Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 59

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Fifty Eight, read it HERE!!!

The Chambers family live about three blocks from my place. The house they now occupy was inhabited by Mr Williams, an old retired physician. He died some weeks Back and the house has been put on sale ever since The house is a detached five bedroom duplex with a jacuzzi and a parking lot. I know this because I have visited the man a few times when my parents still lived.
He was one of those who saw to it that I wasn’t taken to the orphanage home. A big shame I couldn’t be at his burial in far away Australia.
Well, I don’t know much about this new family but I saw the invitation card in my mailbox. The dinner I was invited for was two nights ago, I wasn’t there Because… Well I just didn’t want to be there. I don’t really like a crowded place. All I know about them is that they moved in a week ago and since then they have been trying really hard to be familiar with everyone, I don’t like such people. Anyway, I don’t want to be the bad neighbor you warn your kids to stay away from , so I have decided to visit them.
I got to the house which looked quite different from what it used to be. Mr Williams loved flowers and he made sure the whole of his house was yellow with a little cream here and there. But this new family have had the house painted brown and threw in some orange here and there. The flowers were removed and
Replaced with a little field of grass, probably because of the kids.
I pressed the bell and looked into a camera which was now pointed at my face. Seriously!! A camera?..
The door was nearly ripped out of its hinges and that took me by surprise. I recovered quickly to find a tall, slim teenage girl holding the door, looking at me weirdly.
She had the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen and she was a brunette. She was putting on a gown which went down to her ankles , probably a religious home. I didn’t like the look in her face. It seemed like she was forced to come answer the door.
” Um… Hey.. I am Jason. I live three….. ”
” Taylor…. Who is at the door? ” I was cut off by a female voice that probably belongs to her mother.
” It’s some kid called Jason. I think it’s Mr Jason who was invited for dinner and he didn’t show up, guess he came to apologize. ”
Jeez! She is quite the talker. She doesn’t like me and she didn’t hide it.
” Common, invite him in, stop being so rude. ” Her mother replied.
She stepped away from the door and I walked into the house. The floor which was once covered with a cream rug was now bare with beautiful marbles on it. The living room was all black with a few stripes of white and pictures of the family scattered about on the walls. I saw a few pics of Renaissance drawings of Jesus Christ, yup, they are definitely deeply religious. Though the paintings are definitely the fake versions of their original counterparts, they sure ain’t cheap. This Family must pack some cash.
” You can sit here. I will call mum. ”
Taylor said leaving me all alone in the big living room. There was no sign of tv anywhere in the room but I knew it was somewhere. The speakers were all over the place forcing me to conclude that the whole electronic gadgets are being controlled by a controller of some sorts. Soon, I heard feet climbing down hastily down the stairs and so I quickly stood up to greet her mum and formally introduce myself.
Mrs Chambers soon appeared followed by her rude daughter. She was tall, quite tall for a woman. She was standing toe to toe with me and she wasn’t on heels. Although I wasn’t too tall myself just added an inch late last year to make me 6 ft exactly. She was on all smiles and quite stunning even for her age. She has brown innocent eyes and she was a brunette too. So, Taylor took her mother’s hair but not her eyes. I can’t say for sure if she took after her mother’s height too until I see her dad.
She was putting on a similar gown too like her daughter, long and seamless.
” Hello, Mister Jason. You are quite the handsome lot, please sit. ”
She was English judging from her cockney accent but Taylor just spoke to me in clear American accent. Her daughter didn’t like the comment she gave me, calling me handsome. She rolled her eyes after her mother uttered such.
” I am sorry for my daughter’s misbehaviors. She can be very naughty if she gets disappointed. My kids were very eager to meet you especially Taylor. They
waited in vain two nights ago and ever since then, they have been very moody. Um.. Excuse me, Charles, Kane, come out here, Mister Jason is finally here. ” Mrs Chambers concluded.
” I am sorry for not honouring your invitation sooner, I had a terrible day two nights back. I felt I wasn’t in the best mood to meet anyone, please accept my apologies. ”
” Common, that’s not necessary. It’s just an invitation and you have very right to accept or reject it. ”
She finished her sentence just in time for her boys to jump from the stairs and run towards my direction.
” Hello Mr Jason, I am Charles and this is my younger brother Kane. We are very pleased to meet you. ” Charles said, stretching out his hand for a handshake as did his brother. I smiled at their modest behavior and stood to shake each of their hands.
” I heard you are an Orphan, I am sorry about that. ” Mrs Chambers said after the boys took seats beside their her .
” Well, thank you Mrs Chambers . ”
I replied her trying to be polite but I just didn’t understand why Taylor keeps looking at me like I am carrying a bomb or something. She has been staring at me ever since she came back with her mum.
” Hey, mister Jason. We got to read about what happened to you during a football game and how you survived a fatal accident. How does it feel to be so close to Heaven and then you are forced to come back to Earth and is it true that your recovery was a miracle because that’s what Dad calls it – a miracle. ”
Sweet Jesus! , this family can’t just stop talking.
” Well, yes you could call it a miracle because I never thought I was gonna survive it. But I did somehow and here I am talking with you. I can also say that my experience was far from heavenly, it was horrible. If I was close to Heaven then, I would surely have pleaded to be allowed in but unfortunately, I was here on earth and I felt very pain and anguish the Injury had to offer me. Death was far from me, Charles, very far away. ”
I replied Charles’ questions, trying very hard not to confuse him.
His mother smiled and then asked if I wanted anything, to which I answered in the affirmative. She stood and went into the kitchen.
” What football team do you support, Mister Jason. ” Kane asked.
” I support the Dolphins and please call me Jason. ”
Kane smiled and nodded.
” Don’t you have any questions to ask Mister Jones, Big sis. You were all over him when his pictures was on TV. ” Charles teased Taylor.
” Oh shut up Charles, you talk too much. ” Taylor retorted.
” Ha ha ha……. Very funny. Isn’t that the line Dad uses on her whenever she goes into one of her talking spree. ” Kane replied Taylor with Charles laughing between.
I chuckled a little, which didn’t go well with Taylor as she shot me a wicked glare before running after her brothers.
Mischievous siblings, one of the beauties of having such. Something I wasn’t privileged to before my parents were taken from this world. So, Taylor was crushing on me which probably explains her attitude towards me. But, I have this feeling that there is more to it. My pictures were on TV, I didn’t know the media carried my ailment like that.
Mrs Taylor soon returned with a plate of spicy Talons and an orange juice to go with it. I answered some of her questions about me, my family and school. It seems Taylor will be resuming with us next week and she was also in her finals too.
I thanked Mrs Taylor for the meal and hospitality as I stood up to take my leave.
Just then, Taylor returned from her fruitless attempts to catch one of her brothers.
” It’s been my pleasure, Taylor, kindly walk Jason to the door.” Mrs Chambers replied.
She feigned reluctance but when she heard Charles and Kane singing their own make over of Taylor Swift’s sparks, she dragged her feet and accompanied me to the door.
I kept on grinning just to spite her and it wasn’t long before it got to her.
” Will you stop with the grins, I wouldn’t believe those naughty two if I were you. ” I didn’t reply her, just continued smiling.
Soon we got to the door, she opened it although calmly this time. I said goodbye to the boys, and turned around leaving, totally ignoring her.
After a few steps from the door, she called me back, walked up to me and said,
” You are more than what you say you are. There is something mysterious about, something dark. I know calm guys like you, there is always something very bad about you all. For the record, I don’t believe in miracles like my folks but I believe in magic ‘cos I have seen it work before. You didn’t heal from that injury naturally, it was probably through magic. ”
I didn’t say Anything, I just turned back and continued my walk back home. I didn’t want to talk her out of her delusion but rather let her believe I am hiding something. Finally, I have something better to ponder about other than a beaten Luke. The visit was worth it and Taylor’s arse wasn’t bad either.

To Be Continued…

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