Must Read: The Last Wolf (Season 2)… Part 65

Written by Solomon Brown (… If you missed part Sixty Four, read it HERE!!!

I left Ivy ‘s supposed hideout with swollen lips. I fought vehemently against the temptation to go down with her again and I won. But I didn’t win the battle of the tongue. She wanted me so bad she was ready to take fulfillment from kissing me alone. I gave in to her in that regard and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I agreed to visit her in three days time in order for me to see the Vampires myself. I left her place few minutes past nine, which made me smile. I drove off to the nearest grocery store where I got a mouth rinse. I washed my mouth in the restroom within the grocery store and then I headed home. I got home to find My women waiting for me once again , I was sniffed from head to toe and then after almost twenty minutes of rigorous checking, I was released.
“I thought we discussed this, why the distrust? “I asked, clearly annoyed by the act.
” Well, we had to confirm, nothing more, not that the mouth wash hid much though. ” Angel replied me.
I shook my head and headed for my room. I had giggles and high fives below me as I stood in front of my room. So, they ganged up against me, very, very mature of them. I took my shower and went off to sleep. I dreamt this time around and for the first time in a long time, I didn’t understand this dream at all.
I found myself in the middle of a forest. I looked around me and saw a tree few metres west of me emitting blood. Which was quite weird, I decided to look ahead of me and I saw a design of the David star drawn in blood right in the middle of three trees, the blood soaked tree inclusive. The star was still being drawn by something I couldn’t see, after it was perfectly constructed, lightening both blue and black descended on it. Both lightening intertwined with each other before descending on the star. The lightening burnt off every drop of blood on the star and then it stopped. The star was gone and the tree stopped emitting blood. Everywhere was still for a while until suddenly, I heard a very funny sound, it was more like the snarl of a vampire and the howl of a wolf in one. Which was clearly impossible, both sound cannot be voiced at the same time. I woke up with a start after then, I was sweating profusely but that was the least of my worries now. What sort of dream is this?
I found Angel sleeping soundly beside me. I went to the bathroom to have a quick shower and try to make meaning of the dream which made zero sense to me. I couldn’t make an headway and went off to school that way. I wasn’t myself all through as the dream disturbed my mind all through my stay. I decided to go home early and so I told Jason to take over practice for that day.
I couldn’t eat and didn’t talk much. Angel assumed it was for the embarrassing search of the previous night and apologize but I waved it off. Something isn’t right with that dream. I mean The whole thing seemed like a warning of some sort. I tried to write down some lesson notes but I slept off in the process, I dreamt the same dream again and when I woke up this time. I ran off to the woods to speak with Ollie. I can’t handle this no more, the bloody images and the creepy twin of Snarl and howl couldn’t leave my head. It was past three in the morning when I laid down beside the lake and called out to Ollie. She answered after the fifth call which was very strange. She usually answer after the first call.
” What the hell is wrong with you, why did you wait that long before you heeded my call. ”
She chuckled before she turned and answer my question.
” Why have you been ignoring my calls too…. Huh? An eye for an eye, right? ”
She was in a good mood today, with her all white dress making her glow.
” You are here because of the warning, right? ”
How did she know that?
” Hmm…. Yeah…. How did….. ”
” I have been seeing that same vision for a while and I have since summoned you but you have refused to heed my call. If you are seeing the same dream , then it means something really bad is about to happen. ”
“….. And what could that be?” I asked.
” The balance, the balance I warned you of earlier. It’s why Anthea is slowing down, she isn’t on a different path but she can’t go on with her evil plans until she has restored balance to the insanity she started. Creating beings of both wills has destroyed the balance she has worked hard to build. She was lost earlier on How to restore it but I think she has finally found a way. The dream shows how she is going to do it but it doesn’t tell us whose blood will be used. If I had my powers with me, I would have been able to decipher the whole dream but since I don’t, I can only ask you to be careful. Be very careful, Richard. The tree emitting blood signifies a person, a woman to be precise but I don’t which among the numerous women you have. The blue lightening is from my dad and the black lightening is from the underworld but what I can’t explain is why the black lightening didn’t erupt from beneath the earth, instead it came from above, which shouldn’t be.
Still, I want you to tread carefully from now on, I don’t want any harm to befall you, please learn to be in control from now on, it can prove to be very pivotal to your survival. You can go now. ”

To Be Continued…

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