Must Read: The Kidnappers… Part 4


Written by Therock5555…

Samuel held a large cane and  was riding Mark like a donkey, he was also floging him and kicking him on his ribs, Mark head had swollen like a paw paw fruit, two of his teeth were missing, his face all sober, his jean was torn at the knees and he had blisters on his palm.

“Oboy you get accident?” John asked him.

“Abeg you bring water, I dey thirsty die” Mrk managed to say before fainting again.

“Uncle this horse you gave me is very lazy o” Samuel complained.

“Sharrap” John said
“Oya go carry food chop there” he commmanded as Samuel ran along.

He gave Mark a satchet water and his juice which the guy grabbed like his life depened on it, then he managed to stargger up before saying his story.

“Oboy na demon we kidnapp o, this boy nearly kill me, as you leave us the guy come say make we play police and thief, na so I gree, him come say I go be thief den him go be police, the catapult go be him gun. Na so him fire me for head o. The thing pain me eh sowtey I no fit cry na so I come dey laugh-cry, you know as my cry dey be na? The idiot come misinterpret am, come target my teeth, na so him comot my teeth o, as I say I no dey play again na so him come beg me make we do horse and rider, mehn see my back, him don flog me like pig, half of my ribs don break finish sef, chai I don die” Mark cried out.

“Uncle this food never do me o” Samuel screamed from inside.

The both of them looked at each other and screamed the same thing with two syllabus.

“Your food
My food” Paul and Mark screamed and ran inside.

Samuel had cleared the food and was searching the leather for more, including the one that John ate and remain had finished.

“And you say no be demon we kidnap?” Mark cried out, tears seriously pouring out in hunger and pains.

“Oboy na for small boy front you dey cry o” John catiouned him.

“Even if na my wife front I must cry o” Mark cried the more.

“Oya no worry, six done almost reach, just manage the guy make I go bring the money come, we go share am 50-50” John encouraged.

“Oya abeg do fast joor before I die” Mark said and stood up.

John sped like a ferrari rider this time, he packed behind a mango tree near the dust bin and waited, at exactly six pm, the gate man walked out with two heavy stuffs in black polyethene bags and walked to the dust bin, then he dropped them, placed a note ontop and ran away.

John began dancing Etighi and Shoki at the same time, he waited for five more minutes then ran with full nitro speed and grabbed the bags and the note, as he caught his breath and smiled, patting the bag as he thought of all the good things for life he would afford. He opened the note and read out.

To Be Continued…

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Updated: Nov 19, 2016 — 3:00 pm

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