belated.

“You wey know, I be intelligent neing from birth na”

“Oya do go drop the note and be careful o, we don hammer joor, eh where Samuel?”

“Chai shebi him been siddon there, chai our money access don run, oboy follow am joor”

They rushed outside to see Samuel shooting at birds, they both gave a sigh of relief.

“Samuel wetin you dey do?”

“Brother I wan kill birds for night food na, our food don finish” Samuel replied.

Mark ran into the building to confirm it, then ran out with his hand on his head.

“Oboy this guy don ceared everything o”

“How come?” John replied.

“Uncle see my belly na, I sabi chop wella, e no even do me sef” Samuel replied.

“Oya samuel no worry, make I go buy something come back, oga Mark go keep you company, any kin thing wey you wan do him go do with you”

“Uncle thank you, I promise not to run away, infact I like as una no tie me sef” Samuel replied.

Mark gave John thumbs up as he went to deliver the ransom later…

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 18, 2016 — 8:51 pm

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